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How Much Does Health Insurance Cost In Delaware

About The Delaware Health Insurance Exchange

Understanding Your Health Insurance Costs | Consumer Reports

Delaware Insurance Marketplace 2020 Open Enrollment runs from to

You can get healthcare insurance through the Delaware Insurance Marketplace during open enrollment.

You can choose to compare health insurance rates directly from major health insurance carriers any time throughout the year! Right here on this site.

Just put in your zip code in the box above to view agents near you. FOR FREE!


Many avenues are included for the landscape of health insurance in Delaware in which individuals and families can buy health plans. Residents who have no access to an employer sponsored coverage may shop for health care plans through the federal marketplace exchange or private marketplace. Other that qualify can apply for a public health plan like Medicaid and CHIP.

How Much Does Ltc Insurance Cost In Delaware

How much does long term care insurance cost in Delaware? The answer: It depends on your age and health history at the time you buy the insurance. Generally speaking, the younger and healthier you are the lower the cost. Your long term care insurance premiums will also depend on the following benefits you select:

  • Benefit Period

Is Short Term Health Insurance A Good Option

Short-term health insurance could be a good option for you, depending on your needs. Premiums for short-term health insurance in Delaware start at approximately $50 per month.* For people looking for a temporary medical plan, it could be a good and affordable option.

This type of temporary health insurance does not provide the same amount of coverage as Affordable Care Act health insurance. The policies are not fully comprehensive and do not necessarily include benefits such as maternity care or prescription drug coverage. In addition, people with preexisting conditions can denied.

Short-term plans may come with high out-of-pocket deductible and copays that youre responsible for in exchange for lower premiums. Before you purchase a plan, review the benefits and coverage levels to make sure its the right decision for you.

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Cheapestepohealth Insurance Plan In Delaware

Average Cost of Motorcycle Insurance (2018)

Your needs and preferences regarding healthcare are determining factors when deciding which type of plan you purchase. In Delaware, the only plan available is Exclusive Provider Organization plans . Except for cases of emergencies, these require you to remain within your provider network if you want services to be covered. Its cheaper than other plan types, and you may not always need a referral to see a specialist.

The cheapest EPO Silver plan available is Health Savings Embedded Blue EPO Silver 3450 HSA. Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware offers it for an average of $522 per month.

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What Is The Average Cost Of Health Insurance For Families In Delaware

Health insurance costs vary on the number of family members insured under the policy and their ages. Utilizing the Health Insurance Marketplace Calculator for a family of four , the average cost for a silver plan is $505 per month or $6,058 per year. Without financial help, your silver plan could cost $1,604 per month . However, using the Average Household Income in Delaware , you are likely eligible for financial help.

For any marketplace plan in 2021, individual consumers cant pay more than $8,550 in out-of-pocket medical costs, and families cant pay more than $17,100.

Cheapest Health Insurance By Plan Tier

Health insurance in Delaware is broken down into five different plan tiers: Catastrophic, Bronze Expanded, Silver, Gold and Platinum. We compared all the policies available in each tier and identified cheap health insurance options available to you. The table below provides the cheapest plan at each level of coverage, along with the deductible, out-of-pocket maximum and monthly cost for a 40-year-old.

Plan tier
my Blue Access Major Events PPO 8700 $307
my Blue Access PPO Bronze 3800 $415
my Blue Access PPO Silver 3250 HSA $538
my Blue Access PPO Gold 0 $529
my Blue Access PPO Platinum 0 $669 $0 $5,000

A policyholder’s age will affect the premium the most when trying to purchase a health policy. As you can see in the graph below, for all plan tiers, the average cost of a health plan increases significantly with age. For example, a Gold health insurance plan costs $121 more per month for a 40-year-old compared to a 21-year-old, whereas 60-year-olds pay $624 more on average than 40-year-olds.

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The Cheapest Health Insurance In Delaware By County

In most states, which area you live in affects how much health insurance costs. Insurance providers use rating areas when setting premiums. In states with multiple rating areas, a health plan may have different rates per county. Delaware, however, only has one rating area for all three counties. This means that plan premiums are not affected by location but instead change depending on other factors such as your age, income and tobacco use.

The cheapest health insurance plan in Delaware for a Silver plan is Health Savings Embedded Blue EPO Silver 3450 HSA. You can purchase it for a monthly premium of $522 from Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware.

If you want to find the cheapest health insurance plan in Delaware in your county for all metal tiers, you can use the table below.

All plans shown are for a 40-year-old male looking to purchase a health plan in different counties of Delaware.

Cheapest Health Insurance Plans in Delaware by County

Sort by county:

How Much Is Family Health Insurance Per Month

How Much Does the Health Insurance Plan Cost?

The average premium for a family of 4 in 2020 is was $1,437, according to customer data gathered by one health insurance agency. This does not include families who received government subsides. Like individual insurance, your family cost will depend on ages, location, plan category, tobacco use, and number of plan members.

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Unitedhealthcare Senior Care Options Plan

UnitedHealthcare SCO is a Coordinated Care plan with a Medicare contract and a contract with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Medicaid program. Enrollment in the plan depends on the plans contract renewal with Medicare. This plan is a voluntary program that is available to anyone 65 and older who qualifies for MassHealth Standard and Original Medicare. If you have MassHealth Standard, but you do not qualify for Original Medicare, you may still be eligible to enroll in our MassHealth Senior Care Option plan and receive all of your MassHealth benefits through our SCO program.

Heres How That Breaks Down

According to eHealthInsurance, for unsubsidized customers in 2016, premiums for individual coverage averaged $321 per month while premiums for family plans averaged $833 per month. The average annual deductible for individual plans was $4,358 and the average deductible for family plans was $7,983.

That means that, last year, the average family paid $9,996 for coverage alone, and, if they met their deductible, a total of just under $18,000.Meanwhile, an average individual spent $3,852 on coverage and, if she spent another $4,358 to meet her deductible, a total of $8,210.

These figures do not take into account any additional co-insurance responsibility she might have. In addition to co-pays and deductibles, an increasing number of plans now require co-insurance payments, which require that, even once you meet your deductible, you continue paying some percentage of all costs until you hit your out-of-pocket maximum.

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Delaware Healthy Children Program

The Delaware Healthy Children Program offers low-cost insurance for children in households with incomes below a certain threshold. While the income limit for traditional Medicaid is anywhere from 100% to 133% of the FPL depending on a childs age, the Delaware Healthy Children Program has a higher limit: 200% of the FPL. This means your children may qualify for the Delaware Healthy Children Program even if your household income is too high for them to get Medicaid coverage.

To qualify for the Delaware Healthy Children Program, a child must meet the following requirements:

  • No comprehensive health insurance
  • U.S. citizen or lawful immigrant
  • Not a dependent of someone who works for the State of Delaware

The Delaware Healthy Children Program covers many medical services with no copays. These services include routine checkups, speech therapy, prescription drugs, physician services, lab tests, and hospital care.

What To Know About Insurance In Delaware

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost In Delaware
  • If you live in Delaware, you can use the Health Insurance Marketplace to sign up for an ACA plan. Delaware is somewhat unusual, as it has no health insurance companies offering plans outside the health exchange.
  • Open enrollment: Delawares 2022 enrollment period runs from
  • Special enrollment: You cant sign up for health coverage outside of open enrollment unless you qualify for a special enrollment period. You may qualify for an SEP if you have a qualifying life event that changes your insurance eligibility. Qualifying events include job loss, divorce, and the birth or adoption of a child.
  • Health Insurance Marketplace: Delaware doesnt have its own affordable health insurance exchange, so it uses the federal Health Insurance Marketplace. If you want an ACA plan, you can use the Health Insurance Marketplace to compare plans and enroll. You should know that Highmark is the only insurance company that currently offers plans on the exchange.
  • Coverage types: In Delaware, 49.7% of the insured population has group health coverage through an employer. Another 37.7% of the insured population has Medicare or Medicaid, 1.8% have military coverage and 4.1% have non-group coverage. Approximately 6.6% of the Delaware population is uninsured.

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Individual Health Insurance Premiums On The Exchanges

The federal insurance plan marketplace at HealthCare.gov, aka Obamacare, is alive and well in 2021, despite years of its political foes’ efforts to kill it. It offers plans from about 175 companies. Some 12 states and the District of Columbia operate their own health exchanges, which basically mirror the federal site but focus on plans available to their residents. People in these areas sign up through their state, rather than the federal exchange.

Each available plan offers four levels of coverage, each with its own price. In order of price from highest to lowest, they are labeled platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. The benchmark plan is the second-lowest-cost silver plan available through the health insurance exchange in a given area, and it can vary even within the state where you live. It’s called the benchmark plan because it’s the plan the government usesalong with your incometo determine your premium subsidy, if any.

The good news is prices are going down a bit. According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services , the average premium for the second-lowest-cost silver plan decreased by 4% on HealthCare.gov from 2019 to 2020 for a 27-year-old. Six states experienced double-digit percentage declines in average second-lowest-cost silver plan premiums for 27-year-olds, including Delaware , Nebraska , North Dakota , Montana , Oklahoma , and Utah .

What Is Health Insurance

Health insurance is a type of coverage that pays a percentage of your medical bills if you get sick, are injured or need to go to the hospital. Having insurance protects you financially from the rising cost of medical care and can potentially help you avoid medical bankruptcy if you become ill. Health insurance helps pay for things like hospital stays, emergency room treatment and annual physicals.

There are a few different ways that you can get health insurance:

  • An employer-sponsored group plan: Most Americans get their health insurance through their employers. Business owners receive group discounts on health insurance coverage, which lowers the amount you pay per month.
  • Medicare: Medicare is a government-sponsored, low-cost health insurance program. You may qualify for Medicare if youre over 65 or you have a disability that limits your ability to work.
  • Medicaid: Medicaid is another government-sponsored health insurance program for low-income families.
  • A private insurance provider: You can buy a private individual or family plan through the Affordable Care Act Marketplace. Well be focusing on private insurance options in this article.

The specific health insurance plans youll be able to choose may vary depending on where you live and your annual income. When you compare plan prices, you might see multiple dollar amounts listed. Here are a few need-to-know terms you should be familiar with before you shop for insurance.

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What Types Of Alternative Health Insurance Plans Are Available In Delaware

As a Delaware resident, you have access to some health insurance alternatives that can help with your medical expenses. One of the most common is a health care sharing ministry, which uses funds contributed by members to pay for hospital fees and other health-related costs. HCSMs dont offer traditional health insurance, and theyre not regulated like regular health insurance, so theyre allowed to deny you based on pre-existing conditions or charge you more money based on your health history.

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost

How Much Does Small Business Health Insurance Cost?

In 2022, the average cost of health insurance is $541 a month for a silver plan. However, costs will vary by location. Insurance is expensive in West Virginia and South Dakota, averaging more than $800 a month. States with cheaper health insurance include Georgia, New Hampshire and Maryland, averaging less than $375 a month.

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Accident & Critical Illness Insurance

Accidental injuries and critical illness happen when you least expect them. Those unexpected expenses can strain any budget. Accident insurance2 and critical illness insurance2 can help by paying cash benefits for covered injuries or illnesses.

The Accident Pro series of products, underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, combines accident insurance with critical illness, hospitalization, and accidental death and dismemberment coverage all in one. Some plans are guaranteed issue, meaning your application wont be turned down for preexisting conditions.

Long Term Care Insurance In Delaware

This Delaware Long Term Care Insurance Review covers long term care planning in the State of Delaware. Here are the key points in this article:

  • Who needs long term care?
  • Does Medicare cover long term care?
  • When to buy long term care insurance.
  • Long term care insurance options in Delaware.
  • Cost of long term care in Delaware.
  • Delaware Long Term Care Partnership Program.
  • Cost of long term care insurance in Delaware.
  • Long term care insurance companies in Delaware.

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Delaware Employee Benefit Plans And Employee Benefit Packages

Research shows that employees care a great deal about their benefits plans. When you are working to stay competitive in the fight for top talent in Delaware, a robust benefits package is one tool to help you. Including health insurance coverage is a good start, and most employees also expect paid time off. Paid time for illness, vacation, and some holidays is an excellent way to attract workers.

If you can add some optional benefits, consider looking next at dental and vision coverage and a retirement savings plan like a 401. These are usually near the top of employees wish lists and help elevate the workforces financial security. Again, your Taylor Benefits Insurance specialist can help you decide how to create a package that will increase your appeal as an employer.

Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans

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For qualifying Americans under the age of 30, catastrophic plans are available to provide what can be considered last-resort health insurance. Catastrophic plan premiums are lower than even Bronze tier plans. However, you pay more for visits and prescriptions due to high deductibles, which are $8,550 for the year in 2021.

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The Future Of Small Business Health Insurance

Defined Contribution Plans allow employers to offer health benefits without offering a traditional group health insurance plan. Instead of paying costs for a specific group health plan, employers allocate tax-deductible monthly allowances for their employees to spend on private health insurance and other medical expenses tax-free.

Features of defined contribution plans include the following:

  • Employee Choice employees choose a health insurance plan that best fits their needs.

  • Fixed Cost employers control health care costs by allocating fixed monthly allowances for their employees.

  • Savings employers using Defined Contribution Plans typically cost less than group health plans which results in saving for both the employer and employee.

Health Insurance Plans In Delaware

If youre looking at health insurance policies in Delaware, youll see that both public and private options are available. Insurance may be provided through an employer, through the State, or through the Affordable Care Act. Comparing quotes from different providers is a great way to find the best plan for you. First, lets take a look at the different types of insurance thats available.

< qa> 1 Individual Health Insurance in Delaware If youre self-employed in Delaware or your employer doesnt offer adequate insurance, you may consider purchasing individual health insurance. This type of policy can be purchased through the Healthcare Marketplace or through a private provider.< /qa>

< qa> 2 Family Health Insurance in Delaware Family health insurance means a policy that covers you and your spouse. Family insurance also covers your children up to age 26, even if theyre not financially dependent on you.< /qa>

< qa> 3 Short Term Health Insurance in Delaware Qualifying life events, such as in between jobs and employer-provided insurance, can make short term coverage a good choice. Also known as temporary health insurance, this type of coverage can protect you in situations such as when you move from one job to a new job and experience a period when youre not covered by either your old employers or your new employers plan.< /qa>

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