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How To Get Life And Health Insurance License In Texas

How Many Questions Are On The Texas Insurance Exam

How to Get an Insurance License in Texas to Sell Life and Health Insurance

Texas General Lines Property and Casualty150

The Texas Property and Casualty Adjuster exam has 150 questions. The break down is 150 scoreable questions on national/general Texas state specific content. Please note: In Texas, Adjusters can either go to an approved Adjuster school and pass the schools exam or they can prepare for, and pass, the Pearson VUE exam.

The Texas General Lines Life, Annuities and Health exam has 150 questions. The break down is 100 scoreable + 20 pretest questions on national/general content and 25 scoreable + 5 pretest questions on Texas state specific content.

The Texas Life Only exam has 100 questions. The break down is 50 scoreable + 10 pretest questions on national/general content and 35 scoreable + 5 pretest questions on Texas state specific content.

The Texas Personal Lines exam has 116 questions. The break down is 75 scoreable + 11 pretest questions on national/general content and 25 scoreable + 5 pretest questions on Texas state specific content.

Pretest questions do not count towards your score. You will not know what questions are real or pre-test questions when taking your exam. Its very possible the pre-test questions will not even be covered in the Test Content Outline. Its very important to know that these pre-test questions will be in your exam so you dont start second guessing yourself when you see a question that you have no idea how to answer .

How To Get Life Insurance License In Texas

Looking for how to get life insurance license in texas? Get direct access to how to get life insurance license in texas through official links provided below.

Follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1. Go to how to get life insurance license in texas page via official link below.
  • Step 2. Find the official insurance at the bottom of the website.
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Get Your Texas Insurance License in Six Easy Steps Step 1: Choose Which Licenses you Need Step 2: Insurance Pre-License Education Step 3: Texas Insurance License Exam Step 4: Fingerprinting and Background Check Step 5: Insurance License Application Step 6: Application Review

Veterans who have passed Texas insurance exams can apply to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to get the exam fee reimbursed. Fingerprint background check Most people who apply for a license must: get a fingerprint background check from IdentoGO , and send us a copy of the IdentoGO receipt showing that their fingerprints were sent to the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Prepare With A Texas Pre

Our Texas pre-licensing insurance courses cover the various insurance concepts, definitions, insurance laws and agent regulations listed on the Texas Examination Content Outline. Courses are presented in a clear and concise format and include instructional videos, interactive illustrations, practice exams, and student support.

National Online Insurance School provides the following pre-licensing insurance courses in Texas:

Pre-Licensing Course
Step 2

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Obtain Resident State License

Contact your state insurance department to find out the requirements for obtaining an insurance license. States issue insurance licenses for life, health, or property and casualty lines. Often, life and health lines are bundled together ask if that is the case in your state. To study for the licensing exam, plan to take a class, either online or in a classroom. Searching with your state& #039 s name and “insurance license” provides available resources to study for and take the exam.

Go to the National Insurance Producer Registry website, nipr.com, to apply online for non-resident licenses in most states. To apply, you will need your resident state license number and your national producer number . You can file an application for most states through this registry for a non-resident license for the same lines that you carry in your resident state. For example, you can& #039 t obtain a non-resident license to sell property and casualty insurance if you are only authorized to sell life and health insurance in your home state. Be prepared to pay the application and licensing fees for each state to which you are applying.

Remember that it is illegal to write insurance business in a state before you have a valid license. Many states will allow you to submit business once the application for your license has been filed. Check with the state& #039 s insurance department to confirm their eligibility rules before soliciting business.



S To Get Your Texas Life & Health License

Texas Life Insurance Agent License
  • Complete a Prelicensing Course
  • If you would like to sell insurance in Texas, you must pass a licensing exam. To prepare for the licensing exam, you should take an insurance course. We recommend Kaplans Premium Instruction Package or Xcel Solutions online courses.

  • Pass a Licensing Exam
  • Making Exam Reservations

    Licensing exams are provided by Pearson VUE. An exam fee must be paid at the time of reservation by credit card, debit card, voucher or electronic check. You can make an exam reservation through the following methods:

    • Online: Make an online reservation at at least 24 hours before the desired exam date or 5 days in advance if paying by electronic check
    • Phone: 754-7667
    • Before you call, you must have the following:
    • Legal name, address, Social Security number, daytime phone number, and date of birth
    • Name of the exam
    • Preferred exam date and test center location

    What to Bring

    Two forms of current signature identification:

    • A primary ID such as a Drivers License or Passport
    • A secondary ID such as a Debit or Credit card

    Exam Procedures

    Exam Format

    Texas Exam Information

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    Considering Taking The Texas Insurance License Exam

    If you are, you probably have a lot of questions about where to go, who to talk to, and what steps to take.

    Fortunately, Americas Professor has pulled together all our knowledge and resources to create one comprehensive site with the answers you need about how to get your insurance license in Texas. Below you will find sample questions, basics of test format and scoring, pricing, testing locations, how to fully prepare yourself for the exam, and more!

    Whether youre going for your Texas life insurance license or your goal is to get your health insurance license in Texas, were here to help you succeed and that means providing you with the best information available. Our courses offer preparation for all types of state insurance licensing exams and they are available to you at the click of a mouse. Read on and enroll today!

    Texas Insurance License Application

    Once you have completed your exams and fingerprinting, you are now ready to apply for your license. If you have more than one line of authority that you have passed the exam for, be sure to apply for all of those lines.

    The fee for an online application is $50 per line plus a small transaction fee. You must also upload the fingerprint receipt from MorphoTrust with your application.

    Any supporting documentation that needs to be sent with the paper application should be directed to .

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    Request A Ce Exemption Or Extension Online

  • Go to the Sircon inquiry page.
  • Select “Texas CE Exemption or Extension Request.”
  • You can ask for an exemption or extension if:

    • You were unable to meet your CE requirements because of an illness, military service, or something beyond your control.
    • You’ve been continuously licensed for at least 20 years.

    After Getting Your Texas Insurance License

    How to Become a Life Insurance Agent in Texas

    Once youve passed your exams and completed the licensing application, you are now a licensed insurance agent in Texas. A common question we hear is, I have my insurance license, now what? Here are a few things you can do or need to know:

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    Don’t Forget Your Guarantee Exam

    ExamFX is so confident in the quality of its material that we offer our customers a first-time pass guarantee. If you dont pass the first time around, we will refund your money. To qualify for this offer, you must pass our Guarantee Exam with a score of 80% to determine maximum exam readiness. While completing this portion of your online course is not required, we highly recommend taking this extra step.

    How To Get Your Insurance License In Texas

    What Is On The Texas Life & Health Insurance Licensing Exam?

    • Types of Life Policies
    • Life Policy Provisions, Riders, and Options
    • Completing the Application, Underwriting, and Delivering the Policy
    • Taxes, Retirement, and Other Insurance Concepts
    • Texas Statutes and Rules Common to All Lines
    • Texas Statutes and Rules Pertinent to Life Insurance Only

    What Are The Education Requirements For A Texas Life and Health LicenseSteps For Studying For Your Texas Life & Health Insurance ExamStep 1. Purchase Your Pre-License Education CourseStep 2. Take Multiple Insurance License Sample Practice Exams

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    What Are The Limitations Of A Life And Health Insurance License

    Your life and health insurance license authorizes you to sell life insurance and health insurance but does not expand to auto, home, title, or property & casualty lines. These other types of insurance will have their own licensing exams and requirements as made necessary by the state. See Property and Casualty Insurance License.

    Life insurance policies, like variable whole life, can be tied to securities backed investment vehicles that require a FINRA license to market and sell. See FINRA Series 6 & 63 Licenses.

    Texas 24 Hour Property & Casualty Package

    Continuing Education For Life And Health Insurance License ...

    This course provides all 24 hours of CE needed to renew your license! The course includes the mandatory ethics hours, and is approved to satisfy your Self-Study & Classroom Equivalent requirements.

    This course will review key concepts and principles of Property & Casualty insurance such as:

    • Mandatory Ethics Education

    This course is approved continuing education for:

    • Insurance Producers

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    The Essentialplus Live & Ondemand Package Includes:

    Available in Print and PDF*

    This comprehensive textbook guides you through a deep-dive of key testable insurance terms and concepts that you will need to know for your state licensing exam. The text is broken down into easily digestible units, including Cram Sheets, making it easy to learn and retain the information. Kaplans team of experts develops the content with a focus on the most recent rules and regulations in the insurance industry along with the important insurance topics. Units contain the key testable terms and concepts, multiple graphics, exercises, quizzes, and discussion questions to help you learn faster and retain the information for your state licensing exam.

    *State Exceptions:

    FL: The LEM can only be provided in PDF format.

    Available Online and Downloadable

    Practice your test-taking skills, drill into specific topics, and test your knowledge with exam-focused questions. This interactive QBank is updated on a regular basis and allows you to build personalized exams based on length and topic of your choice. It features unlimited exam attempts that are randomly generated. The QBank also gives you the ability to:

    Available in Print and PDF*

    This state-specific reference contains all the relevant testable state laws and regulations needed to pass the licensing exam. Use this book in conjunction with the License Exam Manual to prepare for all aspects of the state exam.

    *State Exceptions:

    Available Online

    Available Online

    Available Online

    Available Online

    How Do I Renew My Life And Health Insurance License

    Each state has different steps and requirements necessary to complete the renewal of a specific insurance license. Most states have a renewal period of about two years and have renewal fees ranging from $15 $200 per line.

    All states also require the completion of continuing education courses in order to renew your license. The average number of hours to be completed is sixteen thirty hours per line. These courses must be completed prior to your licenses date of expiration or a penalty fine will be added to your renewal fee.

    Information on this page has been gathered by a multitude of sources and was most recently updated on July 2020.

    Any Information on this site is not guaranteed or warranted to be correct, accurate, or up to date. StateRequirement and its members and affiliates are not responsible for any losses, monetary or otherwise. StateRequirement is not affiliated with any state, government, or licensing body. For more information, please contact your states authority on insurance.

    When readers purchase services discussed on our site, we often earn affiliate commissions that support our work. Learn More

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    Is The Life And Health Insurance License Exam Difficult

    The average pass rate for the life and health insurance exam sits around 50% for first-time test-takers. Improving chances for success will mean budgeting the time you know you need to study and retain the material.

    Knowing how you best learn and take tests, having the best tools and courses available, and budgeting your study time wisely can increase your chances of passing the exam.

    The most successful participants are ones that feel they were reviewing the information, rather than seeing it for the first time and winging it.

    Self Study Online Course

    How to Get a Insurance License for Life and Health Insurance

    The Life Only option prepares you to pass the life insurance state exam with one package. The Essential package is designed to fit your busy schedule by combining a self-study online course and online study tools that let you prepare for your state exam anytime, anywhere.

    Please note: The online access period for your insurance licensing course is 90 days. Additional extension of either 30 days or 90 days may be purchased to extend your study time. The extension can be ordered from the Extension icon on your Student Dashboard.

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  • Add to Cart

    86.5% of CompuCram users pass their licensing exam the first time!Build your confidence and knowledge with CompuCram®, a guaranteed way to pass your Texas Property & Casualty insurance exam. Learn More

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    86.5% of CompuCram users pass their licensing exam the first time!Build your confidence and knowledge with CompuCram®, a guaranteed way to pass your Texas Life & Health insurance exam. Learn More

  • Add to Cart

    86.5% of CompuCram users pass their licensing exam the first time!Build your confidence and knowledge with CompuCram®, a guaranteed way to pass your Texas Personal Lines Insurance exam. Learn More

  • Fingerprinting And Background Check

    The State of Texas requires that all insurance license applications provide fingerprints prior to licensing. Giving your fingerprints will initiate a background check. If you have any prior misdemeanors or felonies, this may affect the outcome of your licensing efforts. For more information on this topic, call the Texas Department of Insurance at 512-676-6500 or email the Insurance Department.

    You must make your fingerprinting reservations through MorphoTrust USA. Before making reservations, please have the IdentoGO Texas Fingerprinting Service Code Form printed.

    The fee for fingerprinting services is $30.25

    At your fingerprinting appointment, you will not receive a fingerprint card, as the information will be automatically sent to the DPS and FBI. You will, however, receive a receipt. Do not throw this receipt away. You need to make a copy of this receipt, as you will be sending one in a later step.

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    What Can I Do With A Life And Health Insurance License

    Obtaining a life and health insurance license permits you to begin selling and retaining life and/or health insurance policies within a specific state. It qualifies you as a life insurance agent legally able to explain, sell, and process that line of insurance.

    Both of these types of insurance lines protect a claimant from loss relating to medical situation or death.

    The terms of the life and health insurance you are selling are heavily dependent on that of the provider of the policy. If you work for an independent agency or broker, you have the advantage of access to several insurance brands.

    Pass The State License Exam

    Medicare and Life Special Insurance Savings

    You can schedule your Florida insurance exam at any time. Completion of the pre-licensing course is NOT required in order to schedule the test. Our recommendation is to take the state exam 5-10 days after you’ve completed your course. Scheduling can be completed by calling 1-888-274-2020 or visiting PearsonVUE.com. The state exam fee is $44 for each attempt.

    Regardless of which exam you take, a 70% score is required to pass. A passing score is valid for one year from the passing date. You will be required to re-take the exam if you do not complete the licensing process within that time-frame. You are limited to five examination attempts during a one year period.

    Each exam contains 15 “pretest” questions that do not affect your final score. “Pretest” questions are distributed throughout the exam randomly. Most likely these questions will look very different from the course materials and practice questions covered in our class because we have no knowledge of the content of these “pretest” questions.

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