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What Is Expat Health Insurance

Why Choose Now Health International For Your Expat Health Insurance

Expat Health: Insurance And Overseas Health Care

At Now Health International, we offer a range of private healthcare packages to help you cover your costs when living overseas.

Our WorldCare Essential package starts at USD 26 per month and will cover you for any in-patient and day-patient care while living in your new location. This package also covers treatment for pre-existing conditions and is ideal if you are living with a condition that requires on-going management and care.

We also offer a more affordable package covering emergency and urgent care only, while those looking for a more comprehensive level of cover can choose packages that include out-patient, dental, and maternity care.

Join thousands of Now Health International members living happily overseas and covered by one of our international health insurance packages.

I am so grateful to the Now Health Team for everything they did for me and my family. My rare condition was completely unexpected and it was distressing to discover this while I was pregnant. However from the initial diagnosis all the way through to my kidney transplant, the team were nothing but supportive and ensured I could access the best care when I needed it most. Having the reassurance that my mothers transplant donor costs would be covered was also a real relief. Thank you Now Health!

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Out International Health Insurance As An Expat

There is no doubting the levels of excitement that people can feel when choosing to move overseas.

At the same time, it is a massive step for anyone to take. Youre moving your whole life to a new location, where perhaps you dont know anyone or have only visited on a handful of occasions prior to moving there full-time.

When you have international health insurance and are able to access private healthcare facilities when you need to, you will live in your new location with peace of mind and find yourself worrying about dealing with the public healthcare system or how to register to be able to see a doctor. Youll be able to access these facilities quicker than you likely would via the public system and get back to living your exciting life in your new location.

Cover yourself when living abroad with private health cover from Now Health International.

Be Sure You Don’t Have A Gap In Coverage

It is common for many internationals and executives to stay abroad for an extra month or even an additional year. Volunteering in an organization, honing photography skills, or perfecting a new language the purpose for extending their stay varies.

After being covered by your employer or school insurance policy, you will often feel healthy and confident to the point that you do not extend your insurance coverage. However, there are no guarantees when it comes to health.

Do not gamble with a coverage gap, thinking that you would not need protection just because you have not encountered any medical problem before. Make sure the insurance for US expats you have remains in effect during your extended stay overseas.

The best thing about expatriate life for Americans abroad is being able to live life to the fullest without worrying much about money. But to do this, you must take care of your health no matter where you are in the world.

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Aids/hiv And Chronic Conditions

We understand that not all medical conditions can be cured.

Chronic conditions usually require you to have regular check-ups, nursing care and routine or daily medication. Thankfully, with the right medical support, many people can live a relatively normal life whilst suffering with a chronic condition. However, the financial implications can be devastating.

We support you by providing benefits in respect of both HIV and chronic conditions.

Premium Rewards

Premium Rewards are our way of rewarding customers who remain claim free by discounting future premiums by up to 20%. If you dont make a claim during the policy year you can earn a discount of up to 10% on your subsequent annual premium. Two years without a claim could see a discount of up to 15% and up to 20% for 3 years without making a claim. The table below demonstrates our discount opportunities.

Claim Free Period
-20% -20%

If you are a Select customer, claims under the Maternity, Dental, Optical or Preventative Services will not affect your entitlement to Premium Rewards.

Premium Rewards are also available to new customers who are insured elsewhere. Simply demonstrate the claim-free period with your previous provider, purchase a similar level of insurance from us, and youll enjoy discounted premiums going forward.

*Find out more about how Expatriate Group cover you for the treatment of Covid. COVID Insurance cover.

FAQs International Healthcare Plans

Standard Exclusions On Private Medical Cover

If You

The next thing to look out for is geographical limitations. Expats living abroad permanently should opt for an annual policy, and make sure there arent clauses about how many times you can travel to a new country.

Likewise, many policies are vague when it comes to which nations or regions they do cover:

  • The USA is often not included in a worldwide policy.
  • Most insurers include Turkey, Morocco and Egypt in a European policy but not all.

Local insurers will provide cover within the jurisdictions of your new home country, but again its crucial to be cautious.

Many insurers offer cover through providers within their network.

That means you cant visit any hospital and claim against your insurance but need to visit a facility on the approved list, often with advance authorisation.

Other policies will have exclusions based on pre-existing medical conditions or age but that doesnt necessarily mean they wont sell a policy to someone who wont be eligible to claim if they become ill.

Restrictions for people over 65 are common, even if they are fit and well. A comprehensive global medical cover product usually covers pre-existing conditions, which is less likely if you purchase a local policy.

Hazardous activities are another typical limitation, so medical policies will often refuse to cover injuries sustained during:

  • Scuba diving
  • Horse-riding
  • Mountain climbing

The cheapest policy is far more likely to have significant restrictions that may render it useless if you need it.

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Do You Consider Yourself A Global Citizen Or Are You A Digital Nomad And Need Medical Insurance That Will Follow You Worldwide

If so, the insurance above works for you too. The 7 international health insurances listed are ideal for digital nomads or any person who keeps living all over the world and doesnt have a fixed country of residency. After all, global citizens deserve global health insurance!

Quick summary comparison of the 7 international health insurance plans:

In conclusion

The bottom line is if you are going to live in another country temporarily or permanently, you need to get yourself an immigrant/expat health insurance plan.

But we know it can be a little bit overwhelming to choose the right plan. Weve been through this personally so please, leave a comment below if you have any questions or if theres anything you think weve missed!

Do you live abroad and need to receive or send money back home cheaply?

I have a specific article to help you make international transfers as cheaply as possible: The 5 Best Websites for International Money Transfers .

What Is Covered By Belgian Public Health Insurance

  • Doctor and hospital visits: anyone seeking treatment in Belgium is free to visit any doctor or hospital, regardless of location or referral. This is particularly beneficial to expats who have received recommendations from colleagues for a high-quality English-speaking doctor. Read more about doctors in Belgium.
  • Dental care:dental care in Belgium is subject to partial reimbursements, provided the dentist is on a state-approved list. More advanced treatments, such as crowns and bridges, usually result in the dentist offering you a variety of quotes on the work required. These require approval from your insurer.
  • Maternity care: Belgian health insurance covers the cost of having a baby in Belgium, as long as youve been insured for a sufficient amount of time. Read more about giving birth in Belgium.

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How Do I Find The Best Expat Health Insurance Plan

The most effective way to find an expat health insurance plan that truly addresses your needs is through the help of Pacific Prime, a global insurance broker that specializes in health insurance for expatriates. Pacific Prime partners with over 60 of the worlds leading insurance companies to offer tailor-made solutions to more than 120,000 individual clients.

With us, youll get free consultation sessions from real industry experts, as well as a wide range of plans to choose from. Click the Get a Quote button now to receive your free price comparison quote.

French Complementary Health Insurance: Why 95% Of People Have One

International Health Insurance for Expats in Italy

Welcome to my blog Expat in France!If you’re new here, never miss an update and be the first to receive new articles and information about life in France and insider tips!

Welcome back to my blog Expat in France!As it is not your first visit, never miss an update and be the first to receive new articles and information about life in France and insider tips!

Do you need French complementary health insurance? France is renowned to have good public healthcare so what is this extra health insurance for? And why do 95% of French people have one? Lets see what is it, why you may need one, how to choose it and what does it cover!

  • In video
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    Health Insurance For Cedula

    Whilst you don’t need to obtain health insurance in order to obtain your residency visa. You do need it before they’ll give you a cedula.

    The catch? You need your cedula before you can obtain insurance via IESS, leaving private insurance as your only option.

    Some opt for the most basic cover they can find simply to fulfill this requirement and obtain their cedula. This can be a good option if your preference is to obtain IESS as soon as possible.

    But, if you actually want to use it, then I’d suggest taking a little more time to choose the plan that works best for you in the long run rather than having to go through the process twice .

    A Comprehensive Expatriate Insurance

    Some features and benefits

    • A reliable and efficient management of your insurance contract, result of ACS more than 30 years of experience insuring expatriates all over the world.
    • In the case of hospitalization, ACS directly undertakes your hospital medical expenses for you to avoid paying out from your own pocket sums that can be important.
    • Cover of dental and optical care.
    • Deductible and coinsurance free plan options.
    • Fast reimbursements in more than 100 different currencies.
    • No extra charges for monthly, quarterly and semiannual premium payments.
    • Actual expense reimbursements with no bank fees.
    • Real time access to your reimbursement status and balance through the Internet.
    • Once accepted, ACS commits not to cancel your policy due to above average medical expenses, nor to raise your fee above the general annual premium increase.

    ACS Emergency Service

    • Our emergency service is at your disposal by phone 24/7/365 in all main languages.
    • If your health condition requires it, they will make the necessary arrangements for you to be transferred to the best adapted medical center.
    • If needed, they supervise and organize your repatriation to your home country by the most appropriate mean.

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    Prescription Medications For British Nationals In Thailand

    Thai laws around drugs and medications are strict, so it is vital to check if your usual prescription medicines contain a controlled drug before travelling.

    Penalties for importing an illegal medicine can include steep fines or even imprisonment, and some drugs require a license that youll need to apply for before you travel.

    Your medication packaging will detail the drugs included, and you need to check those drugs against the list of controlled substances.

    If in any doubt, consult a UK doctor or pharmacist for advice about whether any controlled drugs are included in your medicine.

    The required action depends on what category of drug is contained within your prescription:

    • Drugs listed on schedules two, three, or four, must be accompanied by evidence that the medication is for your personal use.
    • A license is required if travelling for three months or longer, or if carrying sufficient medication to last over this period.
    • Medications containing drugs on schedule one require a consultation with the British Home Office Drug and Firearms Licensing Unit before travel.

    To prove that a medication belongs to you, youll need a letter from your GP including:

    • Your name.
    • Where you are travelling and when.
    • What medications you have been prescribed.
    • Details about the dosage.
    • A signature from the prescribing medical practitioner.

    Licenses can take around 10 working days to issue, although it is wise to apply as far in advance as possible.

    Difference Between Travel Insurance & Expat/international Health Insurance

    What is Expat health insurance?

    Travel insurance:

    • Is for tourists or people who are just traveling, not living in a new country
    • Usually only covers medical emergencies that happen overseas
    • May also cover things like lost baggage and canceled flight
    • Is sometimes required to travel to certain areas

    To learn more about travel insurance, check out our article with the 3 Best and Cheapest Travel Insurance Companies.

    • Is for people moving abroad or living long-term in another country
    • Works like your normal insurance from back home would
    • Covers more than just emergency medical care
    • Can cover things like pregnancy, cancer treatment, or mental health services
    • Is often a requirement to apply for visas or resident permits
    • You can keep renewing it as long as you are overseas. Having international health insurance that carries over is essential for those looking to permanently relocate abroad

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    Why Cant I Just Make Sure Im Healthy Before I Leave

    Hopefully, youll visit your doctor before you leave your home country. But you also need to take care of yourself while youre away. And if you have pre-existing conditions or are on maintenance medications, they wont be covered in another country.

    And as we all knowaccidents happen . So you want to make sure youre covered when they do.

    Low Cost Of Healthcare

    Healthcare costs in Ecuador are generally a fraction of what you’d pay in the US. Many procedures come in at around 15-20% of what you’d pay in the US. The low cost of healthcare is a key contributor to the overall low cost of living in Ecuador, which can be a core reason why expats decide to call Ecuador home.

    The low cost of healthcare actually opens up the option of self-insuring for the small things such as the occasional visit to the doctor. But, if you take this path, I’d still recommend having insurance to cover anything major as these fees can still add up and put you under significant financial stress.

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    Health Vs Travel Insurance

    We’re predominantly covering domestic health insurance available in Ecuador in this article. If you’re a foreign resident only visiting for a short period of time, then you’ll most likely just want to stick with the travel insurance you’ve purchased from outside of Ecuador.

    Note, some Ecuadorian health insurance plans also offer a limited amount of travel insurance which can be a great value-add.

    Some Doctors But Not All Speak English

    International Health Insurance for Expats in Mexico

    You will find that doctors in Ecuador have a higher chance of speaking English compared with the general public – especially if they’ve studied overseas. But, you should not assume that your doctor will speak fluent English. That said, they will most likely understand many English medical words because these are generally favored by the medical community and not translated.

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    Do I Need Health Insurance If I Live Abroad

    Yes, all US citizens who live abroad should get international health insurance since domestic insurance plans do not offer protection outside the borders of the US.

    If you are moving abroad on a long-term basis or permanently, then you should get expatriate health insurance. Expatriate health insurance plans offer a broad range of protection during your time living abroad and are valid for a longer period of time. If you are simply going abroad for a vacation or temporarily, then you can just get travel health insurance.

    You can get a free quote here or here.

    Heres Our Best Expat Health Insurance At Expat Financial

    When you plan to move abroad, one of the top things on your checklist is to ensure you have the proper health coverage in your expat destination. More and more expats & global nomads feel secured during the global pandemic by having comprehensive international health insurance in place. Also, many countries are requesting that expats have health coverage in place before entry. So, how do you know which is the best expat health insurance?

    This article will quickly cover the basics and the top three health insurance providers for expats. But note that we have other expat health providers not included below that are still excellent expatriates plans in many circumstances. You can make an informed decision that suits not only yours but your familys needs as well.

    What is expat health insurance?

    Expat health insurance is known as global health insurance, an international health insurance plan designed for expats, digital nomads, and global citizens living or working abroad. Having an international health insurance plan means you have coverage inside and outside of your home country.

    It is important to note that international health insurance is not the same as travel insurance. to understand the difference between the two better.

    Why do I need international health insurance?

    Other reasons why expats may need international health insurance is because:

    Which is the best expat health insurance plan?

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