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How To Apply For Kaiser Health Insurance

Choose Kaiser Permanente As Your Managed Care Organization

Kaiser Permanente health insurance plans in California all you need to know to get the best insuran

There are several ways you can choose Kaiser Permanente as your MCO:

  • Visit www.marylandhealthconnection.gov and log into your account.
  • Call Maryland Health Connection at 1-855-642-8572 .
  • Request an enrollment kit be mailed to you .

If you dont select an MCO, one will be automatically chosen for you.

Do I Qualify For A Special Enrollment Period

To see if you’ve had a qualifying life event and find out more about how the process works, first tell us where you live.

your guide

Kaiser Permanente health plans around the country: Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., in Northern and Southern California and Hawaii Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia, Inc., Nine Piedmont Center, 3495 Piedmont Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30305, 404-364-7000 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States, Inc., in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., 2101 E. Jefferson St., Rockville, MD 20852 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest, 500 NE Multnomah St., Suite 100, Portland, OR 97232 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington or Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington Options, Inc., 320 Westlake Ave. N, Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98109

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How To Apply Apply For Masshealth The Health Safety Net Or The Children’s Medical Security Plan


Applying online is the fastest way to find out which programs you may qualify for.

MassHealth and the Massachusetts Health Connector use the same streamlined application to determine if you qualify for MassHealth, the Health Safety Net, Children’s Medical Security Plan, ConnectorCare plans, or Advance Premium Tax Credits.

To apply online, create a secure online account at the Massachusetts Health Connector. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Worcester, MA 01608Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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How Do You File Claims With Kaiser Permanente

To file a claim with Kaiser Permanente for a service you paid for out-of-pocket, fill out a Medical Reimbursement Claim Form. Youll also need to get an itemized bill from your care provider outlining the charges and a payment receipt for services rendered. The form, bill and receipt should be sent to the appropriate address for your region.

Highly Rated

Kaiser Permanente gets high marks from a variety of ratings organizations, including AM Best, Standard & Poors and the Better Business Bureau.

What Health Insurance Does Kaiser Permanente Offer

Kaiser Permanente Application

Kaiser Permanente offers a variety of healthcare plans that vary based on where you live.

Those who enroll in the HSA version have the option of pairing their plan with a health savings account . Plans generally include medical, prescription drugs and vision and dental coverage. Like other plans, Kaisers plans follow the metal tier model, with more benefits for those with a gold plan, fewer for those with a silver plan and the least for those with a bronze plan.

For example, someone living in Baltimore, Maryland, might choose Kaisers Deductible Bronze Plan which pays 40% once youve met your $7,500 annual deductible . The monthly premium for this plan is $261.06.

The HSA Silver Plan, which pays 20% once youve met your $3,200 deductible , has a $304.66 total premium.4

Kaiser Permanentes Medicaid/Medi-Cal plan extends free or low-cost coverage to people of low incomes and limited resources. If you qualify for Medicaid under your state program, you might be able to receive Medicaid through Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser also offers highly-rated Medicare health plans for people over 65 or who otherwise qualify for Medicare. Kaiser covers plans covered by employers as well.

About Benefits

Kaisers plans typically include medical care, prescription drugs and vision and dental coverage.

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What You Need For Apply For Masshealth The Health Safety Net Or The Children’s Medical Security Plan

To apply, you may need to provide the following information and documents:

  • Social Security numbers, if you have them, for every household member who is applying
  • Federal tax returns, if you file
  • Information about citizenship or national status or immigration status
  • Employer and income information for everyone in your household
  • Information about any job-related or other health insurance that you are currently enrolled in or have access to

Who can use this application

Use this application if you need health or dental coverage and help paying for it, and if you are

  • Living in Massachusetts

Learn more about eligibility for these programs. If you are 65 years or older and do not fit into any of the above categories, or if you need long-term care at any age, please see Apply for MassHealth coverage for seniors and people who need long-term care.

Coverage Member Resources And Unique Features

Kaiser Permanente’s health coverage stands out in two ways:

  • Its integration of health insurance with health care makes it easier for you to track costs and manage claims.
  • The strong preventive care program includes access to screenings, health resources, lifestyle programs and health classes.
  • Depending on your plan, Kaiser’s member services may include:

    • Women’s health services

    The company’s powerful suite of digital tools also stands out from the competition. Plans include:

    • Telehealth over phone, video or email
    • Online access to health records including test results, doctor’s notes and vaccination records
    • A cost lookup tool
    • The ability to schedule or cancel appointments
    • Health insurance management including tracking your deductible

    Plus, there are fitness resources including discounted gym memberships, health calculators and discounted massage therapy.

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    How Do You Find Affordable Health Insurance Plans Or Affordable Medical Insurance

    Getting an affordable health insurance plan or affordable medical insurance doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality.

    With Kaiser Permanente for Individuals and Families, you can choose from a range of affordable health plans. And each one offers:

    • The freedom to choose your own primary care doctor
    • A health team connected through your electronic health record1
    • Your doctor’s office, lab, and pharmacy often under one roof
    • The ability to schedule routine appointments, view most test results, refill prescriptions, and more from your smartphone or computer1
    • And so much more

    How Do You Enroll In Coverage With Kaiser Permanente

    Health Insurance Facts : How Does Medicaid Work With Kaiser Insurance?

    There are a variety of options for enrolling: On the companys website, healthy.kaiserpermanente.org, you can explore all available plans after entering your ZIP code and birthday. You can also chat live with an agent on the website.

    Enrolling via phone is also an option call 1-800-488-3590 or 1-877-852-5081 for Medicare health plans. Finally, you can sign up through a licensed insurance agent.

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    Kaiser Permanente Insurance Review: Why Is It Top

    Good for

    • Those who want top-tier customer service and coverage.
    • Those who want access to Kaiser’s medical specialists.
    • Healthy people who want strong preventive coverage.

    Bad for

    • Residents outside of coverage areas.
    • Those who want the flexibility to see any doctor.
    • Frequent travelers who want routine care anywhere.

    Get The Care You Need From High

    Washington Permanente Medical Group offers over 1,000 physicians practicing at over 30 medical facilities in Washington state and in 8 community hospitals.1 We are one of the largest multispecialty groups in the state with more than 60 specialties, including 17 surgical specialties.

    Our individual and family plans offer care through 2 networks. Virtual Plus plan members access care through our Connect network, and all other individual and family plan members access care through our CoreSelect network.

    See the doctors and clinicians in each network.

    Our doctors and other health care providers have been recognized for the quality of care we offer:

    • Washington Permanente Medical Group has been one of the top-ranked medical groups in Washington state for more than a decade.2
    • Local magazines named 76 Washington Permanente Medical Group physicians “top docs” in 2020 more than 300 of our doctors have been named “top docs” since 2011.3

    Plan availabilityMany, though not all, of our individual and family plans are available in the following counties: Benton, Columbia, Franklin, Island, King, Kitsap, Kittitas, Lewis, Mason, Pierce, Skagit, Snohomish, Spokane, Thurston, Walla Walla, Whatcom, Whitman, and Yakima.

    Virtual Plus plans are only available to individuals and families residing in the following counties: King, Kitsap, Pierce, Snohomish, Spokane, and Thurston.

    1 OIC Provider Network Form A

    3 Washington Permanente Medical Group records

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    Basics On Kaiser Permanente

    Kaiser Permanente was founded in 1945 on the heels of the Great Depression and World War II it began as a healthcare program for steel mill and shipyard workers.1

    The companys founders were industrialist Henry J. Kaiser and Sidney Garfield, a young surgeon. Garfield had built a hospital in the middle of the Mojave Desert to treat thousands of men building the Colorado River Aqueduct. When many men couldnt pay, Garfield hatched a prepayment system by which insurance companies would pay him a fixed amount upfront per day, per covered worker.

    Years later, Kaiser heard about Garfield and tapped him for two projects: providing healthcare to 6,500 workers and their families at the Grand Coulee Dam, the largest construction site in history, and later, providing healthcare for 30,000 workers at the Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond, Virginia. After World War II, Kaiser and Garfield made the model permanent. On July 21, 1945, the Permanente Health Plan opened to the public.2

    Today, Kaiser Permanente has 12.4 million members, 23,371 physicians and 63,306 nurses and operates in3:

    How Do I Cancel My Kaiser Covered California Account

    International Marketing Group (CEBU): Kaiser International ...

    If you need to cancel your health or dental plan with fewer than 14 days advance notice, please call the Covered California Service Center at 300-1506 or contact your health or dental insurance company directly. These requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

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    Is Kaiser Better Than Blue Cross

    Kaisers hard to beat.

    In any given area, theyre going to beat Blue Shields plans most of the time. There are places where Shield is priced better but its rare. Kaiser on the other hand will have HMO as their primary if only available plan. HMO is usually cheaper than PPO plans since the benefits are standardized.

    Next Steps For Apply For Masshealth The Health Safety Net Or The Children’s Medical Security Plan

  • If you applied online or by phone, you will receive a decision about your eligibility for health coverage, or information about anything we may need, when your application is complete. We will also send you a written notice.

    If you applied via mail, fax, or in-person, we will send you a written notice about your eligibility.

  • If we need more information

    We will contact you if we need more information.

  • Enroll in a health plan

    If you have completed your Massachusetts Application for Health and Dental Coverage and Help Paying Costs and MassHealth has determined that you qualify for coverage, we will let you know if you need to enroll in a health plan.

    You may need to enroll in a health plan if:

  • You don’t have other insurance, and
  • You are younger than 65, and
  • You have been approved for one of the following coverage types:
  • MassHealth Standard
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    Get A Quote For Kaiser Health Insurance

    Life is uncertain, but you can enjoy peace of mind with Kaiser health insurance. Put the health of you and your family in the hands of a reputable, respected health insurance provider like Kaiser, and youll always know that you have your health needs covered when you need it most. From hospital visits to meetings with a specialist, life will take you on an unpredictable path. When partnering with Kaiser, you can navigate these twists and turns of life with confidence.

    When choosing a health insurance plan, you should pick the one that meets your health needs while fitting into your budget. And remember that when it comes to your health and peace of mind, the cost is always worth it. Thankfully, Health for California offers affordable Kaiser Permanente health insurance plans so you can get the coverage you need at a price that works for you. Here are our four main health insurance plans:

    Request a quote for Kaiser health insurance today or contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve your health care goals.

    Not sure how Obamacare affects your health care plans in California? Learn how the ACA works in California, including benefits, costs and enrollment.

    You May Qualify For A Special Enrollment Period If:

    Guide to Medicare Basics | Kaiser Permanente
    • You didn’t know until after open enrollment ended on February 15, 2015, that the health care law required you and your household to have health coverage, or you didn’t understand how the requirement would impact you and your household.
    • You owe a tax penalty for not having coverage in 2014.
    • You aren’t already enrolled in 2015 coverage.

    If you meet all three of these, you qualify for a special enrollment period and can apply for health coverage until April 30, 2015, to reduce your 2015 tax penalty.

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    Kaiser Permanente 2021 Health Insurance Plans For Colorado

    Learn more about Kaisers Gold, Silver and Bronze ACA compliant plans for individuals and families in Colorado. Kaiser Permanente has offices in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont, Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

    Kaiser Permanente of Colorado 2021 Health Plan Brochures

    Not ready to apply just yet? Get a FREE custom personalized quote, so you can review your health insurance quotes at your convenience. Or give us a call for a free Colorado health insurance quote: 416-4481

    * Best Price Guarantee: Because health insurance rates are filed with and regulated by the Colorado Division of Insurance, you wont find the plans we sell offered for less anywhere else. If you get your health insurance through Colorado Health Insurance Brokers, through another agent/broker, or directly from Colorados insurance exchange or the insurance carrier, youll pay the same monthly premium for the same plan, so you can rest assured that youre getting the best available price.

    Save Time & Money

    Medicaid And Programs For Those With Low Incomes

    Kaiser Permanente also participates in Medicaid programs. For those who qualify for low-income health insurance, the plan issued by your government agency may be administered by Kaiser.

    In addition, Kaiser also offers a Charitable Health Coverage program that provides coverage and access to care for those who are not eligible for public or private health coverage.There’s also a Medical Financial Assistance program that provides free or reduced health care services for those who are low-income, uninsured and underserved.

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    How Is Kaiser Permanente Rated

    AM Best rates Kaiser Permanente A, whileStandard & Poors rates the company AA-, meaning its ability to meet its financial commitments is very strong.

    In 2019, Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company received eight complaints through the National Association of Insurance Commissioners .6

    Consumer Affairs gives Kaiser Permanente four out of five stars based on 1,500 ratings submitted last year.7

    What Happens If I Dont Pay My Kaiser Bill

    Ultimate Kaiser Health Builder

    If we do not receive payment we will continue to send you bills until we receive payment in full. Unified Billing Service might contact you about your balance on behalf of Kaiser Permanente. If you fail to pay your bills, your unpaid balance will be referred to a collection agency as explained under Nonpayment below.

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    What Is Kaiser Permanente

    Kaiser Permanente is one of the countrys largest not-for-profit health plans, with headquarters in Oakland, California. The company is a managed care organization where consumers can buy a health insurance policy and receive healthcare from one of the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and medical groups.

    The company is made up of three distinct entities:

    • Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
    • Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and its subsidiaries
    • The Permanente Medical Groups

    What Might Cause Me To Lose Job

    You can lose job-related coverage for a number of reasons, such as:

    • If youre laid off or quit

    • If your hours are reduced

    • If your employer no longer offers health coverage

    • If your employer stopped offering health coverage and switched to an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Account

    • If youre a dependent and the subscriber for your plan qualifies for Medicare

    • If youre a dependent and the subscriber for your plan dies

    • If youre a dependent and you get legally separated or divorced

    • If you turn 26 and no longer qualify as a dependent on a parents employer-sponsored plan

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    Average Monthly Cost Of Kaiser Permanente Insurance

    Metal tier

    Based on available policies in California.

    Keep in mind that these base rates are for individuals paying full price for health insurance. Health insurance subsidies through the Affordable Care Act can help reduce your monthly insurance bills, and you can qualify for these health insurance discounts based on your income and family size.

    The cost of Kaiser health insurance is usually about average when compared to all other insurance providers, but it’s cheaper than other major insurance companies such as BlueCross BlueShield.

    The cost of Kaiser health insurance also changes by location. On the West Coast, California, Washington and Oregon have similarly priced plans, with Oregon having the cheapest rates of the three.

    On the East Coast, there is a significant cost difference between the neighboring states of Virginia and Maryland. A 40-year-old could pay 54% more each month to get Kaiser insurance in Virginia than they would in Maryland. Some of this difference is due to overall pricing trends in the two states.

    Where is Kaiser Permanente the cheapest?


    Average cost for a 40-year-old purchasing a Silver plan.

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