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How To Cancel Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance

How To File An Insurance Claim With Anthem

Anthem Blue Cross and Dignity Health’s contract negotiations could impact your insurance plan

Both medical and behavioral health claims made by participating network providers are submitted by the provider directly to Anthem BCBS. If you see a provider that is not in the network and need to submit your claim to Anthem for processing, please click here to go to a non-network claim form or submit claim forms to:

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield P.O. Box 105187 Atlanta, GA 30348-5187

Should you have questions about your claims, contact Anthem BlueCross BlueShield directly at 1-866-645-4135 from 8am-8pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Free Insurance Quote Comparison

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When I Try To Register For Blue Access For Members I Get A Message Telling Me It’s Not Available When Will It Be Available For Me To Register

You may have received this error message during your registration for a number of reasons. Many times, the information you entered may not have matched the data in our system. Please remember to have your group and member ID numbers handy when you register. Both of these numbers can be found on your welcome letter and your member ID card. Register now.

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What Are The Policies Offered

In order to get the most accurate information on policies available in your area, as well as rates, you should get a quote. This will not only provide you with a wide range of policies that offer flexible and affordable coverage that fits your needs, but also take into account specifics that can affect your rate, such as your health and lifestyle, where you live and so on.

Youll find that Anthem BlueCross BlueShield offers a number of HMO and PPO plans along with combination plans that borrow from various features to allow you to choose a plan that more realistically meets your needs and budget.

I Received A Letter From Equian Saying They Have Partnered With Bcbstx To Investigate My Medical Claim Should I Respond To The Letter

How To Cancel Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance

BCBSTX and Equian have partnered to review the medical claim listed on your letter to determine if another person or insurance company should be responsible for the claim. The claim we are investigating may be for treatment you received from an injury experienced at work or from an auto accident.

The information we are requesting is important. It could help to get back money that should be paid by someone else, like another insurance carrier. This process is one of several tools used by BCBSTX to help control rising costs of health care. Call the number on the letter to answer the claim question.

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How To Cancel Your Health Insurance Plan

If youre unhappy with your health coverage, dont worry, there is something you can do about it. Learn how you can cancel your health insurance plan without facing any harsh penalties or repercussions.

Find Affordable Health Insurance In Your Area!

For most people, health insurance is a necessity and a burden that must be born. If you find yourself in the situation where you need to cancel health insurance, you may find it difficult to navigate the various regulations and policies that surround the healthcare market. You may change jobs, turn 65, or simply cannot afford your premiums. Whatever the reason, there are a number of factors to consider as you begin the process.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

There are a range of formal treatment options for substance use disorder treatment such as detoxification, acute inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment and residential treatment which require meeting medical necessity in order to be covered by your health insurance plan. There are also 12-step programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous , which anyone can attend.

With the guidance of a skilled EAP counselor, you can determine which type of treatment would be most effective and appropriate for you. Call the EAP at 1-888-445-4436 to get the process started.

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Once You Become A Member You Enjoy Many Discounts

Anthem policyholders enjoy a wide range of discounts on a number of products and services. For example, members can save money on pet health insurance, groceries, beauty and skin care, medical weight loss programs and much more. For many members, this generous discounts can make a significant improvement in their health and wellness, as well as in the wellness of those they care about.

How Do I Insure Health Insurance Coverage If I Have A Change In Status Of Dependents

Renew your benefits with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Healthcare Solutions of Nevada

Changes in status of members resulting from marriage, birth or adoption of a child, etc., can be accomplished by completing a blue cross enrollment form. Notification of change of status of members must be made as soon as possible but within 30 days of status change. Applications received after 30 days may delay the effective date of coverage. After 60 days, coverage will not be available until the next open enrollment period.

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How To Keep Your Cool As Summer Heats Up

The heat is on. Tim Hendrix, MD, medical director for AdventHealth Centra Care, knows well what that can mean for people not used to it. To illustrate, he shares the story of his introduction to the Florida heat when he moved to the Sunshine State from California 25 years ago.

As he had been used to doing, he grabbed a couple of bottles of water to take with him on a backroads bike ride at Canaveral National Seashore. On his California treks, Dr. Hendrix says, When one bottle was gone, I knew to turn around and start back. That didnt work in Florida. I wasnt used to the humidity. A couple of chugs of soda from a family leaving the beach kept me out of trouble.

Though he wouldnt necessarily recommend soda as a first choice for hydration, Dr. Hendrix says that, with the exception of alcoholic or caffeinated beverages, which will cause additional fluid loss, you should drink what youve got. And the colder the better when it comes to helping cool down.

It is not surprising that, as much of the country has experienced life under a heat dome during June, heat-exposure-related cases have doubled at Centra Cares urgent care clinics. But, Dr. Hendrix notes, that is typical of Florida in June, regardless of whether temperatures are more extreme than usual and lacking the summer rainstorms that begin in July.

“Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink. Stay ahead of it.”

Dr. Hendrix offers these suggestions for coping with the summertime heat:

How To Cancel Obamacare And Switch To Medicaid Or Chip

  • Expect a Letter: If you decide to cancel your Obamacare plan because youve become eligible for virtually free Medicaid or CHIP, you will again have to follow a specific process. You can expect to receive a notification letter telling you that you are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP, along with a list of actions you need to take to enroll all by a certain date. Dont delay. Enroll ASAP.
  • Dont Forget: Also, you must remember to cancel your Obamacare plan on time. If you fail to cancel your Obamacare plan once your Medicaid coverage starts, your Marketplace coverage and its bills will continue. But any government subsidies you were getting will end, sticking you with the full cost of that health insurance, minus any cost-sharing reductions you may have been receiving. Cost Sharing Reduction Subsidies reduce out-of-pocket costs on ACA Marketplace Silver plans for people earning from 100% to 250% of the federal poverty level in household income . These subsidies are in addition to Premium Tax Credits, which lower premium costs for those making between 100% to 400% of the poverty level, up to around $50,000 for an individual, $89,000 for a household of three.
  • Helpful Tips for Switching from Obamacare to Medicaid: Read this document with detailed instructions about how to cancel your Marketplace coverage in order to switch over to Medicaid or CHIP. It outlines the cancellation process for policyholders in a range of situations.

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Anthem Health Insurance Customer Service

How Anthem deals with customer complaints and claims is an accurate indicator of how it might handle your specific claims.

For instance, the Better Business Bureau gives Anthem a low rating of F. It found that the companys most recent 61 complaints are directly related to billing or problems with denying claims.

In terms of the National Committee for Quality Assurance, Anthems private health insurance plans receive overall ratings between 2.5 and 4.5. This translates to mid-to-high performance. Consumer satisfaction, prevention and treatment contribute to Anthems score.

Meanwhile, Consumer Affairs gives Anthem a 4 out of 5 rating. Over 1,000 reviews that feature four- and 5-star ratings are the main contributors to its high scores.

BBB Rating
  • Silver $477
  • Gold $487

For example, a $477-per-month premium for a Silver Anthem policy is higher than competitor Cigna but lower than Oscar.

Maximum Annual out of Pocket $150

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How To Cancel Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance

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If youre looking for a new insurance company, or if your employer has switched to Anthem BlueCross BlueShield and you want to know what to expect, this review will help you better understand the basics. Read on for all the details.

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Helpful Tips When Cancelling Private Plans

  • Get Carded: Youll commonly find the insurers customer care phone number for your policy, printed on your health insurance card and on your monthly premium bill.
  • Watch Out for Waiting Periods: If youre covered through a new employer, remember that many workplaces require a 30- or 90-day waiting period before your coverage starts. To avoid an unexpected lapse in coverage, double check with your HR department to confirm exactly when your coverage begins.
  • Write Down Confirmation Numbers: When you speak with an insurance representative, record the date in your notes, plus the representatives full name, the callback number, and your cancellation confirmation number. With that information at hand, it will be much easier to resolve any future issues that may arise.

How To Cancel Anthem Blue Shield Insurance Policy

If you want to cancel your Anthem insurance policy, its good to know a solution that doesnt involve pulling your hair out.

I didnt want to call any numbers where you can be on hold for hours as you are transferred to different departments.

Anthem definitely intentionally makes it difficult to cancel your health plan.

The first thing I tried was sending a message through their clumsy interface after logging into anthem.com

I didnt get a response for 5 business days, so I had to try something else.

I noticed Anthem have a twitter and facebook page, so I messaged both, and was told to email

I sent the following message, and they were very quick to finally help.

Hi, I want to cancel my Anthem insurance plan.

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A Wide Range Of Versatile Plans

Anthem has one of the largest variety of plans, ranging from HMOs to PPOs to HSAs and everything in between. Their flexible health insurance plans can help you narrow down the right choice for yourself and your family. And should you have any trouble navigating the alphabet soup of acronyms and health care plans, live agents are always a call or click away.

Enter your zip code below to view companies that have cheap insurance rates.

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What Are The Rates Of The Policies Offered

Anthem fined $5 million by Georgia insurance officials over claims processing errors

The amount youll pay for your Anthem BlueCross BlueShield insurance will depend on the coverage you want, as well as the deductible you choose. For example, one plan for a 27 year old non-smoker costs around $54 per month, although it has a high deductible. Another plan for the same person costs $102 per month and provides improved coverage with a more reasonable $2,500 deductible.

Youll need to carefully weigh your options in terms of how much you can reasonably afford to spend on premiums versus deductible and how much coverage that affords you. Should you have any questions, you can speak with agents via the sites Live Chat option to get answers to more complex questions.

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Canceling Anthem Insurance Via Companys Website

If youre trying to cancel your insurance cover, you can use the Anthem Insurance website. Download and fill out the Member Change Form with your contact details, and tick the relevant boxes to signify that you want to cancel.

You need to submit the termination details within 60 days of the desired date of cancellation. This will stop Anthem from billing you for an additional month while the company processes your termination.

If you continue to be billed after that period, contact the company on the Ask Customer Service page or the General Assistance Live Chat.

Any of these methods should enable you to cancel your membership with Anthem Insurance, but why go through all the trouble of doing it yourself when DoNotPay can do the job for you?

How To Cancel Medicaid Or Chip Programs

  • Income Adjustment: Expect the state to notify you If your household income increases or state qualification standards change, and you, therefore, are no longer eligible for Medicaid or the Childrens Health Insurance Program. If you lose your Medicaid or CHIP coverage, you will have a 60-day special enrollment window to buy a Marketplace plan, assuming you can afford to do that after receiving common government subsidies. Nearly 90% of those with Obamacare get subsidies.
  • Notify Your Caseworker: If you must cancel your Medicaid or CHIP plan because you get a new job or your child turns 19 and ages out, you will have to research the process in your state. State rules vary significantly. Start by calling your state Medicaid department caseworker. Typically, you will have up to 30 days to enroll in a Marketplace plan before losing your Medicaid or CHIP coverage.

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Canceling Your Anthem Insurance Policy

Whether youre moving, changing jobs or youve had another important life change or event, sometimes you need to cancel your insurance policy. In order to cancel your Anthem BlueCross BlueShield policy, youll need to notify the company.

For group insurance, an employer can either complete a Member Change Form or fill out the relevant cancellation information as part of the Group Bill you receive. If insurance is ending for a member of the group because of:

  • A member of the group divorces
  • An employee has died
  • An employee or spouse and/or dependent become ineligible for coverage
  • An employee leaves the group
  • A dependent child reaches the age limit of the group or marries
  • A dependent dies

You should notify Anthem right away. The company recommends submitting the termination details before the effective date since it reduces the chance of the group having to pay claims for services rendered after the member was terminated. You can notify them before or during the month the termination is effective or request a specific date for insurance to be canceled. Requests should be received within 60 days of the termination date, according to Anthem.

Should you encounter any issues, its recommended that you fill out Anthems customer service form. You can also contact Group Administrator and Sales Support at 1-800-421-1880 for HMO plans and 1-800-451-1527 for all other plans, Monday through Friday from 8:00am-6:00pm Eastern Time.

Taking The Next Steps

Download High Quality anthem logo health insurance Transparent PNG ...

If youre unhappy with your current coverage or you somehow lose coverage, do not panic almost always, there are a number of viable options available for you.

Here are just a few to consider:

Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Period Snapshot Survey Key Findings 44% of…

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