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What Is Sidecar Health Insurance

Are There Any Fees

What makes Sidecar Health different?

Yes – youll pay a monthly premium and if you pick a plan that has a deductible, coverage doesnt start until it’s met. The rate that you’re offered from Sidecar Health will depend on a variety of factors including your age, health, and coverage needs.

Sidecar Health says that it’s able to save its members up to 40% over traditional ACA plans. However, it does say that premium rates may increase if you do not add the three-year rate lock.

Best Catastrophic Coverage: Bluecross Blueshield

BlueCross BlueShield

BlueCross BlueShields catastrophic policies are the best catastrophic coverage in our review because they’re the most economical option for unemployed individuals who cant afford standard health insurance.

  • Plans available in all 50 states

  • Offers a dedicated plan for adults under 30

  • Large provider network

  • Coverage options vary across 36 regional companies

  • High deductibles

Certain unemployed individuals qualify for low-cost catastrophic coverage, particularly those under 30 years old and some low-income households. If you fall into the former category, you may be interested in BlueCross BlueShields Young Adult plan, a policy designed for individuals age 18 to 30 who couldnt otherwise afford insurance.

Since BlueCross BlueShield is divided into 36 independent companies across the United States, catastrophic coverage is offered under several different names depending on your region. Policies terms also vary by location, although they all share the common characteristics of catastrophic insurance: low premiums, high deductibles, and free access to preventive medicine required by the Affordable Care Act.

Catastrophic policies offered by BlueCross BlueShield can be either HMO or PPO depending on the state, but even if you do need to stay in-network, know that the BlueCross BlueShield provider network is one of the largest in the country.

Sidecar Health Review The Future Of Health Insurance

There is a lot to love with Sidecar Health. Everything, from the website to the app, and of course the policies, are well designed, easy to understand and simple.

The innovative and disruptive model could also completely transform the way you think about health insurance, not least because it could save you up to 40% in expenses.

Finally, remember that its still a new provider. That means new features and updates, like an iOS app, are sure to appear in the future, which would put them on track to be one of the best companies out there.

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How Sidecar Health’s Access Plan Works

The process of using the Sidecar Health Access Plan is a little different than you may be used to. Here’s how it works.

  • Request the cash rate for services: When you use Sidecar, you’ll ask for the discounted cash rate when making your appointment. This can slash your bill before you ever see a doctor. The discount amount varies widely by provider and service, ranging from a 30% discount to as much as 90% off.
  • Pay with your Sidecar debit card: All members get a Sidecar Health payment card that’s linked directly to Sidecar’s claims department. You’ll use this card to pay when you go to the doctor or after receiving any type of health care.
  • Submit an itemized receipt: You’ll need to request a detailed receipt from the medical provider with both the procedure codes and diagnosis codes for each service you received. Upload this document to Sidecar so it can process your claim.
  • Sidecar pays a fixed rate: The claims department will use your submitted receipt and your policy’s list of rates to calculate the benefit amount of how much it will pay for each claim.
  • You pay Sidecar for the balance: You’re responsible for paying the portion of the bill that isn’t covered by Sidecar. Typically, the credit card or bank account that you have on file with Sidecar is used to pay your balance.
  • It can also take a little more work to manage your plan and coverage because you’ll have to shop around to find the best-priced medical care and be proactive about filing the paperwork.

    Customer Reviews And Complaints

    The 7 Best Health Insurance for Unemployed of 2021

    Sidecar Health Access Plan members frequently comment about their positive experiences dealing with customer service. On Trustpilot, agents are described as friendly, helpful and caring. That’s a strong advantage compared to the frustrations that many people deal with when calling health insurance companies.

    In contrast, members have expressed frustration with the Sidecar app. The Android app is only rated at 3.8 stars on Google Play, and there’s no iOS app available at the time of this writing. Even when users say they love Sidecar’s health benefits, they comment about how glitchy the app is and recommend that it’s easier to use the website than the app.

    The Better Business Bureau has given Sidecar Health an A+ ranking with zero complaints or reviews on the platform. Sidecar’s underwriters are also top-ranked.

    Sirius America Insurance Co., which underwrites policies in Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio and Utah, is financially strong with an A- ranking from AM Best. It also gets very few complaints, scoring a 0.16 from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners , far below the industry average of 1.00.

    United States Fire Insurance Co., which underwrites plans in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas, is also financially strong with an AM Best ranking of A. Its NAIC complaint index is a little higher at 0.47 but still far below the industry average of 1.00.

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    Sidecar Health Now Offers Ohios Lowest Cost Aca Health Insurance Plans

    Sidecar Health To Launch Off-Exchange ACA Pilot Product In Ohio, Providing Consumers with An Affordable, Transparent Option for Health Coverage By Leveraging the Power of Cash

    EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Oct. 26, 2021 — Sidecar Health, the company dedicated to providing simple and transparent insurance options based on cash prices, today announced it is launching a new Affordable Care Act product line, starting with off-Exchange plans available in Ohio for Plan Year 2022. This new product meets all ACA requirements while costing roughly 24% less than other ACA plans in the state. Sidecar Health is a licensed insurer domiciled in Ohio and expects it will continue to expand availability of its ACA product to other states for Plan Year 2023.

    The ACA is a critical driver of health coverage in the United States, but its still prohibitively expensive for many, many people. Were proud that our new plans hold all of the ACA protections and benefits consumers rely on, while still offering the flexibility, transparency, and affordability Sidecar Health is known for, said Patrick Quigley, CEO of Sidecar Health. We look forward to introducing our unique cash pay model to the ACA market and helping thousands access quality care that was previously out of reach.


    Best For Telehealth: Cigna

    All Cigna individual health insurance plans include free access to two of the largest virtual care networks in the United States, making Cigna our choice as best for telehealth.

    • All individual plans include $0 virtual care

    • Partners with two major telehealth networks

    • $25 monthly copay limit on insulin

    • Offers 24/7 customer service

    • Dental coverage starts at $19 per month

    • Individual plans only available in 10 states

    • Policies must begin on the first day of the month

    • Higher-than-average premiums

    Access to telehealth services can be a lifesaver for anyone dealing with unemployment. Not only does virtual care save you the time and cost of getting to a doctors office, but you can also even get remote treatment for some minor ailments without having to pay for an in-person visit. Cigna includes $0 telehealth visits with all of its individual plans through partnerships with MDLive and Amwell, two of the largest telemedicine providers in the United States.

    Virtual health visits arent the only advantage to purchasing health insurance from Cigna. In-house customer service is available 24 hours a day to answer questions and provide assistance. The company also places a $25 monthly out-of-pocket cost limit on insulin regardless of your coverage level.

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    Maternity Care With Sidecar Health Insurance

    None of the plans cover medical maternity expenses as a default. However, at the checkout when you sign up, you can add maternity care coverage to whatever plan you selected. if you choose to add maternity coverage to your plan the benefits will extend your health coverage to include all medically necessary maternity services .

    It includes additional annual coverage and a deductible that only counts towards maternity services, which you can also customize how you please to best match your needs vs expenses. There is a 3-month waiting period for this coverage to become effective. The rate is locked in for 3 years but you can cancel the policy at any time.

    Image from sidcarhealth.com

    Cheaper Than Obamacare Budget

    Sidecar Health Insurance for Freelancers

    Do you earn too much money to get government help for an Obamacare health insurance plan, but you cant get on an employer-funded plan?

    If so, youre probably self-employed, a contract worker, a bartender or restaurant server, or you retired early and live off dividends.

    If you make at least $50,000 a year, youre in a tight spot: Comprehensive plans being sold on the individual marketplace through the Open Enrollment period that ends Dec. 15 are likely priced out of your reach because you dont qualify for government subsidies. That makes you a target for a growing number of companies promoting alternative discount plans.

    They come up on web searches for short term plans, Obamacare plans low-cost health insurance or any number of terms used by consumers hoping to avoid Affordable Care Act plans that next year will cost a 40-year-old nonsmoking Broward County man between $313 and $1,131 a month.

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    Some alternative plans have been accused of being outright scams, using agents to mislead consumers into believing they are buying comprehensive health insurance. Others are upfront about how they differ from ACA-compliant plans.

    Whether any of those plans will suffice depends on how much health care you consume and how healthy or lucky you remain while enrolled.

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    How Do You Get Paid

    We didnt find the information on their website extremely clear in terms of how payment of benefits worked, so we reached out to Sidecar via the on-page chat option. Heres what we learned.

    When you sign up for Sidecar, youll get a Sidecar Visa, which is provided to you at no additional fee. This card is also attached to a method of payment you determine, like your checking or savings account.

    When you see a practitioner, you can use your Sidecar Visa to pay for services, up to $2,000.00.

    Still lost? So were we.

    Here are the two most popular ways of getting paid:

  • Pre-approval . Contact your healthcare professional for the service you need and obtain a prebill. Sumit the prebill to Sidecar via the app. If the claim is approved, Sidecar will adjust your healthcare card so that you can pay Sidecars portion directly to the practitioner at the time of service. You are responsible for the remainder of the bill.
  • Post-approval. Pay your medical professional directly for services. If you use your Sidecar Visa, 20% of the amount charged will be deducted from the payment method you have attached to your Sidecar Visa as your estimated expense. 80% of the charge will be paid by Sidecar as estimated benefit.
  • When you submit the billing statement to Sidecar, your account will be adjusted. If the benefit from Sidecar exceeds the bill, you pocket the difference. If its more, youll have to pay for it.

    • Mental health disorders
    • Diabetes
    • Blood disorders
    • HIV or Aids

    How Does Sidecar Health Access Plan Work

    One of the biggest shortcomings of other providers plans is that doctors charge different prices for the same services.

    Sidecar didnt want to let insurance companies be in control of peoples bills. They wanted to empower people to be in control of their healthcare and how much it costs.

    With Sidecar Health, you get to shop around for the right doctor or service. You get to compare prices, read reviews, and choose a health care provider that matches your needs and budget.

    The company has amassed a huge database of prices for services and procedures, which is paid back to you. If the provider charges more, you pay the difference. If its less, you keep the difference. All you need to do is submit the itemized bill via the online website or the app . Just make sure it includes:

  • Patients name
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    How Sidecar Compares To A Traditional Insurance Plan

    When considering the Sidecar Health Access Plan, a key factor is that it’s not a traditional insurance policy. It doesn’t give you any of the safeguards of typical insurance such as having an out-of-pocket maximum protecting you from a worst-case scenario of extreme medical bills.

    Even if you’re young, healthy and don’t expect to need much medical care, an unexpected accident could lead to major medical bills, and having only an indemnity plan is a financial risk that can leave you vulnerable to uncapped costs.

    There are two key terms to pay attention to when comparing policies:

    Annual coverage per person

    The Sidecar Health Access Plan has a cap on how much it will pay for care in a policy year. This protects the insurance company because even if you need expensive medical care, the insurer is limited in the total amount it will have to pay. With Sidecar, you can set this at anywhere from $10,000 per year to $2 million per year.

    Your expenses are not capped. For example, in a situation where you need significant care totaling $100,000, the insurer could cover 75% of the cost, and you could owe $25,000.

    Out-of-pocket max

    An out-of-pocket max is the maximum amount that you’ll pay for covered services each year. This protects you because if you need major medical care, you’ll only have to pay a limited amount.

    Sidecar Health Offers A Fixed Indemnity Health Insurance Plan On A Mobile Platform That Combines Crucial Elements Of Care Deliveryfinding Affordable Prices Based On Location And Pairing Those Options With Quality Standards Leaders Edge Sat Down With Joe Greenberg Vice President Of Group Business Segment At Sidecar Health To Learn About Their Motivation To Develop The Digital Solution

    Sidecar Health makes a play for North Carolina

    It is true that we start with a fixed indemnity model, which historically has covered only narrow categories of care with limited benefits. But Sidecar Health expanded the concept of fixed indemnity to provide coverage for a range of services . We based our fixed benefits on the average market cash prices that providers charge, so most members can find providers and pharmacies that are both below and above the fixed benefit amount.

    The result is that members shop around for care knowing their coverage and benefit amounts, as well as prices charged by local healthcare providers. This means they can see any doctor and pay at the time of care with their Sidecar Health Visa card. They also know there will be no surprise bills.

    Members know their benefit amount and likely out-of-pocket costs, if any, before they get care. They know that if their provider charges more than the benefit amount, they are responsible for the difference. And if their provider charges less than the benefit amount, members know they get to pocket the difference. This level of transparency enables members to operate like consumers.

    In addition, we remove the administrative overhead so providers are paid right away and dont need to process claims.

    We are selling into both the employer-sponsored market and directly to consumers. We think the product is relevant to both groups.

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    Nearly 5 Million Consumers Must Pay Full Price

    Consumers who dont qualify for an employer-funded plan but make too much money for government subsidies comprise a small but significant portion of the countrys insured population, estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau as 295 million in 2017.

    According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit health care research organization, 4.5 million consumers enrolled in individual health plans with no financial help from the government during the first quarter of 2019.

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    Of those, 1.1 million plans did not include services and benefits guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act. Nationwide, 9.3 million consumers were enrolled in subsidized ACA plans. About 1.7 million Floridians were enrolled , and of them, about 91% subsidies.

    Kaiser warns consumers that theyre flying without a net once they stray from the official government-run Obamacare site Healthcare.gov. All available plans on that site comply with minimum coverage requirements of the Affordable Care Act. That means applicants cant be denied coverage if they have preexisting conditions, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C or diabetes.

    ACA-compliant plans must cover preventative services for no additional cost, including immunizations, screenings and birth control. Even though deductibles and out-of-pocket payment maximums can be ridiculously high, consumers pay for nothing no matter how expensive the procedure once they reach those maximums.

    Use Your Payment Card

    When you visit your doctor and it comes time to pay, youll use your Sidecar Health payment card. The payment card will cover the full cost of your services for the day.

    After that, 20% of the bill will be charged to the payment method you designated when you signed up.

    The remaining 80% is advanced as an Estimated Benefit to you. The Estimated Benefit amount is equal to the other 80% of your bill.

    Keep in mind that you are required to get pre-approval if youre going to use the card to pay a bill that is more than $2,500.

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    Anything Else To Note

    Yes, Sidecar Health partners with insurance carriers to underwrite the policies it sells, but its not technically recognized as an insurance company. So they act as a third-party service, but all the policies are underwritten by A-rated insurance carriers.

    The product is a fixed indemnity benefit insurance product and is not a comprehensive/major medical plan, nor does it replace an ACA plan. This does not provide ACA Essential Health Benefits or Minimum Essential Coverage.

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