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How To Get Health Insurance In France

Who Needs Health Insurance In France

EHIC || Get the European Health Insurance || European health insurance card 101 guide

Under the PUMA system, permanent residents receive state health insurance if theyve lived in France for three consecutive months.

Major healthcare reforms have simplified the requirements for workers and residents in France, meaning unlimited healthcare access is now a right of all residents.

This applies regardless of age, medical history, and record of social security contributions .

Previously, French health insurance for foreigners was only offered if a number of conditions were met. Now, PUMA guarantees that legal residents keep their health insurance despite any changes in circumstances.

The new system saw France reach eighth place out of 89 countries in the 2019 Health Care Index, behind only Austria, Denmark, and Spain in Europe. For more information, read our guide to the French healthcare system.

Mdecin Gnraliste Mdecin Traitant

The médecin généraliste is the responsible doctor for a patient long-term care. This implies prevention, education, care of diseases and traumas that do not require a specialist. They also follow severe diseases day-to-day . Since 2006, every patient has to declare one generalist doctor as a “médecin traitant” to the healthcare fund, who has to be consulted before being eventually referred to consult any specialist . This policy has been applied to unclog overconsultations of specialists for non-severe reasons.

They survey epidemics, fulfil a legal role , and a role in emergency care . They often go to a patient’s home if the patient cannot come to the consulting room and they must also perform night and week-end duty.

Irelands Healthcare System Pros And Cons

The best part about using the local health insurance system is that it is affordable and, in general, offers excellent care. Its hard to argue with that combination! Ireland offers one of the highest standards of public healthcare in the world and it offers good value to users.

However, patients requiring non-urgent care often have to wait to receive it. The waiting lists to see specialists are long and only growing longer. As well, if you live in a rural area and require special care, you may need to travel to a city hospital to receive the treatment you need. Sometimes those appointments come up without much notice and making arrangements to attend is disruptive. Private health insurance in Ireland can significantly cut down on wait times. It also eliminates the need to always be on standby for a cancellation spot. As well, private health insurance offers treatment in facilities that are more comfortable and more private.

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What Does Public Health Insurance In France Cover

  • Doctors: under the state system, youll usually need to pay a flat fee of 25 when visiting a doctor. Insurance providers partially reimburse the costs afterwards.
  • Emergency care: A& E services are part of the state healthcare system, and all cities and large towns also have an emergency ambulance service.
  • Specialist care: specialists in France may charge higher fees than general doctors, but these will be set within the parameters of the standard state healthcare costs. To be reimbursed for a visit to a specialist, youll need to have been referred by your GP.
  • Medicines: pharmacies operate slightly differently to other elements of the healthcare system. Instead of paying the full amount and then seeking part reimbursement of your costs, youll only pay the amount not covered by the state when buying medicine in a pharmacy.
  • Dental care: the French state healthcare system covers visits to the dentist. However, dental care comes with its own tariffs and reimbursement rates. General dental treatments are reimbursed in the same way as other specialized care, but reimbursements for advanced procedures will typically be less due to the higher cost.
  • Maternity care: The majority of the costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth are covered by public healthcare. 70% of the costs of your first two scans are covered, then after six months all costs are fully covered. Find out more in our guide to having a baby in France.

In Case Of An Emergency In France

How to get a home insurance for expats in France?

You dont need to be signed up for a general practitioner in order to be treated in case of an emergency. If an emergency strikes, just go to the emergency room

For medical aid within France, you can call 15 – the Service dAide Médical dUrgenc*e *. There are more than 100 SAMU call centres across the country that are linked to local hospitals. Trained doctors and medics are usually on staff. When they receive a call they will either send a medic, organise transport to a hospital or give medical advice by phone. Theres no public ambulance service, so transport is arranged through private ambulance services or fire and rescue services. You shouldnt expect to pay those costs though, theyre covered through social security.

You can also call 112, which is the free international European emergency number from any phone. The average wait time to be seen by a doctor in the emergency room is only 10 minutes. Patients are sent home in an average of 2 hours.

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Health Insurance In France For Eu Citizens

But if youve found this page not as a UK resident but as an EU one, you might be looking for the rules regarding how you can access Frances healthcare system. If you jumped to this section without reading the previous one, allow us to explain the European Health Insurance Card .

This is a free system where you can apply for a card that entitles you to use another European countrys health system while youre visiting. Since its free, you might as well get your hands on one if youre thinking of travelling within the EU, since it could save you a lot of trouble if something goes wrong during your trip.

What Activities Should You Consider Getting An Extra Cover For

If you are going to France only for sightseeing and visiting places, then your travel health insurance will be enough. However, if you love living on the edge and experiencing all types of dangers, you should think about getting extra cover for the activities you want to perform.

France has a lot of snowy mountains, adventure parks, cycle paths, climbing spots and much more. If you are planning to do some tramping, climbing, cycling, skiing and snowboarding, water or adventure sports, and even motorcycling, you should definitely get extra cover.

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Going To The Dentist In France

You are free to go to any dentist you like and you donât have to go to the same person for all of your treatment. Most dentists work within the public French healthcare system, and costs are reimbursed in the same way as other medical treatments.

Dental charges for most adults are reimbursed at 70%, while childrenâs checkups are reimbursed 100%. However, the state system does not cover some procedures â for example, orthodontics â and you will have to pay for this. Read our guide to dental care in France for more information.

Health Insurance For Holidays In France

Health insurance card France | How to get it

If youre not thinking of staying in France, but instead youre just passing through on a holiday, you might be wondering if you need to get some special kind of travel insurance to make sure youll be okay if the worst was to occur.

When the UK was part of the EU, British citizens could have easily gotten their hands on something called a European Health Insurance Card for free. Now that the UK has left the EU, however, there are questions as to whether or not this will still function.

If you have a card and youre worried about it working in the near future, put your mind at ease. All registered EHICs will retain full functionality until the UK officially leaves the EU at the end of 2020.

But after that? No one knows. As mentioned in the BBC article linked above, the UK will need to negotiate terms with other countries when the time comes.

While the EHIC allows its holder to experience the full capacity of every participating European country, its possible that the post-Brexit negotiations will lead to different countries having different rules regarding how UK nationals can access their healthcare. Well update this page once those guidelines have been established.

Did you know?

A 2019 survey found that a third of respondents had given up on a health-related treatment due to long waiting times for an appointment in France.

We couldn’t write an article about France without throwing in the Eiffel Tower

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Food Safety In France

The one must-do thing in France is trying the delicious foods that French people and restaurants prepare. The French people pay a lot of attention to their plates, not only in terms of taste. Speaking generally, food in France is very safe. Inspections are continuously carried out throughout the whole year in farms, factories and restaurants.

Yet, there are some places that you are recommended to avoid eating. Random restaurants or any old food stands in the tourist-heavy neighbourhoods are the main places you should avoid.

Note that tap water is safe to drink. On the other hand, try not to buy bottled water from street vendors. There was a case in the past when a street seller was found collecting bottles from the trash. He then filled them with tap water and sold them to tourists.

How To Apply For Public Health Insurance

The first step to acquiring health insurance in France is to either join the social security system or visit your local CPAM.

Employers typically register their employees with social security and arrange their healthcare formalities. However, its your responsibility to check this has been done. Self-employed workers apply via the Régime Social des Indépendants .

If you qualify under PUMA, visit your local CPAM or send your application by post. CPAM assesses your rights, but the social security authority determines if you contribute towards your healthcare costs. If you earn below a certain threshold, you qualify for free healthcare under CMU-C.

Firstly, youll need to present a CERFA form, proof of identity and residence, translated birth and marriage certificates, proof of three-months residence in France, banking details, evidence of income, and your. During registration, you can add beneficiaries or dependents.

After activating your health insurance, you may need to formally request your carte vitale. This can take a long time to be processed, but you can ask for a temporary insurance card to cover you while you wait.

You can update your carte vitale annually by inserting it in the green box at CPAM offices, hospitals, and pharmacies.

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The Healthcare System And Health Insurance In France

French law stipulates that all residents of France must have health insurance. This can be through the public healthcare system or a private scheme.

In 2016, the government introduced of a new universal public healthcare system Protection Maladie Universelle . The schemes introduction means most expats are now eligible for state French health insurance .

Individuals not covered by the PUMA or who want to increase their health coverage can instead opt for private health insurance policies.

Healthcare For Expats Living And Working In France

How to get home insurance for expats in France

France is renowned for having one of the best health systems in Europe. This is mainly attributable to the countrys relatively high physician to population ratio , low wait times, as well as its statutory health insurance, which enables all residents and most expats to access a vast range of public and private health services.

The French healthcare system

Key medical services covered by statutory health insurance in France include but are not limited to:

Besides the fact that statutory health insurance covers an extensive range of medical services, healthcare in France tends to be inexpensive because of government-set caps on service fees. That said, the national health insurance scheme does not cover every medical service. In addition to this, most services are subject to a copayment of around 20%.

The excess fee that patients will need to pay for most medical services can in certain circumstances be very high, especially if they seek care at a private hospital or clinic. As such, securing private health insurance can be the best way of complementing and filling the gaps in your national health insurance coverage. For a free quote, access our online plan comparison tool, or read our France Health Insurance Options section below for further information.

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Health Insurance In France: Cost And Plans

France mandates that all citizens and long-term visitors have at least basic government-funded health coverage. If an individual would like additional coverage, there are private insurance plans available, which are tightly regulated for quality of the coverage. In general, French healthcare is very reasonable.

The French-funded health coverage is considered one of the best in the world. Most all health costs, including specialists and dentists, are covered up to 70% and hospital visits up to 80%. Pharmacy costs can range from 15% to 100% depending on your needs. For those over 65, under 16, with low-income or with chronic illnesses, almost all costs are covered at 100%.

If you dont have a carte vitale, you can fill out a treatment form or feuille de soins to send to your local social security office. You should expect the 70% reimbursement within five days. For each consultation, youll also have to pay a participation forfaitaire, or fee, of 1. Co-pays tend to be quite small frequently they fall below 10 for basic services.

The most popular private companies to supplement the public healthcare system are:

If Your Uk Employer Has Sent You To France Temporarily

A posted worker, also known as a detached worker, is someone who is employed or self-employed in the UK, but temporarily sent to a European Economic Area country.

UK posted workers can access healthcare in France using an EHIC, GHIC or S1 form.

HMRC has a helpline for National Insurance enquiries from non-UK residents. They can answer questions about posted worker status and explain which documents you will need to get healthcare while posted.

You should register your S1 with your local CPAM.

You may also need a UK-issued A1 certificate to show that you pay national insurance in the UK. You can get this from HMRC.

If youre using an EHIC or GHIC, youll need to show the card when you go to your appointment.

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How Does Healthcare Work In France

Frances healthcare system is considered to be one of the best, if not the best, in the entire world, let alone Europe. Their public healthcare system is mandatory for any citizens, and covers around 70% of medical services, as long as youve been living in France for at least three months.

The remaining 30% will need to be paid for out of pocket, and includes things like chiropractors or long-term hospital stays. Its possible you could go through your whole life in France without needing private insurance to cover this 30%, but you never know.

Oftentimes, a drawback of public healthcare is the long wait times. While you usually wont be able to walk right into a doctors office, the ratio of GPs to the general population is relatively high, with 3.4 doctors to every 1,000 citizens, meaning wait times arent interminable.

You’ll need your health to fully explore the French countryside

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