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Can You Put A Girlfriend On Your Health Insurance

Is It Illegal To Lie About Not Having Health Insurance

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The good news is that there is no reason to lie about having health insurance under the healthcare reform. There is no need to lie about health insurance, though, because you will have the option of keeping your current coverage if you have, and granted the ability to receive new coverage if you do not.

Can My Fianc Be On My Health Insurance

It depends. If members of a couple live apart before they marry, they typically are not eligible for domestic partner benefits. However, if they are in an established and registered domestic partnership prior to getting married or meet other criteria that qualify them as being domestic partners according to their companies rules, they may qualify for benefits during the engagement period.

Can I Add My Girlfriend Or Boyfriend To My Health Insurance

Today, finding health insurance coverage can seem like a grueling process. While many employers do still offer policies that provide adequate coverage, the cost for such coverage has become astronomical. As a result, many people are investigating non-traditional approaches to obtain the health insurance that they need so that they can avoid jeopardizing their health and well-being. One option that a lot of individuals are exploring is the possibility of obtaining coverage via their boyfriend or girlfriend.

If youre wondering if you can add your boyfriend or girlfriend to your health insurance plan, the best advice is to speak to your provider however, if youre curious if adding your other half to your policy despite the fact that you arent married is a possibility, below, youll find some useful information about your options.

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How Do I Choose Domestic Partner Insurance

Choosing health insurance for you and your partner is like buying any other health policy. You should research your options, including premium costs, deductibles, and level of coverage. This is the case whether you’re buying private insurance, getting a plan through the Marketplace, or picking a plan offered through your job.

You may want to look into buying private insurance if the health plans offered through your job don’t cover partners who aren’t married.

Taking the time to research and review a health insurance policy will help you get the most out of your plan. Be sure to look up any terms you don’t understand. Call customer service or talk to your HR department if there’s anything you have questions about.

Be Prepared To Prove Your Domestic Partnership

Can You Put A Girlfriend On Your Health Insurance

In states that recognize a domestic partnership, qualifying for domestic partner health insurance comes down to meeting the stipulations outlined in the states definition of domestic partnership and providing adequate proof of adherence to said stipulations.


Many insurance providers will ask for documents to prove you and your partner legally live up to the title of domestic partners in lieu of a marriage license presented for spousal benefit plans.

The documentation necessary to become registered domestic partners could include:

  • A title, deed, or mortgage agreement documenting joining ownership of a vehicle or property to prove responsibility for living expenses.
  • Joint bank account, credit card, or loan information to prove shared financial responsibility in joint domestic life.
  • Drivers licenses or other identification for proof of living in a shared residence.
  • Documentation to prove designation as a primary beneficiary for life insurance, retirement benefits, or power of will or assignment of power of attorneys to prove the intention of longevity in the partnership.


In many cases, proof of domestic partnership comes in the form of an affidavit. Often, insurance companies will provide guidelines for what these affidavits require, which require confirmation of the same kinds of standards the US Office of Personnel Management outlines.

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Can I Insure My Girlfriend And Her Son On My Health Insurance

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Whether you can cover a non-spouse depends on your relationship and on the rules of your companys health plan.

States often mandate that employer-sponsored group health insurance plans provide benefits for domestic partners if they provide them for spouses. Employers who are self-insured arent subject to state insurance mandates, but many of them also provide domestic partner benefits. Some employer-sponsored plans may also let you insure your domestic partners children.

One question that can play a vital role in whether you can cover your girlfriend is whether your relationship meets the requirements of a domestic partnership. Generally to qualify as domestic partners you must have lived together for at least six months and plan to continue living together indefinitely. Other requirements may include sharing financial responsibility for basic living expenses and sharing a close personal relationship in which youre responsible for each others welfare.

How Can I Stay On My Parents Insurance After 26

Under current law, if your plan covers children, you can now add or keep your children on your health insurance policy until they turn 26 years old. Children can join or remain on a parent’s plan even if they are: … Not financially dependent on their parents. Eligible to enroll in their employer’s plan.

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Can I Claim My Girlfriend As A Dependent For Insurance

A boyfriend or girlfriend can be claimed as a dependent if they pass some of the same tests used to determine if your child or relative can be claimed as a dependent. Is not a qualifying child of a taxpayer. The IRS has specific qualifying child rules based on relationship, age, residency, and joint return.

Domestic Partnerships And Health Insurance

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Some cities, states, and private employers offer domestic partner benefits to their employees. And before same-sex marriage became legal, several states had passed laws creating domestic partnerships and/or civil unions which allowed same-sex couples to register their unions in order to obtain the same or similar state marriage benefits that married couples enjoyed. Since the United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage throughout the country, many states have eliminated civil unions and domestic partnerships. However, a handful of states continue to allow them.

If you’re in a domestic partnership state, you might be able to obtain insurance for your partner. A majority of the country’s largest corporations offer domestic partner benefits. You can find a list of Fortune 500 companies that provide domestic partner benefits, as well as other information on benefits, on the Human Rights Campaign website. You can also contact your human resource director to see if your employer offers health insurance to domestic partners.

Even if your employer does provide domestic partner health benefits, federal law does not recognize domestic partners as spouses for tax purposes. Tax law treats any premium you pay to cover your domestic partner to be taxable income, not a pre-tax deduction from income as it is when the employee is covering a spouse.

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How Do You Add A Domestic Partner To Your Health Insurance

Each company will have its own rules for how to go about adding a domestic partner to your health insurance plan. In many cases, you will need to meet the criteria that define you as being in a domestic partnership and you will need to complete an affidavit of domestic partnership. To find out more, talk to your human resources department.

What Is The Domestic Partner Health Insurance Tax

Whereas health insurance benefits provided to a married spouse are just benefits, the same benefits provided to a domestic partner are considered taxable income for the employee.

If your employer pays for any part of your domestic partners health insurance premium, then that coverage is taxable and must be reported on your W-2 as imputed income. This amount is the fair market value of what they contributed minus any after-tax contributions made by you, the employee. Because of this, it is valuable to calculate the potential tax burden and compare it with the cost of buying separate coverage via an Affordable Care Act health insurance Marketplace. The cost could be significantly lower, especially if your partner qualifies for a subsidy.

It is possible for this employer-paid coverage to be tax-free. On the federal level, an exception is made if your domestic partner:

  • Receives at least 50% of their financial support from you.
  • Lives in the same home as you.
  • And is a citizen, national, or legal resident of the United States, Canada, or Mexico.

They also cannot be a qualifying child of any U.S. taxpayer. This exception also applies in most states. There are some states that do not tax domestic partner health insurance benefits at all, however.

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Who Qualifies For Domestic Partner Health Insurance

In short, there are no universal qualifications for domestic partner health insurance, as federal law does not account for or clearly define domestic partnerships. As outlined by the National Conference of State Legislatures, the standards for two individuals to be legally recognized as domestic partners vary from state to state.

Can I Put My Girlfriend On My Health Insurance California

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Under the California Insurance Equity Act, carriers can only require documentation of domestic partnership if they also require proof of marriage. … Employers may allow employees to add their domestic partner to their coverage outside of the open enrollment period when they enter into a new domestic partnership mid-year.

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Can A Domestic Partner Be Added To Health Insurance In California

The California Insurance Equality Act , enacted on Sept. 13, 2004, requires California health care service plans and health insurers to provide coverage to registered domestic partners of employees, subscribers or policyholders. … Both persons are capable of consenting to the domestic partnership.

What Is An Example Of A Domestic Partner

The definition of a domestic partner refers to someone other than a husband or wife with whom you are in a committed, serious and usually permanent relationship. An example of a domestic partner is a man or womans homosexual life partner. A person other than a spouse with whom one lives and is romantically involved.

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Can I Add My Girlfriend Or Boyfriend To My Car Insurance

Most insurers allow you to add a significant other, such as a boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, or domestic partner, to your car insurance policy if you live together. Depending on the insurer, a significant other can also add their vehicle to a joint policy if both cars are kept at the same permanent residence.

With most insurers, unmarried couples can share a joint car insurance policy or add each other as listed drivers to separate policies. There can be pros and cons to sharing a policy, so check with your insurer to see if shared or separate coverage is best for you.

Can You Add Your Parents To Your Health Insurance

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While the AffordableCare Act mandates that children be eligible for coverage under their parentsinsurance till 26, there isnt a similar protection for parents. Health plans typicallycount spouses and children as dependents, but generally dont include parents.However, the rules vary by plan and location, so always double check with yourplan.

If youre interested in getting health coverage for your parents, contact your health plan to find out if you can add them to your plan. Your parents must, generally, be claimed as tax dependents.

If your health insurance wont allow you to add your parents, you can enroll them in a separate health plan, either through the Marketplace or Medicare . If you have questions about their eligibility or would like help finding coverage for your parents, eHealths team of trusted health insurance experts can go over your options.

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How Do I Register As A Domestic Partner In California


  • Both persons must have a common residence.
  • They must agree to be responsible for each other’s basic living expenses.
  • Neither person can be married or a member of another domestic partnership.
  • The two persons cannot be related by blood.
  • Both persons must be at least 18.
  • Whats Not Required To Add Your Children As Dependents

    Besides keeping track of whats required to claim your child as a dependent, you should also remember what isnt required to claim a child as a dependent:

    • Living with parents: Your child doesnt have to be living with you at the time you enroll them in your health insurance plan, provided theyve lived with you long enough to meet the residency requirement.
    • : your child is still eligible for coverage if he or she is married or has children.
    • Enrolled in school: it doesnt matter if your child is enrolled or not enrolled in school.
    • Eligible for employer-based coverage: you can still add your child to your health plan even if they chose to not enroll in their employers health insurance plan.
    • Tax status: you can add your child to your plan even if you dont claim them as a tax dependent.

    As long as your children meet these other requirements, you can usually still include them in your coverage.

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    The Significance Of Domestic Partnership Health Insurance

    Despite the fact that domestic partnership has not been recognized at the federal level thus far, the insurance industry and many individual states recognition of this lifestyle marks a significant shift in our cultural understanding of relationships in America.

    Domestic partnerships have historically helped same-sex partners and families attain similar benefits to opposite-sex partners and families. Additionally, domestic partnerships existence and recognition have changed how we think about households, families, and relationships today.

    Some Health Benefits May Remain After A Divorce

    Your health matters: Don

    You and your children may still have access to some of your ex-spouses health benefits after a divorce.

    Tassey says if you and your ex had been contributing to a health savings account, you still may be able to use your share of the money in that account to pay health care premiums or for qualified health care expenses.

    Also, even though your ex-spouse is no longer eligible for your health plan, your children are still eligible.

    More Resources:

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    Can My Boyfriend Or Girlfriends Child Be Added To My Health Plan Does It Make A Difference If Were Living Together

    A health plan may allow you to add a boyfriend or girlfriends child to your health plan but its unlikely.

    Some individual health insurance plans allow unmarried couples to be on the same plan, along with any legal dependents, if theyre living together or theres a court order for the one partner to provide insurance for their child, says Colleen King, CEO of Colleen King Insurance Agency in Los Angeles.

    Group health insurance also may allow the same, but it may vary by carrier and by employer, says King.

    What States Recognize Domestic Partnerships

    A growing number of states now make legal rights available to spouses in same-sex relationships. These are offered to those in civil unions and domestic partnerships.

    According to the National Conference for State Legislatures, five states now recognize civil unions:

    • Colorado

    Hawaii allows for relationships similar to domestic partnerships. These relationships are known as reciprocal beneficiaries.

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    Health Insurance Coverage For Spouses/partners

    The Affordable Care Act has opened up a world of options for many Americans that either paid for expensive, insufficient health insurance or who were shut out of the health care system entirely. Likewise, the legalization of same-sex marriage has impacted how couples can meet eligibility requirements for their spouses employer-sponsored health insurance plans. With these newfound benefits have come added complexity in how health insurance is managed by employers and offered on the private market, and it is important to understand how they work so that you can make the best choice for yourself and your family.

    Spousal health insurance plans

    Before you automatically jump on one anothers health insurance plans, be sure to do the math and compare features. If you each have an individual policy at your respective jobs, the cost of those two plans might actually add up to be less than one family plan at either of your jobs. You may also be subject to the spousal surcharge, where an employer will charge more for a family health insurance plan if it knows that a spouse has a health insurance plan available at his or her own employer. This fee may eliminate any cost savings that you might have experienced by combining plans. At the same time, you should review the features of your existing health insurance plans to make sure that they meet your needs.

    Domestic partnership health insurance plans

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    Can You Add A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend To Your Health Insurance

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    Can I add my boyfriend to my health insurance? Employees typically can’t add a boyfriend or girlfriend to their health insurance. Normally, to obtain coverage under an employer’s plan, a person would need to meet the definition in the benefit plan document for spouse or domestic partner or dependent, Lee says.

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