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How To Pass The Life And Health Insurance Exam

What Happens During The Life Insurance Medical Exam

How to Pass the Life & Health State Exam | Insurance License

There are two parts to the life insurance medical exam:

  • Medical Questionnaire: The medical questionnaire will ask basic questions regarding your medical history, health and lifestyle habits.
  • Physical Exam: The physical exam is a simple checkup, similar to what youd receive at a doctors office . The exam is used to confirm your answers on the medical questionnaire.
  • Format Of The Life And Health Insurance Exam

    The great thing about each state’s life and health insurance exam is you can choose a date and time. Scheduling options will be dependent on the stateâs department of insurance.

    All testing takes place on a computer, but you won’t need any specialized computer skills to pass the exam. Once you settle in for the test, you can expect between 100 to 150 multiple-choice questions. Again, the questions will depend on your particular state. Tests that combine life and health insurance tend to run a bit longer.

    Are There Any Other Prompts During The Course

    Yes. At three points in the course in the introduction, half-way through the course, and at the end of the course North Carolina requires that students correspond with their instructor. They will encounter the screen below. Students must enter their name, e-mail address, and a question or comment for their course instructor before moving forward in the course.

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    Stcusa Life And Health Insurance Study Guide

    STCUSAs bread and butter are their video lectures. This is the primary method offered for you to prepare for the upcoming exam, so keep that in mind before enrolling. Much like ExamFX, the goal of this format is to offer an experience thats similar to learning in a classroom with one teacher.

    At any time you can contact a teacher for help simply call the instructor hotline and theyll answer your questions to the best of their ability. This level of communication is extremely helpful and rare among online insurance courses.

    Additionally, STCUSA provides a feature called Crunch Time Facts towards the end of the course. These are a great way to brush up on your knowledge at the last minute but theyre not intended to replace several weeks of consistent studying, so keep that in mind.

    Something else worth noting is that the differences in course tiers are slim. Unless you really want a full set of flashcards, youre almost always better off just enrolling in the lowest-priced option. Unfortunately, this also means you might want to supplement these courses with additional study materials from another company!

    Taking The Online Examination

    7 Key Steps to Pass Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

    PSI Bridge is software used by PSI to administer online exams.

    The software is fully functional with webcam audio and video monitoring system that an examiner uses to monitor your actions and ensure the exam is proctored.

    Before taking the online exam, you must undergo a compatibility check on your computer to ensure your device is compatible with PSI Bridge.

    Unfortunately, theres nothing more rattling than realizing your system is incompatible with the software just moments before taking the exam.

    You are also required to check-in 30 minutes before the start of the online exam for identity verification and other check-in procedures.

    Once youve completed the exams, expect to see your pass or fail results appear on the screen.

    Youll also receive a detailed results sheet via email shortly after taking the test.

    Now that you know the two exam modes offered by PSI lets look at what you can expect in the exam from exam format and scope to more on what the exam process entails.

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    What Is The Best Test Prep Method For The Texas Insurance Exam

    There is no alternative to knowing the material. There are no shortcuts to learning, but there are more effective and less frustrating ways to learn. We recommend that you follow a 4-step process:

    • watch and listen to the lecture
    • highlight key concepts in the text
    • review questions in the test bank and
    • send AP an email if you have any questions.

    Wednesday Friday Or Saturday Would Be The Best Day For Your Exam

    Monday is classically called the most stressful day of the week, but a British survey found the peak day for stress was Tuesday.

    For the millennial generation, surveys showed that workplace stress was at its highest on Thursdays.

    You may be able to lower your stress, blood pressure, and heart rate by taking your medical exam on a Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday.

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    Could Poppy Seeds Spell A Decline

    Depending on how they are processed, poppy seeds can still contain trace amounts of morphine and codeine that come from the poppy plant.

    These amounts are detectable up to 20 hours post-ingestion, so avoid muffins, bagels, or salad dressings that contain poppy seeds the day before your exam.

    This seems much ado about nothing, however, its not worth the risk.

    No Medical Exam Life Insurance Options

    How To Pass Your Life Insurance Exam | First Try!

    While traditional life insurance will require a medical exam, there are a few different types of no medical exam life insurance:

    • Simplified Issue Life Insurance: Simplified issue life insurance is a type of final expense insurance in which your coverage is based on a questionnaire about your health and lifestyle rather than based on a medical exam.
    • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance: Another form of final expense insurance, guaranteed issue whole life insurance is just as the name implies guaranteed. If youre between the ages of 45-85 you cant be turned down, therefore its often a promising life insurance choice for seniors or individuals with health concerns as oftentimes, no medical exam is required.
    • Accelerated Underwriting: Accelerated underwriting gives you the opportunity to purchase traditional life insurance on the fast track. It doesnt require a medical exam, however, youll still have to provide both current and historical health-related information.

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    How To Pass Your Insurance Exams On The First Try

    Now that you understand what is necessary to earn and keep a life and health insurance license, how do you go about tackling the exam? The goal for anyone taking a life and health insurance license exam is to pass it on the first try, but that doesn’t always happen. Individuals that fail to pass it on the first try likely did not prepare well or gain a thorough understanding of what was ahead of them on the exam. Let’s look at the format of the exam, as well as some tips and tricks on how to prepare successfully.

    Tips In Studying For The Insurance Exam

    To pass the insurance license exam on your way to evolving as a licensed insurance broker or agent, youll need to have the necessary knowledge of the insurance sector, as well as some fundamental test-taking practices and study tactics.

    Its all about practice, keep practicing, and more practice! You should have t at the back of your mind that the insurance license exam is a computer-based exam.

    If this is your first time employing this arrangement, taking a practice exam can go a long way to help you relax before the exam.

    While you will have thirty minutes at the testing center to complete a tutorial, you will most likely be eager to begin the test.

    The comfier you are with practicing with a computer-based examination, the more secure you will feel when you begin your exam.

    Taking a practice test to get ready for your insurance licensing exam can go a long way in helping you assess your knowledge while you study and prepare.

    Learn all you need to understand about your upcoming insurance exam.

    The topic outline for your states insurance licensing exam is a valuable resource because it provides a complete description of every single thing that will be tested on the exam.

    You are ready for the test when you become acquainted with all the required information.

    A reputable test preparation companys pre-license class will enormously cover everything you need to learn about your states insurance process.

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    What Topics Are Covered

    The Life Insurance pre-licensing course is designed to present students with important information related to the field, including:

    • Basic Principles of Life Insurance and The Insurance Industry
    • Life Insurance Policies, Provisions, Options, and Riders
    • Life Insurance Premiums, Proceeds, and Beneficiaries
    • Life Insurance Underwriting and Policy Issue
    • North Carolina Statutes and Regulations
    • Etc.

    The Health Insurance pre-licensing course is designed to present students with important information related to the field, including:

    • Health and Accident Insurance
    • Etc.

    Can I Use My Medical Exam Results For Another Life Insurance Application

    Life Health Insurance Exam : Life Insurance HQ: No Medical Exam Life ...

    One of the best ways to shop for life insurance is by comparing quotes from several different companies. If you had a medical exam done as part of a life insurance application but ultimately declined to buy coverage, you may be able to use your exam results for another life insurance application.

    For example, Haven Life will allow you to use medical exam results from another company if it was done in the last two years.

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    Pursue Your License Today

    It takes hard work and discipline to pass the state life and health insurance exams and launch your career as an insurance agent. But anyone can do it with the right preparation and focus, along with a little practice. Before you embark on your life and health insurance journey, be sure you know what’s required so you can set yourself up for success.â¯

    Am I Ready For The Insurance Exam

    If you have followed all of the steps that weve listed above, and feel confident that you know the information well, then yes, you are ready!

    What if I dont feel ready?

    As the testing day approaches, if you feel like you arent prepared, you can always reschedule for a later time.


    You need to be honest with yourself before you make the call to reschedule. Ask yourself what the real reason is that you want to delay. Is it because you truly aren’t prepared, or is the anxiety of a looming deadline getting the best of you?

    Either way, just be sure that you aren’t making decisions for the wrong reasons. Don’t be afraid of the exam, it’s totally passable!

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    The Study Recipe For Success

    The best method is to be formulaic in your approach to studying for the life and health insurance exam. Most agents will not succeed if they just read a book, only work on questions, or try to cram all information in at the end. Instead, be much more deliberate in your approach.â¯

    The best approach to passing your life and health insurance license exam on the first try is to study, practice questions, evaluate, and repeat.

    • Study: There are many different ways you can study and prepare yourself for each state life and health insurance exam. Prep courses are available, as well as a series of study books that come complete with practice questions. Whatever method you go with, be sure to read and consume as much information as possible.
    • Practice questions: With new knowledge, it is time to see how you apply it to the questions on the exam. Practice question banks will be available through prep courses, as well as with study guides for each stateâs exam. Taking practice questions based on each exam topic can help you see how well you’re retaining information.
    • Evaluate: Are there specific areas of the life and health insurance exam topics where you are strong? Are there areas where you’re still weak? Evaluate the results of your studying and practice questions to determine where you need to further hone your skills and knowledge.
    • Repeat: Now that you know your weak areas, focus on them with additional studying and further practice questions until you see improvement.

    Day Of The Test Life Insurance Exam Requirements

    Life Insurance License Exam Notes Pt. 1

    Plan to arrive at the testing center at least 30 minutes before your exam start time. Your exam proctor will go over the rules and procedures, as well as visually inspect any items that you have.

    Things to bring to the test center:

    • Two forms of ID
    • Exam Admissions Ticket
    • Copy of your pre-licensing education completion certificate

    Both forms of identification must have a visible signature, but only one needs to include a photo. Commonly used forms of identification include a drivers license, passport, or military ID. Your identification must be valid and unexpired in order to be used.


    Things to leave at home or in your personal vehicle:

    • Study materials
    • Hats and scarves

    You will be able to check small items, such as car keys, into a provided locker. Cell phones and other personal electronics must be turned off before being stored. It is best to leave valuables and prohibited items away from the test center entirely if you can.

    Before beginning your exam, you will have a chance to complete a computer tutorial at your testing station. If you need to take a break during the test, you may need to scan your palm before and after the break using the testing centers security technology. This identifies you as the unique test-taker. During breaks, you will not be able to access your personal items unless given permission, such as in the case of needing medication.

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    What Score Do I Need To Pass The Georgia Insurance Exam

    There are 6 basic exams given Georgia Life, Accident & Sickness, Property, Casualty, Adjuster and Public Adjuster. In Georgia you can combined the exams for Property & Casualty and Life, Accident, Sickness . Georgia also has a Personal Lines exam for agents selling only personal policies such as homeowners and personal auto insurance.


    Schedule Your Life Insurance Medical Exam In The Morning

    The life insurance physical exam itself takes less than an hour and can take place at an exam center, at work or even at your homewhatever is most convenient for you. Once youve decided where youd prefer to take the exam, you should consider scheduling in the morning. Being in a place that youre comfortable will keep you more relaxed, which can help keep your blood pressure low.

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    What Kind Of Questions Do They Put On The Georgia Insurance Test

    For example:

    A multiple choice test will usually test heavily on definitions and numbers .

    The exam is drawn from a large pool of questions you will have a different set of questions than the person sitting next to you. If you retake the exam, expect to see very few of the questions repeated on the next exam. Students report that the exams vary greatly in terms of the number of questions on any given topic.

    Students report that about 1/3 of the questions are terminology questions, 1/3 are number/day questions, and 1/3 are questions where you have to apply the knowledge to reason through a practical situation .

    Concentrate On The State Exam Outline

    How To Pass Your Life Insurance Exam : How to Pass the Life Insurance ...

    You will want to print out the State Exam Outline for General Lines Life and Health Agent so you understand what material will be covered under each of these topics, as well as how it will be weighted on the exam. The State Exam Outline lets you know how many questions are included in each section of the test. This is very important. It is recommended that you concentrate on the sections with the most questions so you can attain mastery of the key topics first and then move on to the less-tested areas.

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    How To Pass The Georgia Insurance Licensing Exam

    Are you considering getting an insurance license in the state of Georgia? If you are, then you probably have a lot of questions about where to go, who to talk to and what to do. Fortunately, Americas Professor has pulled together all of our knowledge and resources to create one comprehensive site with the answers you require. Below you will find sample questions, basics of test format and scoring, pricing, testing locations, how to fully prepare yourself for the exam and more!

    Were here to help you succeed and that means providing you with the best information available. Our courses offer preparation for all types of state insurance licensing exams and they are available to you at the click of a mouse. Read on and enroll today!

    Looking for the BEST Georgia course available to pass your insurance license exam?

    Life And Health Insurance Exam

    You will be able to sell and advertise life and health insurance products for an insurance company after you must have carefully studied your insurance courses and passed the life and health insurance exam.

    Many states provide these lines individually or as part of a joint exam.

    It is mandatory to choose between being a health insurance agent, a life insurance agent, or a professional in both. Since a lot of clients want to get health and life insurance coverage simultaneously, being able to manage the two types of policies might be beneficial to your future business and also to an insurance producer.

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    What If My Life Insurance Is Denied Because Of The Medical Exam

    If the life insurance company denies your application, request the reason in writing. Ask for specifics and double-check the results. Keep an eye out for:

    • Data entry errors. Its possible there may be a human error, such as inaccurate or incomplete information.
    • False positive results. A false positive means your test shows you have a disease or condition when you dont actually have it. This can happen if the test was not done right or other factors that could affect the accuracy of results, like food and drinks, medicines, stress, vigorous exercise, illness or variations in lab procedures.

    If you discover an error, discuss it with your life insurance agent and ask how to proceed with a correction.

    If the problem was an unexpected positive result, check with your doctor to rule it out. For example, if blood or protein is found in a urine sample, this could be an indicator of kidney disease or the result of vigorous physical activity.

    If you are denied because of your health, and your doctor confirms the test results, you can take steps to improve your health. Its not a good idea to retake the life insurance medical exam right away since its likely youll be denied again.

    A company called MIB Group keeps records of life insurance application answers and denials. Denials often affect your ability to buy life insurance in the future, so you dont want to run the risk of too many failed medical exams.

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