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Does Brightside Health Take Insurance

Does Online Therapy Take Insurance

Understanding the Health Insurance Claim Process

Many verified online therapy options offer professional services based on your needs and insurance coverage, with certain therapy platforms including add-ons such as text message check-ins and an accompanying app. Some of the most accessible options and the insurance plans they accept include the following. :

What Drugs Can Brightside Prescribe

The following are just a few drugs that Brightside providers can prescribe. The website explicitly mentions that Brightside does not treat or prescribe medication for ADHD, nor will they prescribe benzodiazepines .

Source: Cerebral

Cerebral is a subscription-based provider of mental health services. Just like Brightside, Cerebral treats depression, anxiety, and insomnia, but also serves folks with bipolar disorder and ADHD. .

Cerebral offers online therapy and prescription drug management from physicians, counselors, and professional therapists for an affordable rate at least much more affordably than traditional in-person psychiatry. Plus patients can communicate with the services care team via unlimited online messaging.

The complete list of mental health disorders that Cerebral helps to treat includes:

  • ADHD
  • Bipolar Disorder

Additionally, the platform has expanded to serve patients with a few additional mental-health-adjacent conditions such as chronic obesity, alcohol dependence, and opioid use disorder . Its also proved helpful for folks with more mild social/personal problems such as anger management, low self-esteem, relationship problems, and divorce.

Again, Cerebral is not currently prescribing Schedule 2 stimulants for ADHD after being subpoenaed by the federal government. We will keep this article updated as the story unfolds.

Source: Cerebral

1. Medication + care counseling

Source: Cerebral

/month For 60 Months*

Offer valid for well-qualified applicants with approved credit. Payment terms are for 60 months. Actual loan offers and loan amounts, terms and annual percentage rates may vary based on final financing source. Includes a free consultation, complete set of standard 24-month braces for kids and adults, initial exam, follow-up visits and patient records. For full-case braces only. Call for details.

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The Medication + Therapy Plan


The best of both worlds. Brightsides Medication + Therapy plan includes everything in the above two plans and sets you up for ultimate success.


$349/mo which means youre saving $45/month when you bundle. and in addition to that you get $100 off your first month.

Whats so special about it?

When used in combination, medication and therapy have up to a 60% higher chance of patient recovery than one treatment alone.

Follow Your Care Plan

Health Insurance Grievance System: What Does California law Require?

If the doctor chooses to prescribe, your medication will be delivered to your door and refills authorized by your physician will arrive monthly. If you choose therapy youll have access to unlimited messaging and interactive skill-building lessons.

Finally, you will begin your treatment and hopefully start to make progress. You will have the opportunity to report back to your doctor on whats working and whats not so that they can adjust your medication and therapy as necessary.

While you are completing the assessment, Brightside also wants to ensure that you are getting immediate care if necessary and makes crisis resources available. They have 4 options if you are distress or crisis right now:

  • Visit: If you are having a medical or mental health emergency, call 911 or go to your local emergency department.
  • Text: The Crisis Text Line provides 24 hour free and confidential help. Text HOME to 741-741 to connect with a counselor immediately.
  • : You can call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK to talk with a live counselor 24 hours per day.
  • Video: Each Brightisde Therapy plan includes 4 virtual therapy sessions per month.

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Are There Any Risks Or Side Effects From Brightsides Medication For Anxiety And Depression

While very common in use, antidepressants do not come without side effects. Side effects usually occur during the first few weeks of treatment and are less common later on. Side effects also depend somewhat on the drug, the dose used, and the individual. While everyone experiences side effects differently, some common side effects include insomnia, skin rashes, headaches, nausea, or diarrhea, according to Harvard Health. Its important to bring up side effects with your doctor so they can make adjustments.

A more serious, albeit rare, potential problem is reduced blood clotting capacity which can leave patients with a slightly increased risk for internal bleeding, especially if they are also taking aspirin or ibuprofen.

Brightside also shares a disclaimer that starting antidepressants can sometimes lead to a short-term increase in suicidal thoughts among people who already have them, especially those ages 24 or younger. However, at that time they stress that you stay in close communication with your doctor and reach out for help if your symptoms continue or worsen. Again youll want to work closely with the doctor they assign to you to help them understand how you are reacting to the meds.

Brightside Reviews: What Do Some Of Their Customers Say

Overall, Brightside members seem to love it. On popular customer ratings site Reviews.io, Brightside boasts a whopping 4.54/5 star rating, of 898 total reviews. Sites like this are a great place to get an unbiased glimpse into real customer reviews, so this is a great sign. In an effort to paint an even fuller picture, I also searched through Reddit to find customer experiences.

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I Talked With The Therapist Via Zoom

She listened to me discuss my symptoms and what I wanted to get out of therapy. She also let me know that Brightside’s methods are based on cognitive behavioral therapy, and she outlined the therapeutic program, which is structured around 10 interactive lessons, a self-guided, computer-based program that you progress through at your own pace.

At the end of our session, she told me that our next meetup would be in a month, which was a surprise to me. I’d previously read “unlimited access to caring providers” on Brightside’s homepage, and I envisioned that I’d more or less have an always-on Zoom connection with my therapist not so, I was learning. .

To be fair, the text messaging with my therapist was, in fact, pretty much always on. And it doesn’t say anywhere on the Brightside site that you’ll be able to contact your Brightside providers via video chat whenever you feel like it.

But be forewarned that the service is self-directed which is, incidentally, in line with the price so if you’re looking for something to deliver more of an up-close-and-personal experience, this isn’t it.

I think technology is the way of the future when it comes to delivering mental healthcare. It cuts through barriers of cost and accessibility. But in a lot of ways, we’re just not there yet.

How Do Brightsides Psychiatrists Decide Which Medication Is Right For You

Why Do You Need Health Insurance? | WHI

Believe it or not, Brightsides approach to prescribing medication is actually really innovative and tech-heavy. To maximize patient outcomes, theyve developed Brightfinder, their very own tech that looks at decades of research and patients individual health data to determine which medications are most likely to work.

Essentially, its a smarter way to prescribe, powered by more Rx options, research, and member data. While traditional care is driven by guess and check prescribing of antidepressant medication, every Brightside doctor uses the Brightfinder recommendation engine and their clinical assessment to make a data-driven determination of the right medication for each individual, helping Brightside members get on the right treatment, faster.

With traditional psychiatry , prescribing medication can be a multi-year guessing game of trial and error. Brightsides team is cutting through a lot of the guesswork with tech. Pretty cool.

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Review: Brightside Health For Anxiety And Depression

Around 18 percent of Americans suffer from anxiety or depression. That equates to around 60 million people me being one of them. If youre reading this, theres a good chance youre like me and you understand the pain that these mental illnesses cause in life.

And yet only a few years ago, I felt as though I was one of just a few. But as 2020 has repeatedly brought bad news to the world, a spotlight has been shined on mental illness and telemedicine companies have sprouted up to help those of us in need, I experienced this realization that I am not alone. Honestly, its been pretty cool.

Initially, people werent able to get the help they normally would . People were in dire need for help. And thats exactly where telemedicine and telepsychiatry came into play. Companies like Brightside sprouted up to connect patients with the care they need. And Brightside is, undoubtedly, one of the leaders in the space. Today well dig into what makes them unique .

Treatment: How Are Anxiety And Depression Typically Treated

According to the Mayo Clinic, medication can be an effective part of a treatment plan for anxiety and depression.. The types of medications that are normally prescribed within the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors category, which function by boosting serotonin levels in the brain. Common examples include:

  • Fluoxetine
  • Escitalopram
  • Bupropion , which are all medications which can be prescribed by Brightside doctors after they review your health situation.

In addition to antidepressants, therapy can give you the structure and support needed to push through difficult times by providing time and space to reflect, process challenges, and build coping skills.

Its worth mentioning that there are also natural treatments for depression. Taking small steps such as ensuring you are getting enough sleep, eating a healthy and well-balanced diet, and exercising regularly can yield large improvements, but these are typically not enough on their own to treat chronic anxiety or depression.

One of the best parts about Brightside is their commitment to an approach that addresses the biological, psychological, and social components of depression and anxiety. That means a combination of medication, therapy, and self-care all available on one platform. Lets dive into Brightsides platform to see how it helps thousands of patients improve their mental health.

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Does Brightside Health Take Insurance

Does Brightside Health Take Insurance – If your insurance plan wont cover the medication, however, you will have to pay an additional $15 flat fee. But the brightside doc himself didn’t concur with their own site’s claims. I understand that the provider has the right to refuse to take responsibility for my care if the provider makes a professional judgment that i am not a good candidate for this service. Expert help for your emotional health. Does Brightside Health Take Insurance Brightside offers effective treatment with nonaddictive medications like ssris and snris. So, the question remains, does brightside accomplish that goal?

Does Brightside Health Take Insurance – If your insurance plan wont cover the medication, however, you will have to pay an additional $15 flat fee. Brightside, like most online platforms, does not accept insurance. Should you give it a try? With that said, brightside doesnt accept insurance, and its only available only in 22 states, so be sure to review their service map.

Is Brightside A Good Value

Doctor Fort Collins: What to Do if You Don

What makes Brightside stand out from other online mental health sites is the combination of therapy and psychiatry. Many mental health companies like Betterhelp only offer therapy services. Youd need to look elsewhere for medication. Even companies that offer both therapy and psychiatry like Talkspace dont offer them as a package deal. Youd need two separate subscriptions or pay two separate bills to take advantage of both.

Brightsides value comes from the fact that it offers the Medication & Therapy Plan for those who need both but dont want to access them from different companies or pay for them separately. This is similar to companies like Cerebral.

Cerebral is probably the most well-known and reputable mental health company that offers services similar to Brightside. View the chart below to see how these two companies monthly prices compare.


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Cutting To The Chase:

Short on time? Well reveal our top pick, which ultimately depends on your budget and needs.

Learn more

After in-depth research, we think Brightside is the best choice for online mental health treatment. It offers a comprehensive solution by seamlessly integrating technology with medical sciences to provide better patient experiences. That said, we realize not everyone can afford Brightside, and Cerebrals more affordable options can still help you get the treatment you need. Its ultimately the best choice for anyone looking for mental health care treatment on a budget.

Who Should Use Brightside

Brightside is primarily intended for individuals with non-threatening depression and anxiety issues. Severe depression involving self-harm is not appropriate for this platform. In general, if your problems are causing serious impairment, online mental health services are not recommended. Brightside does not provide services for couples or children.

Get started with Brightside > >

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For Me The Main Selling Point Was Its Offer To Combine Psychiatry With Therapy

I’ve been in treatment for mental-health issues since the 1990s, so I’ve seen quite a few of these apps. It never really seems like they have a good, coherent grasp on the need to integrate psychiatry with therapy . It appeared that Brightside might be working toward a truly integrated approach, which is why I decided to give it a try.

The app matches you with a medical doctor, who will assess the need for prescription medication, as well as a therapist to develop a “personalized treatment plan.” You can choose a medication-only subscription plan, a therapy-only plan, or a plan that includes both, and charges are as low as $45 per month.

I chose a subscription plan that blended both medication and therapy for $299 per month, with the first month discounted to $199. I’m now in my third month with the service.

One terrific value of this service that’s embedded within it and very well hidden is that all medications prescribed by its providers are $15 and believe me, for some mental-health-related medications, that could represent a significant savings. Just one of the medications I take is $300 a month without using the GoodRx card.

What Is Covered By My Insurance

Does medical insurance cover Covid-19 treatment? Covid-19 treatment insurance |Oneindia News

When using insurance, youre only responsible for any copays, coinsurance, deductibles, or prescription costs associated with your planyour insurance will cover the rest. This includes the clinical features of your Brightside membership including video consultations, unlimited messaging, treatment monitoring, and medication management. The cost of your prescription medication may fall under your pharmacy benefits plan and may require an additional copay.

When you sign up for services, well provide details about any cost-share responsibilities that were able to look up on your behalf. We also recommend that you contact your health insurance plan to verify that your care at Brightside will be covered.

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Brightside Depression Reviews: What Are Customers Saying

Most Brightside patients found the service very effective, enjoyed the convenience and appreciated the weekly check ups. The company says that within just 12 weeks of starting treatment, 83% of Brightside members begin feeling better with a clinically significant reduction in symptoms and 60% achieve remission level symptoms.

However, for some it was too much of a financial burden thats unsustainable, even though its typically much cheaper than going the traditional route of in-person therapy and medical visits.

Additionally, for some it felt too automated and did not provide a personable feel that most users were looking for with their therapists. The good news is that the company is listening to these reviews, and has added 4 video therapy sessions per month for each subscriber.

What Are Depression And Anxiety

The key symptoms of depression are low interest, hopelessness, fatigue, poor appetite, and difficulty concentrating. Anxiety and depression are related, but anxiety is often defined as the inability to control excessive worry about multiple issues, individuals, and events. Similar to depression, other symptoms can include restlessness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping, and chronic irritability. Well discuss in more detail later how Brightsides online assessment tools help you diagnose these issues.

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Who Could Benefit From It And Who Probably Won’t

If youve received treatment for anxiety and depression before, you can continue that treatment with Brightside. Those who are pretty sure they could benefit from therapy or medication will find Brightside to be user-friendly and convenient. Even if youve never received mental health care before, youll find this platform easy to navigate.

However, if you know that youd prefer in-person care or live with a condition that requires face-to-face care for diagnosis or treatment, Brightside may not be the best option for you. Some high-risk conditions like suicide attempts, self-harm, psychosis, or mania are best left to in-person providers. You may want to also look elsewhere for care if you:

  • Have been recently hospitalized for a psychiatric condition
  • Live with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, ADHD, or borderline personality disorder
  • Are at high risk for substance abuse problems or an eating disorder
  • Have certain medical conditions, like kidney or liver disease, seizures, or long QT

Brightside Plans And Pricing

Dealing With Denial: What to Do When Health Insurance Won

Brightside is among the only providers of online therapy to accept insurance. For those paying privately, Brightside does not over-complicate their selection of packages. They offer three very simple plans from which you can choose:

  • Therapy Only $299 Per Month
  • Medication Only $95 Per Month
  • Medication + Therapy $349 Per Month

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