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How To Get Health Insurance Leads

Example Of A Professionals Networking Group

How to Generate Insurance Leads for Health, Auto, Mortgage & Life Insurance Agents Marketing

These groups are often diverse. Your networking group might feature a personal injury lawyer, a tax accountant, a chiropractor, a personal trainer, a plumber, a physical therapist, and you, a life insurance agent.

Suppose the personal trainer in your networking group is guiding a client through a set of bicep curls when the client makes an offhanded comment about a recent medical scare and then says his kids would not be able to afford college if he were gone.

The tax accountant might be helping a client with retirement budgeting when the client casually mentions his savings are insufficient for a proper burial. If the networking group functions like it is supposed to, both of these professionals have your business card on hand and use the opportunity to recommend your services to their clients who obviously need them.

In exchange, when one of your clients comments about needing a plumber or wanting to get in shape, you return the favor by recommending a group member.

Dont Forget To Follow

One of the biggest mistakes brokers make is failing to follow up on every Sure, that prospect who called your office looking for a quote may take priority over that person who sent you an inquiry via your website or that referral that came from a current client. Nevertheless, all three leads are important, and you need to respond to each as soon as reasonably possible. Dont forget to reach out periodically to older, cold leads that may not have resulted in a sale in the past, but could be warmed up. Its important to have a library of messages that can be used to respond to any sort of lead. LendingTrees QuoteWizard has five suggested templates to consider.

We Can Help, Too

Word & Brown offers brokers a wealth of materials to help you with your sales and marketing. Our and Business Plan Workbook are just two examples. Email or call your Word & Brown representative for additional information, or contact any of our six regional offices in California and Nevada.

How To Generate Healthcare Leads From Aol

Lets say you want to find Chief Medical Officer profiles from pharmaceuticals industry in San Francisco Bay Area using AOL.

The search syntax is:

< Industry> < Job Title> < Location> site:linkedin.com -pub/dir

The search script is:

pharmaceuticalsChief Medical OfficerSan Francisco Bay Area site:linkedin.com -pub/dir

Sometimes, job titles can be tricky. You may not have the same job titles across all companies. So you got to identify similar job titles to search prospects.

For example, marketing managerchief marketing officer

Some companies might have either one of the above or both. To ensure that you dont miss out your targeted prospects, you can try searching both.

If you are searching for marketing manager profiles, the search script is:

pharmaceuticalsmarketing managerSan Francisco Bay Area site:linkedin.com -pub/dir

If you are searching for chief marketing officer profiles, the search script is:

pharmaceuticalschief marketing officerSan Francisco Bay Area site:linkedin.com -pub/dir

Similarly, you can replace the title, industry and location to get the results based on your requirements.

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What Are Some Pros And Cons Of Company Leads

3 Simple Ways to Generate Health Insurance Leads

On the pro side, company leads typically are free so if you’re starting out you don’t risk your own money on leads that might not convert to sales. Not having to compare lead providers and lead costs frees up more of your time to sell life insurance.On the con side, they may be old and worked to death. When an agent quits, the company reclaims his leads and may distribute them to the new agents. By the time you get your hands on a company lead, it may have already been called by a half-dozen or more ex-agents.

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Writing Policies And Closing Sales Were Never This Easy

Grow Your Market

Use our best-in-class support, latest technology, and high-quality leads to expand your business. We strive to do our best to be your favourite source of leads.


Leads Based on Consumer Interest

We do the heavy-lifting allowing you to reap the benefits. We find actionable leads and help you get in touch with a consumer who wants your service.

How To Sell Insurance Over The Phone

Making insurance sales over the phone can be intimidating, but you can make the process much easier by following these tips on how to sell over the phone:

  • Before you pick up the phone, make sure you understand your pitch. What does your company have to offer that others dont? Do you have a certain customer persona in mind? What kind of objections could someone have?
  • You dont have to make the entire call off the top of your head. Create an outline or write exactly what you want to say. But, remember that you cant rely on it for the entire call.
  • Make sure to use terms your customer will understand no jargon. Feel free to be personable, yet professional. During your conversation, try to understand their wants and needs and shape your pitch around them.
  • If they begin to be rude to you, or immediately hang up on you, dont become upset. You want to keep a calm demeanor throughout or it will affect your next call.
  • Ask questions. People like talking about themselves, and youre sure to keep them on the phone longer if you ask them questions.
  • While asking questions, you also want to keep things short. Not many people want to sit on the phone all day and listen to someone try to sell them insurance.
  • How to handle objections in sales calls. Youre going to be rejected a few times in a row. This is no reason to become distraught, and is also no reason to begin to think about giving up.
  • Keep a happy tone, no one likes talking to someone who sounds miserable or upset in any way.

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How To Use Linkedin Groups To Generate Healthcare Leads

LinkedIn Groups is one huge source where you can find targeted prospects in the healthcare industry and generate healthcare leads. There are thousands of LinkedIn groups related to healthcare.

There are thousands of members in each group. You need to identify the LinkedIn groups in which your prospects are a part of, and then join those groups. One of the challenges with LinkedIn groups is that you cannot join more than 50 groups. Some of the LinkedIn groups are restricted and they dont allow everyone to join the group. Therefore, you need to consider these limitations while joining LinkedIn groups. Once you join the LinkedIn groups, you need to initially observe to get the hang of what is happening. Then you can start participating, contributing, and reaching your prospects. However, you need to follow the best practices to .

LeadGrabber Pro is a B2B Lead Generation software that enables you to generate healthcare leads. The software helps you to generate sales leads from any industry. You dont have to spend countless hours on the Internet to manually search for prospects or generate sales leads. The B2B lead generation tool enables you to find decision makers in no time.

Whats more? The software also appends verified business email addresses and phone numbers as well. The B2B lead generation software helps you to build high-quality sales leads, set sales appointments, and increase sales conversions.

Become An Expert In Insurance

How To Generate FREE Insurance Leads!

If theres one thing that all companies want more of, its expertise. So if youre looking for some ways to stand out from your competitors then you should try to become an expert in the field of insurance.

You can do this by blogging, speaking at conferences, or even running a workshop on something youre knowledgeable about such as life insurance for seniors.

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Maintain Relationships With Your Contact List

If the only time you contact the people on your list is when specifically asking for leads or referrals, you are doing LinkedIn wrong. Reach out to those on your list when they need help with something, or simply to say hello, wish a happy birthday or congratulate on a recent promotion.

When these contacts have life insurance businesses to refer to, they are most likely to send it to the agent with whom they enjoy the most active and meaningful relationship.

Get Involved In Your Community

Taking part in community groups, trade and business associations, and local events can be a very effective way to get your name out to both prospective customers and potential business partners . A broker survey by the industry publication ThinkAdvisor found community involvement ranks as the second most-effective prospecting technique .

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Have An Excellent Customer Support

If your customer service is top-notch, youll get more leads. When someone has an issue or question with their current insurance company, they may inquire about contacting yours for a quote in order to do so, the person will need to provide contact information and personal detailswhich means these potential customers have now contacted your business.

Exclusive Health Insurance Leads

How to Get Group Health Insurance Leads

Millions of Americans need help finding the health insurance that is right for them. QuoteWizard can connect you with real people who need health insurance policies now. We offer exclusive and shared health insurance leads. We understand that health insurance shoppers may already be overwhelmed and don’t want calls from multiple agents. Whether you are selling major medical health insurance, short term health insurance plans or bringing people through the federal or state exchanges QuoteWizard has options for you.

We also understand that health insurance agents are busy. Take control of your account with the industry’s best lead administration tool that allows you to get the right amount or real time health insurance leads when you want them. Our online search generated health insurance leads are proven to convert at five times the rate of other leads.

If you’re looking to connect with medicare insurance shoppers we can help there as well.

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Target Geographically & Demographically

You want to target high-profile areas and not just Facebook in whole. You can pinpoint the geographic areas you want ads to appear or target areas where salaries are higher than normal or where there’s a high volume of home ownership, etc.for example, in Phoenix, Arizona.

… you have to find the best of the best leads to avoid selling retention-issue riddled leads. People who own their home and bundle their auto are less likely to move their policies than people who have just one policy. Those are the target demographics. Those people stick and are prime leads that agents want to buy.

Nick Mathews, Independent Agent, Nations Choice Insurance

Health Insurance Lead Generation

Health insurance is a booming vertical in the lead industry. As more people seek out coverage, insurance agents need to find a way to get in touch with these prospects. Additionally, because the Affordable Care Act leveled the playing field in terms of coverage options that insurance providers can/must provide, there is no longer a significant difference between providers. This removes most competitive advantages from individual providers and encourages them to seek new methods to acquire customers. This is where lead generation comes in. More and more insurance brokers are buying health insurance leads to supplement their marketing and client acquisition efforts. This is leaving a void in the marketplace for health insurance lead providers to fill.

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Agents Secret Weapon For A Better Return On Health Leads

ProspectZone does more than any other internet lead company. When you partner with us, you have the option to access complimentary insurance technology from Norvax, the preferred technology provider for health producers. When you can quote in 60 seconds, automate your busywork, and touch prospects without lifting a finger, you maximize your return on investment.

Want to learn more about our lead programs, or how to give them a boost with insurance technology? Contact a lead specialist today.

Group Insurance Lead Generation & Acquisition

FREE Leads!! How to get FREE leads from Healthcare.gov for ACA “Obamacare”.

Brokers have tried it allcold-calling Human Resource executives, walking door-to-door for hours , and waiting for referrals to be sent their wayusually with little success. Expanding your business to include small group insurance sales will require a different approach:

1. Buy quality leads from a reputable provider. Detailed, qualified leads filtered to indicate company size, types of insurance, location, and budget can make the difference in your overall success. Purchase leads that suit your field of interest and demographics from real-time lead providers. Buying false or expired leads is a waste of your time and money. Instead, find a provider that will deliver significant prospects as they become available. Strong small group health insurance leads can increase your sales conversion rates and, ultimately, result in a surge in commissions.

2. Gather information from Secretary of State websites. Individual Secretary of State sites can provide new corporation listings, LLC filings, and trademark applications for companies that may appreciate hearing about your products and services and have not been already inundated with sales pitches. If you choose to contact these companies by telephone, make sure you are prepared and organized. Review important skills to be successful selling over the phone.

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Best Ways To Find Life Insurance Leads

The hardest part of the job for a life insurance agent is finding good leads. No matter if you know life insurance inside and out and can explain the nuances of your product with impeccable clarity, you can’t survive without leads. Knowing how to find and use leads is more important now than ever because sales are increasingly moving online, so that agents are competing with computers for sales.

The life insurance market is notoriously saturated with hundreds upon hundreds of agents competing for the attention of precious few qualified prospects. Getting in front of these prospects before your competition is vital if you want a lucrative, long-term career in this business. Remember that training in the industry, which pays an average $52,180 a year, is said to be only “moderate.”

The following methods represent the best ideas to consider for finding life insurance leads. Below each method is a description of how it works, along with its pros and cons.

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Insurance Leads

What is the difference between Major Medical and Short Term insurance?Major Medical Insurance is an option for individuals and families who do not have access to a health plan through an employer or public program. Individual major medical plans offer comprehensive health insurance coverage and may be purchased from a health insurance carrier, agent or broker during Open Enrollment , or outside OE if they have had a Qualifying Life Event within 60 days of enrollment. Short term health insurance is a temporary health option that is meant to provide coverage in between other insurance options. Its benefits usually insure against catastrophe. It is coverage that protect against accidents or major illnesses. In short its insurance that covers the gap until you can enroll in a Major Medical Insurance plan either during OE, or until your new job starts insuring you, etc.

What is Open Enrollment?The yearly period when people can enroll in a health insurance plan without the requirement of a qualifying life event. Through 2018 Open Enrollment will be from November 1 January 31 of the following year.

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Tips On How To Get More Health Insurance Leads In 2021

There is no doubt that healthcare in America changed the moment that the Affordable Care Act was signed into law. You are no longer subject to fines for not having any coverage but it is still too early to predict how all of this is going to impact the healthcare system and what evolution will take place to address the new changes. One thing is for certain, private healthcare plans will still be purchased even if coverage is being offered as part of employment. This means that for private insurers, there will still be a huge population of prospective clients. This article will explore ways of reaching them and providing the coverage they need from a private source.

Use Effective Telemarketing Scripts

All kinds of insurance leads you need, in one place!

While some insurance businesses and agents rally against using cold calling script samples when theyre reaching out to prospects they dont know, using scripts can be beneficial in several ways. First, they provide a common approach that all your agents can use to talk to prospects. This can prevent your agents from being at a loss for words, and it can ensure they cover all of the points they need to make with ease. Sales scripts can also drive every conversation your agents have with prospects in the direction that will increase the likelihood that theyll close a sale.

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