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How Much Is Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance

Summary Of Insurance Reimbursement Rates For Psychotherapy

Anthem Blue Cross and Dignity Health’s contract negotiations could impact your insurance plan

Mental health reimbursement rates vary dramatically. They depend on your:

  • license,
  • your location,
  • and the service map for each insurance company youre applying to.

Your reimbursement rates are most dramatically influenced by your education and license, baring living in a few locations that are dying for more mental health providers .

Strategically speaking, your first big decision is your level of licensing and continued education you have sought or will seek. Next will be picking an area that is undeserved to the best of your estimation. Finally, consider choosing a specialization that fills in a service gap that is regularly sought after.

From there, pick which insurance companies youre most interested in working with depending on the demographic you aim to serve. Some companies may pay less but provide you a higher inbound flow of clients , whereas others might be very challenging to get in-network with but pay much higher .

For specific recommendations for credentialing in your state, feel free to reach out to us at TheraThink for help.

Customer Reviews And Complaints

Anthem insurance has a history of denying coverage and canceling the policies of those who need expensive medical care.

In recent years, Anthem has had several claim denials that became high-profile news stories, and the insurance company has been repeatedly fined millions of dollars for issues such as failing to resolve consumer complaints, failing to address claims grievances within a reasonable time frame and dropping the health insurance coverage of those who submitted expensive medical bills.

In addition, we found that Anthem insurance denies claims twice as often as the industry average. Using publicly available data on individual health insurance plans purchased through the marketplace, we found that Anthem denied 36% of medical claims during calendar year 2019. In comparison, the average rate of claim denials across the health insurance marketplace was 17%.

The reasons that Anthem denies claims can provide some insight into this high rate. About one-quarter of Anthem in-network claim denials are because the service was excluded from coverage, and 9% are because a referral was required. The majority, 60%, are classified with the reason “other.”

Anthem is a publicly traded subsidiary of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. It’s financially strong, and AM Best gives the company an A rating, indicating the company has the financial ability to pay claims.

Does Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Outpatient Drug Or Alcohol Rehab

Outpatient treatment for substance use disorders allows individuals to take care of family and work obligations. Instead of remaining full-time at a treatment facility, you visit the center several times a week for various treatment options and behavioral health care.

Anthem BCBS does pay for outpatient treatment, but the amount of coverage depends on the insurance benefits of your plan.

Learn more about Outpatient Rehab

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Anthem And Unitedhealthcare Enrollment Process


Anthem is available through the health insurance marketplace or you can get several free quotes here. Each state has its own marketplace. If youre not sure where to begin, visit .


UnitedHealth Group offers plans through the health insurance marketplace. You can begin searching for plans here.

Each state has its own marketplace. If youre not sure where to begin, visit .

Get Help Paying For Your Health Insurance Costs

Learn About Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance

Under the Affordable Care Act, you may be able to get help paying for your health insurance through one or both of these options:

  • Premium tax credit A credit that lowers your monthly premium.
  • Cost-sharing assistance A discount that lowers the amount you pay for your deductible, coinsurance and copays.
  • To get help:

    • Your income must be within a certain range for your household size.
    • You can’t be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return.
    • You can’t be eligible for a government-sponsored program or an employer-sponsored health insurance plan.
    • You must buy a plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace from the Silver plan category.

    You can find out if you qualify for a tax creditor cost sharing assistance. Or, you canapply onlineto get your official results.

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    Find The Lowest Prices Available On Anthem Blue Cross Medical Insurance Plans Or Get Discounts Through Our Covered California Options

    With over 8.6 million members in California alone, Anthem Blue Cross covers more Californians than any other carrier in the state. Anthem has been with Covered California since the beginning of the Affordable Care Act in 2014.

    Founded in 1936, Anthem has grown from a small company to one of the nations largest carriers. Today, Anthem Blue Cross of California is a subsidiary of Anthem Inc. and is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association located in Thousand Oaks, California.

    There are some changes you should take note of for the 2021 coverage year. Anthem Blue Cross has expanded its coverage area to these regions:

    • Region 1: Butte, Amador, Alpine, Del Norte, Colusa, Calaveras, Lake, Humboldt, Glenn, Lassen, Nevada, Modoc, Mendocino, Shasta, Plumas, Siskiyou, Sierra, Sutter, Trinity, Tehama, Tuolumne and Yuba Counties
    • Region 7: Santa Clara County
    • Region 9: Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey Counties
    • Region 10: San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Merced, Mariposa and Tulare Counties
    • Region 12: Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties
    • Region 13: Mono, Inyo and Imperial Counties
    • Region 14: Kern County

    Why Mental Health Insurance Companies Dont Release Reimbursement Rate Information

    There are a few reasons that insurance companies wont let you know what youll be paid until you are accepted in their network.

    The biggest reason they dont release contracted rate information is they change their rates daily, depending on a few factors and mechanisms. This is the primary reason you cannot find insurance reimbursement rates for psychotherapy online they are not set.

    Your contracted rate will vary compared to colleagues in many cases because it is specific to you.

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    Anthem Health Insurance Application Experience

    A multitude of features of Anthem can improve your policy and help you receive more value from your plan while better managing it.

    Features of an Anthem policy include the following:

    • Add-on coverage: Vision and dental insurance additions can be a simple solution for combining more policy types while only using one insurer.
    • Telehealth: Access to include 24/7 NurseLine, LiveHealth Online for virtual doctor visits and telehealth systems directly from a doctor or hospital.
    • Support for healthy living and mental health: Becoming an Anthem member grants customers access to other resources such as weight management programs, coaching, discounts to gym memberships, stress management, mental health support and SilverSneakers memberships.
    • Mobile app: Policyholders can access their digital ID cards, find a doctor, check on benefits and costs, ask questions and sync the account with a fitness tracker.

    Does Anthem Bcbs Cover Inpatient Drug Or Alcohol Rehab

    Northside Hospital patients to remain in-network with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

    Yes. How much Anthem insurance pays for residential drug or alcohol rehab depends on the level of coverage for which you pay premiums.

    Inpatient drug or alcohol rehab programs are meant for individuals who need intensive, structured care 24/7 for severe alcohol or drug addiction. Entering a residential treatment program means you will live at the center until you have completed the rehab program.

    Learn more about Inpatient Rehab

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    About Blue Cross Blue Shield

    BCBS is an association that has been providing healthcare since 1982. It is a federation of 36 unique health insurance companies that provide services over the 50 states and over 170 countries. 95% of the doctors and hospitals in the USA recognize and associate with Blue Cross Blue Shield. It offers coverage for most medical procedures doctor screenings, prescriptions, vaccines, and scans. Members have multiple payment methods such as deductibles, copayment, co-insurance, out-of-pocket.etc.

    Policyholders of BCBS are granted a Membership card that makes them eligible for treatment in any medical faculty that is partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

    Anthem And Unitedhealthcare Mobile Apps Options

    The Anthem Medicaid app is only available to policyholders in 5 states. Indiana, Kentucky, Nevada, Wisconsin and Virginia. The app allows users to find doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies, view claims, pay your bill, and manage your prescriptions.

    The Health4Me app from UnitedHealthcare allows you look for doctors and review your coverage and benefits.

    Anthem Mobile App

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    Informed Choices Confident Decisions

    Choosing the right health insurance for you and your family is an important decision. We understand, and we want you to feel confident in your choice. Let us help you find the insurance plan that’s right for you.

    Were Here to Help

    Sometimes talking over the phone is easier. Were here to listen to your questions and help you get answers. Call us at 888.630.2583.

    Where Are Anthem Bcbs Plans Available

    Lawmakers seek probes of Anthem Blue Cross

    According to their website, Anthem BCBS operates 36 independent companies across the U.S. that offers health insurance in all 50 states.

    States where Anthem BCBS plans are available include:

    • Anthem Blue Shield of California
    • Anthem BCBS Colorado

    Basic insurance plans offered by Anthem BCBS include:

    • Platinum coverage: pays approximately 90 percent of medical costs
    • Gold coverage: pays approximately 80 percent of medical costs
    • Silver coverage: pays approximately 70 percent of medical costs
    • Bronze coverage: pays approximately 60 percent of medical costs

    The more medical expenses a plan covers, the higher your premium will be. Also, lower premiums means your deductible will be higher before the plan begins paying your medical costs.

    Contact Ark Behavioral Health today to get help verifying your insurance coverage for substance abuse treatment.

    This page does not provide medical advice.

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    Plan Options And Types

    Anthem was named as one of our best insurance companies because of its large network of providers, giving you many choices for where you get medical services. Anthem has a variety of health insurance plans available including options for individuals, families, Medicare, Medicaid and group insurance.

    Get A Quote For Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance From Health For California

    At Health for California, we know that finding the right health insurance provider can be daunting. You want to pick the package that works best for you and your entire family. And with so many options and packages on the market, you may wonder where to begin. Health for Californias mission is to make this process easier for every Californian. We want you to feel confident about your decision, so we structure our plans for easy comparisons to help you find the one that meets your needs.

    We do this by breaking our health insurance plans down into easy-to-understand tiers. Whether youre a single individual wanting an affordable rate or youre someone who wants maximum coverage for the whole family, theres a package thats perfect for you. Here are the tiers of Anthem Blue Cross coverage you can choose from:

    Take the first step toward investing in your health by requesting an Anthem Blue Cross health insurance quote online from Health for California.

    Not sure how Obamacare affects your health care plans in California? Learn how the ACA works in California, including benefits, costs and enrollment.

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    Blue Cross: Canadas Trusted Insurance

    A recognized symbol of health care globally

    Being trusted, professional and familiar is what you need in your coverage provider when travelling out of province

    Covering over 7 million Canadians each year

    One in five Canadians chooses Blue Cross to protect them and those they love with the right coverage for their needs

    Over 80 years as a health care provider

    Since 1938, Blue Cross continues to provide quality healthcare, including for provincial governments.

    #1 for travel insurance for 5 years in a row

    With flexible and affordable travel insurance, more Canadians choose Blue Cross than any other provider.

    Anthem Health Insurance Plan Options

    Anthem insurance software changes delays payments to therapists, health care workers in Maine

    The federal Health Insurance Marketplace features eight Anthem plans across three metal tiers, with monthly premiums ranging from $327 to $459 before federal subsidies. All plans are Health Maintenance Organization plans, which rely on networks of contracted providers to administer health services to policyholders. All plans have annual deductibles that must be met before coverage kicks in, and out-of-pocket maximums range between $7,000 and $8,550.

    Compare your options for Anthem health insurance plans:
    Plan name
    Anthem HealthKeepers bronze X 8200 $327.40
    Anthem HealthKeepers bronze X 5900 for HSA $346.49
    Anthem HealthKeepers silver X 6250 $427.96

    Specialist: 35% coinsurance after deductible

    Anthem HealthKeepers gold X 2000 $431.71

    Specialist: 20% coinsurance after deductible

    Anthem HealthKeepers silver X 2200 $458.91

    Specialist: 30% coinsurance after deductible


    *Based on pricing for a nonsmoking 35-year-old female in Richmond, VA

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    Common Questions About Unitedhealthcare And Anthem Insurance


    How does Anthem deductible work?

    Like most health care plans, Anthem has an annual flat-dollar deductible you must meet before your plan begins to pay your medical expenses.

    Is Anthem Blue Cross the same as Blue Shield?

    Anthem offers health insurance as a Blue Cross Blue Shield affiliate.

    What is the policy number on the Anthem insurance card?

    Your policy number is the same as your ID number, which should be on the front of the card.

    Does Anthem insurance cover diabetic supplies?

    Your Anthem health insurance will cover diabetic glucose monitoring under the category called Durable Medical Equipment . Costs vary per individual and plan.


    What is UnitedHealth Group?

    UnitedHealth Group is an American for-profit managed health care company based in Minnetonka, Minnesota. They offer a wide variety of health plans for individuals and businesses. They also offer Medicare and Medicaid.

    What Are UnitedHealth Medicare Advantage plans?

    Medicare Advantage is Medicare Part C, which replaces original Medicare Parts A and B and is administered through a private insurer. Medicare Advantage plans offer some benefits that Original Medicare does not. UnitedHealth also offers special Medicare Advantage plans for patients with Alzheimers or chronic dementia.

    Is UnitedHealth the same as UnitedHealthcare insurance?

    Yes, in 1998, the company rebranded and changed the name UnitedHealthcare insurance to UnitedHealth Group.

    Anthem Health Insurance Overall

    Anthem health insurance provides customers with a wide selection of policies to make it easy for you to find a plan that meets your standards. Another great feature of Anthem is that its affiliate, BlueCross BlueShield, boosts its reputation as reliable. Anthem is, in fact, newer as a business when you compare it to other health insurers. If you reside in a state where Anthem policies are available, benefits are excellent.

    With Anthem working hard to serve customers, its members are in good hands and can take advantage of supplemental insurance like vision and dental and discounts on wellness products.

    The tools members have the chance to utilize helps manage claims payments and locate an in-network provider. General health support through educational resources is also part of Anthem’s offerings.

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    Mental Health License Practitioner Levels:

    • Practitioner Level 1: Physician/Psychiatrist
    • Practitioner Level 2: Psychologist, CNS-PMH
    • Practitioner Level 3: LCSW, LPC, LMFT, RN
    • Practitioner Level 4:
    • Psychologist/LCSW/LPC/LMFTs supervisee/trainee with at least a Bachelors degree in one of the helping professions such as social work, community counseling, counseling, psychology, or criminology, functioning within the scope of the practice acts of the state
    • MAC, CAC-II, CADC, CCADC, GCADC CAC-I or Addiction Counselor Trainee with at least a Bachelors degree in one of the helping professions such as social work, community counseling, counseling, psychology, or criminology .
  • Practitioner Level 5:
  • CAC-I, RADT , Addiction Counselor Trainees with high school diploma/equivalent .
  • Does Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Partial Hospitalization Programs

    Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Login

    A person with a substance use disorder may need to enter a partial hospitalization program if they have a serious medical condition that requires immediate attention.

    PHPs are also an option for individuals who have been hospitalized for an addiction and subsequently discharged.

    Anthem BCBS does pay partial coverage for PHPs. However, previous authorization is required from Anthem before your policy begins paying for substance abuse treatment.

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    Mental Health Provider Demand Effecting Reimbursement Rates For Therapy

    The sad truth is some of the best panels are totally full and their network map of mental health providers is saturated. Theres nothing you can do when a company like Florida Blue hasnt accepted mental health providers in years.

    The amount of contracted providers per insurance company will have a larger influence on your ability to get in that network or not than it will on what youll be paid.

    But on the other hand, if a company is easy to get accepted into their network, odds are higher they do not reimburse as much. Again, this is a case by case situation youll need to research and address.

    Tip For Choosing Your Premium And Deductible

    If you know you’ll be using your insurance often, you may want to choose a plan with a higher premium and lower deductible. This means you’ll pay more each month, but the amount you pay when you go to the doctor will be less over the course of the year.

    This also works the other way. If you know you won’t use your insurance often, you may want to choose a plan with a lower monthly premium and higher deductible. This way you keep your monthly costs lower by taking the chance that you may not need to pay your deductible.

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    What States Are Covered By Anthem Insurance

    Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Anthem, Inc. is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association serving members in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin and specialty plan members in …

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