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Does Health Insurance Cover Cpap Machines

How Do I Qualify For Coverage

Will a Medicare Supplement Plan Cover My CPAP Machine?

To qualify for Medicare coverage of a CPAP machine, your doctor has to diagnose you with OSA. This often requires a sleep study. Medicare Part B covers the cost of sleep studies as well.

If you have been newly diagnosed with OSA, Medicare will cover a 3-month trial of a CPAP machine. If your doctor documents that CPAP therapy is helping your condition and writes an order for continued therapy, Medicare will keep covering your CPAP machine.

Can I Buy A Cpap Cheaper Without Insurance

Can you find great cash-pay deals on new CPAP machines? Yes!

Will it be cheaper in the end? That depends…

Many DMEs and online retailers offer discounts for those who may not have or choose not to use their insurance. You may find the up-front price of a CPAP machine significantly cheaper than your out-of-pocket costs with insurance, but thats not the only cost to consider.

Pros:Youll still need a prescription from your physician, but youll bypass any compliance or rental requirements!

Youll also find more flexibility in choosing your equipment. Since you wont need to worry about restrictions on reimbursement, youll have a wider selection to choose from. The only preauthorization you have to worry about is your own say-so.

Cons:On the other hand, youll be fully responsible for the cost of any future replacement supplies. Over time your mask will wear down, your headgear will stretch, and bacteria can build up in your filters. Even reusable filters should be replaced every six months. If you bought your machine and supplies through a cash-pay retailer, these purchases wont contribute toward your deductible.

Insurance Coverage For Cpap

There really isn’t a single CPAP cost breakdown that can be applied to the question, “Will insurance cover CPAP?”

New CPAP machines have multiple prices, depending upon how many features they have, who you buy them from, whether you use insurance coverage to pay for CPAP, and if your provider offers CPAP supplies directly.

However, it’s safe to say that most private insurance policies cover PAP therapy equipment. Your best bet is to find out what your plan covers before you make purchases or enter into rental agreements. Your insurance carrier will also be able to tell you what they will reimburse for in terms of frequency and the supplies that will need replenishment or replacement , and whether you have rent-to-own options.

When you work with a DME supplier, you should also know that deductibles and copays for your PAP therapy may vary and could require pre-authorization by your payer.

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Does Medicare Cover Cpap Machines

Let’s start with some good news: Yes, Medicare will cover your CPAP machine! Not only that, theyll cover a regular schedule of replacement supplies like masks, filters, headgear, etc.!

Your CPAP device is considered durable medical equipment , which means that it is covered under Medicare Part B. This is important for reasons well get into later!

Medicare will also cover different types of PAP machines, such as BiPAP or APAP, and even alternative treatment options like oral appliances and mouthguards.

However, this coverage does require that you meet certain requirements and follow certain guidelines.

What Does Part A or Part B Mean?

“Original Medicare” or “traditional Medicare” is made up of two parts: Parts A and B.Medicare Part A covers hospital expenses, including nursing facilities, hospice, and home healthcare services.Medicare Part B is more like private health insurance and covers outpatient medical care, routine preventative care, as well as durable medical equipment.

Renting Versus Purchasing Cpap Equipment

Does Insurance Cover CPAP? (and How to Save on Your ...

Insurance companies frequently use a rent-to-own approach, which helps you by applying your monthly payments for your machine toward its purchase until you are approved to pay it off, usually between 3 and 10 months depending on the insurance company. The rental versus purchase option is pre-determined by your insurance company. You and your doctor do not have a say in this payment structure.

However, there are benefits of the rental option. If you arent able to tolerate PAP therapy, or your doctor decides to change your prescription or give you a different kind of machine, you are not out the entire cost of a fully purchased device. This is helpful for newer patients with complicated health concerns. Your current device can be traded in for a new one with proof of medical necessity. Additionally, the rental option is essentially a payment plan, breaking up the cost of your new device into monthly payments. Keep in mind, this is when compliance is most important with regard to insurance coverage of your PAP therapy.

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How Do I Qualify For Cpap Coverage Medicare Cpap Guidelines

To have Medicare cover your CPAP equipment youll have to meet the following guidelines:

  • Be enrolled in Medicare. To enroll, you must be 65 or older and a U.S citizen . You can learn more about enrollment at www.Medicare.gov.
  • Be diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea . This will require a sleep study, which can be performed in-lab or at-home.
  • Get a prescription for a CPAP machine. Your prescription must come from a doctor that participates in the Medicare program.
  • Order a new CPAP machine from a Medicare-approved DME supplier. We make this part easy! CPAPsupplies.com is an approved durable medical equipment supplier!
  • Complete a 90-day Compliance Period. Think of this like a 3-month trial of CPAP therapy. This shows that youre using your CPAP machine and that your CPAP therapy is effective.

Durable Equipment Used For Care

Eligible expenses include but are not limited to:

Devices for physical movement
Lifts or hoists

Limited to one in a lifetime and a maximum eligible expense equal to cost less all eligible lift/hoist repairs incurred prior to purchase.


Limited to one every 5 years and a maximum eligible expense equal to cost less all eligible walker repair expenses incurred during the previous 5 years.

Wheelchairs Limited to one every 5 years and a maximum eligible expense equal to cost less all eligible wheelchair repairs incurred during the previous 5 years .
Devices for support and resting
Hospital beds

Limited to one in a lifetime and a maximum eligible expense equal to cost less all eligible hospital bed repairs incurred prior to purchase.

Wheelchair cushions

Limited to one every 12 months and a maximum eligible expense of cost less all eligible wheelchair cushion repairs incurred during the previous 12 months.

Therapeutic mattresses

Limited to one every 5 years and a maximum eligible expense equal to cost less all eligible therapeutic mattress repairs incurred during the previous five years.

Devices for monitoring
Apnea monitors

Limited to one in a lifetime and a maximum eligible expense equal to cost less all eligible apnea monitor repairs incurred prior to purchase.

Enuresis monitors

Limited to one in a lifetime and a maximum eligible expense equal to cost less all eligible enuresis monitor repairs incurred prior to purchase.

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The Long And Short Answers

The short answer is yes, most insurance providers willreimburse you for the cost of your CPAP machine. The long answer is maybe, asit really depends on your insurance carrier.

Most insurance providers cover at least a part of the cost,and the amount that you can be reimbursed depends on your medical insuranceprovider and the plan you have with them. Some providers and plans will coverthe full cost of the machine while others will only pay out a portion of it. Itsalso possible that your insurance provider will not reimburseyou for any of the amount paid.

Its highly recommended that you contact your insuranceprovider right after you have received a prescription from your primary care physicianfor a CPAP machine .

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CPAP and Medicare

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Causes Of Sleep Apnea

The most common treatment for someone with moderate-to-severe sleep apnea is a breathing device, such as a CPAP machine. CPAP therapy delivers a flow of air through a mask to help keep the airway open while a person is asleep.

Other potential treatments for sleep apnea include:

  • Oral appliance therapy: A person wears a custom-fitted mouthpiece that moves the tongue or jaw to help keep the airway open during sleep.
  • Nerve stimulation: A surgeon inserts a device that stimulates the hypoglossal nerve, which goes to the tongue muscles, and helps move the tongue to a position that keeps the airway open.
  • Positional therapy: A person who experiences sleep apnea only while sleeping on their back can learn to sleep on their side instead.
  • Surgery: A doctor might recommend surgery for people with severe sleep apnea that has not responded to other treatments. The surgery might involve removing the tonsils or realigning the jaw.
  • Weight loss: Losing weight may help alleviate sleep apnea in people with obesity.

Private Health Fund Cpap Cover

  • Many patients with private health cover are eligible for a rebate on their CPAP devices depending on what kinds of extras are covered and to what amount
  • Easy CPAP has been working with NDIS since the beginning and can support your CPAP equipment needs through your NDIS plan. We can organise a quote to your NDIS registered provider and once payment has been made, you order will be shipped out. If you require a quote please email with your details.

Please see the table below of CPAP rebate amounts for various Private Health Funds in Australia. Note, Health funds may regularly revise their cover through the year.

Whilst we attempt to keep this table updated regularly, you are advised to check with your health fund for the latest cover pertaining to your individual circumstances.


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Insurance And Cpap Machines

The terms of your CPAP machine, insurance coverage depends on your provider. Some providers reimburse you for the cost of purchasing the machine outright, while others require a rent-to-own plan under which you must use the machine for a set amount of time before it becomes your property.

Costs for purchasing a machine outright can range anywhere from $250 to $1,000 or more, depending on where you live and the type of machine you need. Most CPAP machines cost between $500 and $800. BiPAP machines, which provide a different level of air pressure for exhalation and inhalation, frequently run in the thousands of dollars.

If you are on a rent-to-own structure, your monthly fee typically equals the cost of the CPAP machine divided by the number of rental months. Your insurance provider usually splits this cost with you, and the exact amount you pay depends on your policy. Bear in mind that if you are required to rent for longer than a year, you may need to pay a second deductible.

If your insurance company determines you are not using the machine frequently enough as per your policy, they may stop covering their portion of the machine rental. You must decide if you prefer to pay the full cost of the monthly rental, purchase the machine outright, or stop CPAP treatment altogether.

What Is Medicare Cpap Compliance

Three Myths of CPAP Machine Insurance Coverage

Once you receive your CPAP or BiPAP equipment, youll begin a compliance period. Think of it like a three-month trial period. This is to demonstrate both that youre using your equipment and that its an effective treatment option for your OSA.

During the compliance period your doctor will monitor how often you use your CPAP. This is recorded by your CPAP device, either through an SD memory card or via Bluetooth connectivity.

To meet compliance, Medicare requires that you use your CPAP machine 1) at least 4 hours per night, 2) for at least 70% of nights, 3) for 30 consecutive days of the first three months.

That can be a little confusing, but what you need to know is: Use your CPAP machine for 30 days in a row, and at least 21 of those days need to be 4 hours or more per night.

Lastly, youll need to meet with your doctor between the 31st and 90th day of the compliance period!

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Cpap Masks Insurance Coverage

Most insurance plans partially cover the costs of CPAP machines and related equipment. Often the machines themselves are covered to an extent, but you may be responsible for other components such as tubing. Many insurance providers require you to meet your annual deductible before covering your CPAP equipment.

We Are Open And Shipping

Better health is priceless, but CPAP therapy is not easy on the pocketbook. The devices themselves are an investment, and maintenance expenses can be hefty. In addition to that, there are the added costs of replacing wearable CPAP parts on a regular basis, such as filters, masks, or tubes. Even with CleanCPAP.nets reduced prices, a CPAP cleaning device will cost you between $189 to $269.

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Does Medicaid Cover Cpap

State Medicaid programs typically follow the same guidelines as Medicare. You need a sleep test, diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea, and prescription from your doctor. Your AHI must also meet the same requirements as for Medicare:

  • AHI index between 5 and 14, along with a comorbidity related to obstructive sleep apnea or
  • AHI of at least 15.

If you meet these requirements, then Medicaid provides CPAP coverage for a 12-week trial. Coverage continues if your sleep apnea improves with the CPAP treatment. You must also adhere to the same compliance requirements as Medicare recipients, namely using the machine at least 4 hours every night on 70% of nights.

Cpap Device Monitoring Through Insurance

How often do I need a prescription to get my CPAP Supplies Medicare Medicaid MassHealth Insurance

If you decide to go through insurance for your CPAP supplies, the process isnt as simple as a quick transaction. Insurance companies need to know that you will use the device before they shell out money for it.

During the first few months, your insurer will require CPAP adherence to ensure you are using the machine frequently. Most devices contain SD-cards that store the amount of time its used, giving insurance companies a way to keep tabs. They require you to use your CPAP machine for a certain number of hours per night and a set number of days per month before they cover the cost.

During the initial lease period, you are also required to pay a monthly rental fee. Most times, the total amount of rental fees you pay over the first few months ends up being more than the machines actual cost. Whats more, if the insurance company deems you are not using the device enough, they can take it back without refunding any rental fees you paid.

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Compliance As A Best Practice

If you don’t use your CPAP, you aren’t going to get better. CPAP is, more or less, a lifelong therapy. For it to be effective, you have to be compliant.

CPAP compliance is what doctors and insurance providers look for to determine how frequently and effectively you are using your therapy.

Compliance used to be a matter of asking the patient to report their usage. Now, most machines use modems or SD cards to collect usage data, which is either sent wirelessly or “read” off your machine or SD card by a technologist.

Minimum compliance for CPAP is defined by the sleep health industry as “at least 4 hours of use a night for at least 5 nights a week.” In the long term, this is defined as 4 hours per night for at least 22 days out of a consecutive 30 days within a 90-day period.

Why “at least 4 hours of use a night?” Research confirms this to be the minimum usage that results in measurable improvements to cardiovascular health.

Doctors and insurance payers are both on board with the notion, “use it or lose it.” If your usage drops below compliance expectations, your doctor will come knocking to find out why.

In addition, the Affordable Care Act now requires proof of compliance for the use of DME as a cost-savings measure, and your own insurance plan will be less likely to reimburse you for expensive equipment you’re not using to minimum standards.

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