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How To Get Health Insurance In Texas

Best For Convenience: Cigna

How to Get an Insurance License in Texas to Sell Life and Health Insurance
  • Not available in all states

  • Mixed ConsumerAffairs reviews

Cigna is the oldest health insurance company on our list, with a history dating back to 1792. The company has earned an A rating from AM Best and rankings of 2.5 to 4.0 from NCQA. Cigna also earned high marks, including four regional first places, in the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Commercial Member Health Plan Study.

Cigna offers global coverage to 180 million customers in 30 countries, which includes 1.5 million providers and facilities. In the United States, the company works with over 67,000 pharmacies, more than 500 hospitals, and over 175,000 mental and behavioral health providers, growing 70% since 2016.

Cigna offers individual plans in 10 states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, and Virginia. Depending on where you live, you may have access to Cignas other products like Medicare, Medicare supplemental plans, dental insurance, vision insurance, or international health insurance.

You may shop for quotes or buy coverage online or by phone. You may also purchase coverage through your state exchange or Healthcare.gov. The pricing may vary based on factors like where you live, the type of plan, your age, smoking status, and the size of your family.

Other Cheap Health Insurance Plans In Texas

  • Short-Term Health Insurance: Short-term health plans dont count as qualified insurance under the Affordable Care Act, but they usually cost half of major medical coverage. In 2021, a short-term plan for a 30-year-old woman in San Antonio costs about $67 a month.4
  • Catastrophic Health Plans: Catastrophic health insurance premiums are usually much lower than other ACA-regulated plans, while their deductibles are very high. Catastrophic plans are designed to protect you from high out-of-pocket costs in case of a major accident or illness.
  • Medicare Advantage Zero-Premium Plans: You can find Medicare Advantage plans for as low as $0 per month through several Texas insurance companies.5 You may qualify to enroll in a zero-premium plan if youre 65 or under 65 and have a disability.*

*You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium 6 when you enroll in Medicare Advantage. The Part B premium is $148.50 in 2021.7

What Is Health Insurance For Self

Health insurance for the self-employed is any insurance plan purchased as an independent contractor or self-employed individual where you are required to cover the cost of your own employee benefits, including health insurance. You may have a couple of options for buying coverage, such as purchasing health insurance directly from a provider or through your states exchange or Heathcare.gov. You may apply during open enrollment which happens once per year every fall or after a qualifying life event.

Depending on your income, you may qualify for a discount through cost-sharing reductions, which may lower the cost of your deductible, co-payments, or co-insurance. To qualify, you must sign up for one of the Marketplace plans.

If your income is low, you may also see if you qualify for Medicaid, which could offer free or inexpensive health insurance. You may apply for Medicaid through the Marketplace or through your states Medicaid agency.

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Best For Underserved Groups: Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare

  • Not available in all states

  • History of regulatory issues including fines for not handling grievances

  • Lower credit rankings

Molina Healthcare is a health insurance company focused on those receiving government assistance. Founded in 1980, the company doesnt have an AM Best rating. Although the companys Moodys credit rating isnt high , the latest report shows signs of improvement.

Molina Healthcare has had some regulatory issues including fines for enrollee complaints in California and administrative issues in Texas. But the company has been making efforts to improve its reputation.

Molina Healthcare had 4.6 million members as of March 31, 2021. The company offers Medicaid and Medicare plans in Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, New Mexico, New York, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. Medicaid covers a broad range of services, and research shows access to care is comparable to private coverage.

You may get quotes or apply through Molina Healthcares website, or by calling their support team. You may also apply through your states healthcare exchange or Healthcare.gov.

You may need to make a partial payment for the service when you check-in and the provider will bill you for the remaining balance. If a provider doesnt send a claim to Molina, you may have to submit it yourself for reimbursement.

You Have More Insurance Options For Your Health Than You Think Texas

How to Get Private Health Insurance in Texas

If youre self-employed or without insurance from your employer in other words, youre looking for individual or family health insurance in Texas you might be looking for Affordable Care Act insurance, what’s often called Obamacare. However, we want to make you aware of the whole range of individual and family insurance products we have available in your state.

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Comparing Health Insurance Companies For The Self

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when shopping for health insurance as a self-employed person. These include:

  • Premium: Your premium is the amount youll have to pay each month for your health insurance policy. You should look for a plan with a premium that fits your budget.
  • Deductible: Your deductible is the amount you have to pay out of pocket before insurance begins to cover the cost. Plans with higher deductibles typically have lower premiums, and vice versa.
  • Copays: Copays are the amount you have to pay out of pocket for a given service, like seeing a primary care physician. Look for policies with low copays when possible.
  • Prescription coverage: If you have any prescription medications, look for a plan that covers them.
  • In-network physicians: If you already have a doctor or physician youre happy with, you should make sure to see whether or not theyre in-network for your new health insurance policy.
  • Customer satisfaction: Look for insurance companies with high customer satisfaction ratings and good customer reviews.
  • Company reputation: Its a good idea to research the insurance companys reputation, including whether or not theyve had past scandals or issues.

How Does Health Insurance Work

Put simply, health insurance is a way to pay for your health care. And it works the same way your car or home insurance works: you or your employer choose a plan and agree to pay a certain rate, or premium, each month. In return, your health insurer agrees to pay a portion of your covered medical costs.

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Despite Aca Coverage Gains Millions Still Suffer ‘catastrophic’ Health Care Costs

If you’re pretty healthy, any of a variety of plans might work. But if you or your spouse or dependent family member has particular ongoing health needs , that information can be really useful in helping you narrow the field to your best health insurance choice. “If there’s a plan that doesn’t have your provider or your medications in-network, those can be eliminated,” he says.

Sometimes you can enter in your medications or doctors’ names while you search for plans online to filter out plans that won’t cover them. You can also just call the insurance company and ask: Is my provider in-network for this plan I’m considering? Is my medicine on the plan’s formulary ?

There are also two major different types of plans to consider. “You may have a choice between what’s called an HMO or a PPO,” says Corlette. A Health Maintenance Organization tends to have a strict network of providers if you see a provider outside of the network, the costs are all on you. A Preferred Provider Organization “will give you a lot broader choice of providers it might be a little bit more expensive to see than an out-of-network provider, but they’ll still cover some of that cost,” she explains.

How Do You Get Health Insurance In Texas

Where to Get Affordable Texas Health Insurance

Texas suffers from the highest rate of citizens lacking health insurance in America, leaving many to wonder: How do you get health insurance in Texas?

Texans can obtain coverage through government-sponsored programs , the healthcare.gov Marketplace, or the private market. Each source has different processes and standards. Understanding these gets you the best health insurance options.

Carrying no health insurance comes with many health- and financial consequences. This article looks at the devastating problems that result and then at the options Texans have to obtain the coverage they need.

As an insurance agent for individuals and small businesses, I saw firsthand the importance of carrying quality health insurance coverage. All Texans can find coverage by using one of the resources in this article.

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No Medicaid For Single Adults

Unfortunately, Texas offers no Medicaid for single adults. So, if you are single, have no minor children, are under 65, and suffer no Social Security qualified disability, there are no government programs open to you. If you have no employer coverage, consider A) the Marketplace , B) the private market , or C )non-ACA compliant plans .

What Is The Average Cost Of Self

There are five factors that may impact the cost of self-employed health insurance for Affordable Care Act-compliant plans: age, location, tobacco use, individual vs. family plans, and plan category. Some states have rules about how much these factors may impact your monthly premiums.

Premiums may be up to three times higher for older workers, and tobacco users may pay up to 50% more. You may also pay more in a state with less competition among providers. The good news is companies cant charge more based on your gender, your current health status, or medical history.

Using Healthcare.gov, we ran a few quotes and saw that geography can have a huge impact on your premiums. The plans available in your area and level of competition are a very important factor in determining your prices. All other things being equal, we saw someone’s premiums change by hundreds per month depending on where they live.

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Why Buy A Texas Medicare Advantage Plan

Nearly 1.7 million Texans enrolled in Medicare Advantage, which is an alternative way to get Medicare Part A and Part B benefits.19 Here are some highlights of Medicare Advantage plans:

  • Offers Extra Benefits: Medicare Advantage plans offer extra benefits Original Medicare doesnt cover. Many plans include prescription drug coverage and other benefits, such as dental, vision, and hearing care.
  • Expanded Benefits Starting in 2020: In 2020, Texas Medicare Advantage plans can offer even more benefits, including adult daycare, in-home caregiver support, and access to safety devices.
  • Affordable: You can find many Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans in the $20 monthly range for coverage effective 2020.5 There are also plans available for as low as $0 per month.*
  • Many Chances to Enroll or Change Plans: You can enroll during your Initial Enrollment Period, which lasts a full seven monthsfrom three months before the month you turn 65, through your birthday month, and then three months after your birthday month. You get an opportunity each year to switch your Medicare coverage during the annual Open Enrollment Period from October 15 to December 7. You can also switch to a different Medicare Advantage plan or leave your plan and return to Original Medicare during the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period from January 1 to March 31.

*You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium 6 when you enroll in Medicare Advantage. The Part B premium is $148.50 in 2021.7

Finding Your Best Health Insurance Coverage In Texas

Health Insurance For Unemployed In Texas

Determining which health plan is the best for you and your family will depend on a number of factors. The primary factors to consider are:

Gold plans are best for high expected costs

Consumers with higher expected medical care needs, especially those who have routine prescription needs, should tailor their choices toward higher coverage. This can include the Gold-tiered plans, which come with a higher premium but also reduce your out-of-pocket expenses should you need medical care.

Gold plans will have much lower copays, coinsurance and deductibles, meaning each additional visit to a provider will be cheaper than a lower-tier plan.

It is especially important to consider the copays and coinsurance for prescription medication, as this is typically the one area of plan benefits that has the highest routine use.

Silver plans are best for the average or low-income consumer

Silver plans are the only plans that come with a cost-sharing reduction variation, which allows lower-income households to benefit from cheaper copays, deductibles and coinsurance compared to a standard plan.

Silver health plans are a good middle ground for most consumers since they balance out-of-pocket costs and monthly premium payments. Silver plans also have a huge advantage for low-income households.

Bronze and Catastrophic plans are best for the young and healthy

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What Is The Average Cost Of Health Insurance In Texas

The average cost of health insurance in Texas is $509 in 2021 for a 40-year-old. However, the cost of health insurance may change depending on variables such as location, age and the metal tier of coverage that you select. For example, a 40-year-old pays health insurance premiums that are 53% cheaper than that of a 60-year-old.

Health Insurance Coverage For Multiple Years

TriTerm Medical Insurance,2 underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, is short term health insurance that offers coverage for preventive care, doctor office visits, and prescriptions.

  • Apply once for insurance coverage terms that equal one day less than 3 years.
  • $2 million lifetime maximum benefit per covered person on most plans.
  • Eligible expenses for preexisting conditions are covered after 12 months on the plan.

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Get More Than Cheap Group Health Insurance Quotes In Dallas Texas From Your Health Insurance Broker

Dallas group health insurance quotes are easy for any business to get. Just call one or two group health insurance broker in Dallas and request quote. You will be presented with affordable health insurance quotes, and not so affordable health insurance quotes within a few days.

If you have not checked rates for a few years, then you may be shocked at the cost of group health insurance in Dallas, Texas. The rates have more than doubled what they cost in the year 2000.

If you have never requested Texas group health insurance quotes before, then you may not know that the quotes that you receive are the same, no matter who is the group health insurance broker. And you should also know that the Dallas group health insurance quotes you receive are subject to change by the group health insurance carriers. Group health insurance carriers in Texas base their final rates on the underwriting of your employees health insurance applications.

This is why a business should not necessarily be interested in working with a Dallas group health insurance broker who promises to give your company the most affordable group health insurance quotes in Texas. A business should be more interested in working with a knowledgeable group health insurance agent in Dallas who can be trusted to give them good advice.

What Happens To The Uninsured In Texas

How to get health insurance in 2021 special enrollment period

Approximately 500,000 adults lack any health insurance, estimates the Texas Medical Association. The association has also sounded the alarm about a dearth of health insurance for children: Over 623,000 kids in the Lone Star State lack health insurance.

Many uninsured Texans who had an illness or severe injury in the family have suffered from the following:

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Choose A Plan & Enroll

Disclaimer: In some cases, the enrollee share of premiums for the Self Plus One enrollment type will be higher than the Self and Family enrollment type. Enrollees who wish to cover one eligible family member are free to elect either the Self and Family or Self Plus One enrollment type. Check premiums on our website at www.opm.gov/fehbpremiums.

Nationwide Fee-for-Service Open to All
Plan – Plan Code
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan Standard Option – 10 Standard
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan Basic Option – 11 Basic
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan FEP Blue Focus – 13 FEP Blue Focus
GEHA Indemnity Benefit Plan – 25 Elevate Plus
GEHA Indemnity Benefit Plan – 25 Elevate
NALC Health Benefit Plan – 32 CDHP
NALC Health Benefit Plan – 32 High
SAMBA Health Benefit Plan – 44 High
SAMBA Health Benefit Plan – 44 Standard
NALC Health Benefit Plan – KM Value
Nationwide Fee-for-Service Plans Open Only to Specific Groups
Plan – Plan Code
Rural Carrier Benefit Plan – 38 High
Foreign Service Benefit Plan – 40 High
Compass Rose Health Plan – 42 High
Panama Canal Area Benefit Plan – 43 High
State Specific HMO, HDHP and CDHP Plans

Hospital & Doctor Insurance

Health ProtectorGuard fixed indemnity insurance,3 underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, can supplement your major medical plan by paying cash for eligible, covered medical services, like a doctor visit, a trip to urgent care or a surgical procedure.

  • No deductibles or copays to pay first
  • Benefits paid regardless of other insurance
  • Money to pay costs not covered by major medical plans, like a deductible

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