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What Health Insurance Does Amazon Offer

Not Offered Amazon Medical Benefits

What Is Amazon’s Health Plan?

Unable to obtain health insurance through your employer? Don’t worry, you have plenty of alternative options. Find out how the healthcare laws affect you and learn more about obtaining health insurance on your own.

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How Do The Government Subsidies Work

Government subsidies are available to help individuals with the cost of purchasing health insurance coverage through a marketplace. To qualify for a subsidy your income must be between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level . Subsidies are paid directly to the insurers to help lower premium costs. However, subsidies are structured so that the most qualifying individuals or families will have to pay towards their premiums will range from 2.0% to 9.5%.

How Amazon Employees Are Paid

There are three different ways Amazon employees are paid:

Base salary: This is very straight-forward, you will receive your base salary every month. Outside of the Bay Area and the Greater New York City area, the maximum base salary at Amazon is $160,000.

Sign-on bonus: Many new employees will also receive a year one and a year two sign-on bonus. The bonus is paid out with every paycheck, so in essence, its just additional salary for the first two years you are at Amazon. As a quick example: If you are entitled to a $60,000 year one sign-on bonus, you will receive an additional $5,000 per paycheck. The same method of payment will occur in year two, simply divide your year two sign-on bonus by twelve.

Restricted Stock Units : Stock vests will begin on your first anniversary. Additional shares will vest at the end of year 2 and then every 6 months until youve been with the company for 4 years. Many Amazon employees receive additional refresher RSUs over time.

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How Amazon Healthcare Would Change Digital Health Plans

Perhaps every insurers worst fear is that Amazon will eventually launch its own health plan. The company has given one indication after another that this, too, is a very real possibility. Amazons eventual entrance into healthcare is big news for incumbent insurers because it validates the supposition that Amazon may one day disintermediate health plans and sell its services directly to employers.

Having now worked at CVS, several Blue Cross plans and UnitedHealth Groups Optum, I can definitively conclude these disintermediation fears are not unfounded. Driven by the digital revolution, consumer expectations of a seamless healthcare experience that is both transparent and affordable have finally caught up with the industry. If it can be this easy to shop and purchase products and services on Amazons marketplace, why should healthcare be any different?

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Healthcare consumerism is inevitably on the rise, but the healthcare industry has been slow to catch up with the rapid digitization of its user base. In light of growing employee demand, employers have pushed heavily on health plans and PBMs to make a swath of shiny digital health tools available. This includes everything from app-based wellness programs to virtual chronic condition management for complex therapeutic areas.

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Amazons Job Openings Page

Amazon Offers to Help White House Distribute COVID Vaccine

Amazon Jobs is the official webpages of the company where it published every new job openings. It allows you to filter down jobs on your needs and area interest. You can also refine your search accordingly by geographic location and more.

If you visit Amazon Indeed profile, you can access a wide range of open job offers. You can easily filter the jobs by searching for whats available in your area.

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Do I Need To Purchase Insurance Through A Public Exchange

No. If you have access to health insurance through your employer or your spouse’s employer you can purchase insurance there. The Federal Exchange is just one exchange available to individuals who don’t have coverage available elsewhere. You can also utilize private exchanges or insurance agents who should be able to help identify the most appropriate coverage offerings available to you.

What Type Of Insurance Is Available On An Exchange

The State and Federal exchanges feature the four metallic plan levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each plan type provides different levels of insurance, at different costs, to fit different needs. All the plans offered in a marketplace must meet certain rules relating to affordability, required benefits, and market standards. You can also choose from a variety of insurance companies. Shopping on a health insurance marketplace makes it easier to compare all of your options. No matter which plan you choose, the new law requires that a core package of items and services is covered. That way you can rest assured that you will have insurance for the basics, also known as the Minimum Essential Benefits.

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Does Amazon Employee Benefits Change For Different Jobs

Amazon maintains an impartial benefits system and offers Amazon Employee Benefits and Perks uniformly across the company regardless of the Job position of employees. Amazon Employee Benefits for full-time employees are almost the same as part-time employees receive health, life, dental and disability insurance plans. The only difference is, part-time employees have limited to paid time off.

The Next Big Move For Amazon Apple & Google: Health Insurance

Amazon hires thousands of people on the spot

Google, Apple and Amazon have all moved into the healthcare space and are now eyeing the $6 trillion insurance market, according to a new report from CB Insights.

Four trends to know:

1. Big tech companies have data and distribution platforms to reach insurance buyers digitally and can utilize information from smart home and wearable products for underwriting and claims, according to the report. Insurers are also transitioning data to the cloud and using artificial intelligence provided by big tech companies.

2. The big tech companies are currently distribution partners or digital enablers for insurance companies but they could break into the field if they own the data, analytics and distribution.

3. Forty-four percent of people surveyed by Capgemini said they would be willing to buy insurance from a big tech company.

4. Big tech companies may decide to become a licensed insurance broker or develop risk rating models for underwriting, according to the report. “Finding and servicing insurance customers on behalf of insurers would leverage big tech companies’ established networks and could serve as an effective business model,” the report concludes.

Here is a breakdown of partnerships and investments Google, Apple and Amazon have already made in the insurance industry.




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Coverage While Off The Clock

The important thing to realize is that the above coverage only applies if the delivery driver is picking up, delivering, or returning packages to an Amazon facility at the time of the accident.

For accidents that occur while the delivery driver is off the clock, Amazons insurance does not take effect. Instead, the delivery driver and anyone else affected by the accident will have to rely on personal insurance for coverage.

Unfortunately, by taking a job with Amazon Flex, the delivery driver could be voiding their personal insurance coverage.

Heres why.

When the driver signed up for their personal auto insurance policy, they had to answer some questions before they could get coverage. One of the questions probably asked whether the car to be covered would be used for personal or business use. To the insurance company, if the driver didnt say they would be using the vehicle for business, then they effectively misrepresented the facts, which could be used as grounds to void the policy. Furthermore, if the delivery driver loses their personal insurance, they could lose their coverage under the Amazon policy as well.

This is a big problem for both drivers involved in an accident.

What Are Qualifying Life Events

Qualifying Life Events are special occurrences that would allow you to purchase coverage outside of open enrollment. Events that are considered acceptable QLEs include:

  • involuntary loss of coverage
  • loss of existing health coverage because of a job loss or job change
  • permanently moving to a new state
  • loss of eligibility for Medicaid or CHIP
  • expiration of your COBRA benefits

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Driving 45 Miles For Hand Sanitizer

Ron Spigelman delivers for Instacart. The company hasnt provided training or offered sanitation supplies or protective gear to wear in crowded stores, he said. He recently drove 45 miles to find hand sanitizer at a Dollar General in the countryside near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

He thinks drivers should have access to hand-washing stations. That way we feel more protected, he said, and I think the customers would feel more protected as well.

In a statement, Instacart said it would soon distribute hand sanitizer and provide access to cleaning supplies in some stores. The company plans to add an additional 300,000 independent delivery contractors to handle skyrocketing demand.

Some drivers have stopped delivering as the crisis worsened. Laura Chelton, 48, drives for Amazon Flex in the Seattle area – site of the first outbreak in the United States. Last week, she noticed that no one was wiping down surfaces in the area at Whole Foods where she picked up orders.

When she saw an older woman cough last week as she assembled grocery bags in that confined space – just eight by 10 feet – she decided that delivering groceries just wasnt worth the risk.

Reporting by Chris Kirkham and Jeffrey Dastin Editing by Brian Thevenot

What Health Coverage Options Are Available To Me

Scam alert: Do not apply for this fake Amazon work

Even though your employer may not provide coverage there are a number of alternatives available. Which one is right for you depends on your situation. If you are 26 years old or younger you may be eligible to stay on your parents insurance. If you are 30 years old or younger you may be able to purchase catastrophic insurance. If none of those situations apply, you may be eligible for Medicaid or you qualify for a government subsidy to help reduce your insurance costs. To view your options, check out our Coverage Calculator.

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What Preventive Health Services Must Be Covered By Exchange Plans

The preventive services are specific services that must be covered without charging you a copayment and regardless of whether you have met your deductible. These services include:

  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm one-time screening for men of specified ages who have ever smoked
  • Alcohol Misuse screening and counseling
  • Aspirin use to prevent cardiovascular disease for men and women of certain ages
  • Blood Pressure screening for all adults
  • Cholesterol screening for adults of certain ages or at higher risk
  • Colorectal Cancer screening for adults over 50
  • Depression screening for adults
  • Diabetes screening for adults with high blood pressure
  • Diet counseling for adults at higher risk for chronic disease
  • HIV screening for everyone ages 15 to 65, and other ages at increased risk
  • Immunization vaccines for adults–doses, recommended ages, and recommended populations vary-for the following:
  • – Hepatitis A
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection prevention counseling
  • Syphilis screening
  • Tobacco Use screening
  • Critical Illness & Personal Accident Insurance

    Get discounted rates on Critical Illness and Personal Accident Insurance through MetLife.

    • Critical Illness Insurance can help fill the gaps in your health or disability plan by paying a lump-sum benefit if you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition like a heart attack, cancer or stroke. It helps cover things like your deductible and coinsurance, transportation and lodging.
    • Personal Accident Insurance can help protect against unexpected costs related to accidents by paying a specific dollar amount for covered events, including dislocations, burns, emergency room visits and more.

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    Do I Qualify For A Subsidy

    Find out if you qualify for a Government insurance exchange subsidy by completing our simple questionnaire with our coverage calculator.

    Disclaimer Aon does not give any warranty or other assurance as to the operation, quality, or functionality of the site. Access to the site may be interrupted, restricted, or delayed for any reason. Aon also does not give any warranty or other assurance as to the content of the material appearing on the site, its accuracy, completeness, timelessness, or fitness for any particular purpose. Should you choose to go to the Aon Retiree Health Exchange and/or eHealth website and enroll in insurance coverage, Aon Hewitt Health Market Insurance Solution Inc. and/or eHealth, Inc. may be compensated for that enrollment. By law, any such arrangement will not impact your premiums.

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    What Are The Metallic Plans

    Amazon will offer its health services to other companies

    The four types of plans available on the public exchanges are referred to as “metallic plans” because they are named after four types of metals:

    • Bronze – pays for 60% of all covered costs
    • Silver – pays for 70% of all covered costs
    • Gold – pays for 80% of all covered costs
    • Platinum – pays for 90% of all covered costs

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    Amazon Employee Benefits Summary

    Amazon company offers Medical, prescription drug, dental and vision coverage, 401 savings plan, Paid time-off, Holiday overtime pay, Child Adoption Support, Discounts on Amazon products and service, etc benefits for its employees and domestic partners.

    In addition to this, it also offers numbers of exciting benefits like daily catered lunch, free snacks throughout the week, an on-site fitness center, reimbursement of transit fees, etc.

    So, if you are thinking of starting a new job, I personally suggest you start your career with the Amazon. Whether you work as full-time or part-time employees, you have access to the same Amazon Employee Benefits for both careers.

    Want to mention anything left to be discussed, comment us below.

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    Which States Have State

    There are 12 states hosting their own marketplaces including: California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Idaho, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. The remaining states elected either to forge a partnership or participate in the Federally Facilitated Marketplace .

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    Companies That Offer Part

    What would you say if an employer would let you work part-time, and also offered health insurance? What if they would pay you a decent wage and provided coverage to your domestic partner, too?

    In a world where side hustles and part-time gigs are becoming the norm, finding an employer who not only pays you fairly but also offers health care can be a necessity to making ends meet. And working for someone who also recognizes your domestic partnership with health care coverage: Well, thats just gold.

    Before you get too excited, do consider your salary and compare the premiums you would pay for insurance through your employer versus through the Affordable Healthcare Act exchanges. Because of uncertainty , ACA premiums for the silver plan may increase by 18% in 2018, health care consulting company Avalere says, which may leave workers wondering where to find the least expensive plan.

    The debate over the Affordable Care Act and cost-sharing reduction funding casts uncertainty over the market, Dan Mendelson, president of Avalere, said in a release. But despite all of this activity, the vast majority of consumers will still have commercial exchange options in 2018.

    Life And Accidental Death And Dismemberment Insurance

    Ayusya Home Health Care Pvt Ltd
    • Amazon currently provides two times your annual base salary for Basic Life and AD& D Insurance at no cost to you.
    • You can buy supplemental life insurance coverage for yourself, payable to your designated beneficiaries if you die. You can buy coverage in amounts of 1x to 10x your base annual earnings, up to $2,000,000.
    • You can buy life insurance to cover your spouse/domestic partner in amounts of $25,000 or ½ to 5x your base annual salary, up to $250,000 not to exceed 100% of your total amount of life insurance .
    • You can buy life insurance to cover your children in certain amounts up to $20,000.
    • An accelerated death benefit is available in certain situations involving a terminal illness.
    • You can buy supplemental AD& D insurance to cover just yourself, or yourself and your eligible dependents, of 1x to 10x your basic annual earnings, up to $2,000,000.

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    Maternity And Parental Leave

    Amazon offers a range of fully paid Maternity and Parental Leave options for parents prior to, and following, the birth or adoption of a child. This includes our industry unique Leave Share option and a flexible return-to-work program known as Ramp Back. Parental options require at least one year of continuous service by the date of a childs birth or adoption placement. Learn more here.

    How To Determine How Much Life Insurance You Need

    Determining life insurance needs is a function of looking at replacing income from the earner over a specific amount of time. Its crucial to consider all financial aspects for your surviving family, including outstanding debt, mortgages, college expenses, and other costs.

    At Brighton Jones, our planning approach easily answers the question of How much? through the cash needs analysis. The answer is different for everyone based on their unique needs. We will look at your overall financial profile to help you determine how much life insurance is desirable so you dont overspend or underspend on this often-critical asset.

    Reach out to our team to better understand the full costs and benefits of life insurance and start planning for your familys financial future.

    The information included here is based solely on the knowledge of Brighton Jones financial advisors, and does not represent the views or advice of Amazon. Amazon did not contribute, review, or approve this content. Note that this content is intended for U.S.-based Amazon employees only.

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