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Why Do I Need Health Insurance

Private Medical Insurance And Coronavirus

Why do I need health insurance?

Many private medical insurers refunded policies after medical treatment became difficult to access because of the coronavirus pandemic. With the NHS using private medical facilities to increase capacity during busier periods, almost all non-critical private work was stopped for some time.

As a result, many insurers refunded or suspended premiums. Those that didnt said they would review the situation in 2021, when the impact of the pandemic becomes clearer.

In General Youll Lose Money By Buying Health And Dental Insurance

Private health insurance was created to ease the cost of medical services not typically covered by the provincial plan. This means expenses like dental, vision, physiotherapy, prescription drugs, massages and more. But the matter of fact is that in most cases:

You’ll lose money by buying insurance. Health insurance is not cost effective for individuals or small businesses. Pooling only takes effect in large corporations with more than 500 employees.

The purpose of insurance is to protect you from unknown, potentially catastrophic events. For example, while driving a car, you cannot predict a crash, and so you choose to insure your car. This element of risk is what instigates a need for insurance.

Similarly, you might want to insure your health and dental on the low chance of a financially catastrophic event. This is not correct. It is a misconception that health insurance uses to prey on its customers.

Let’s delve deeper into the element of risk, specifically financial vs. physical risk:

The provincial plan covers life threatening emergencies . The only way you can justify a need for health insurance is if you face a medical expense such as a $10,000 dental bill..but heres the catch: your insurance provider wouldn’t typically cover this expense anyway.

Example: deductible of $500 and coverage limit of $2,000. This means an expense of $10,000 requires you to pay the first $500, and then insurance steps in to cover $2,000. What remains of the $10,000 bill is on you.

Getting To A Better Location

You also want to consider emergency medical evacuation insurance. This pays for you to get to the nearest adequate medical facility, or even back home, depending on your condition. For example, if youre vacationing in a remote part of the world, this would be essential coverage to have. Medical evacuation back to the U.S. can cost more than $50,000, according to the U.S. Department of State.

Be aware of your travel insurance policys rules for evacuation. For example, some policies might pay to transport you back to the U.S. only after youve been hospitalized for seven days following a medical emergency.

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Can I Afford Health Insurance

To sign up for a private health insurance plan, you typically have to pay a monthly premium. Its far more likely that you can afford health insurance than that you can afford to pay for a surgery, illness or emergency room visit out of your own pocket.

Private health insurers usually offer a variety of plans with different premiums in order to reach a wide range of income levels.

If you cant afford a private health insurance plan, you might be eligible for a government health insurance plan, such as Medicaid or Medicare. Or you might be eligible for subsidies on the healthcare.gov Health Insurance Marketplace.

Where Can I Receive Care

Why do I need health insurance?

One way that health insurance plans control their costs is to influence access to providers. Providers include physicians, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, and other entities. Many insurance companies contract with a specified network of providers that has agreed to supply services to plan enrollees at more favorable pricing.

If a provider is not in a plans network, the insurance company may not pay for the service provided or may pay a smaller portion than it would for in-network care. This means the enrollee who goes outside of the network for care may be required to pay a much higher share of the cost. This is an important concept to understand, especially if you are not originally from the local Stanford area.

If you have a plan through a parent, for example, and that plans network is in your hometown, you may not be able to get the care you need in the Stanford area, or you may incur much higher costs to get that care.

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In Case You Have To Visit The Hospital For Emergency

Here is what you need to do if you have found yourself at one of our network hospitals during an emergency and require unscheduled medical treatment.

Step 1 – Submit The Claim Form At the Hospital: Send us your cashless claim form, no later than 24 hours after being hospitalised, so that we may generate the Claim Intimation/ Reference Number. Here are the documents that need to be submitted to utilise the cashless claims benefit.

  • A copy of your health insurance policy
  • Your insurance card
  • The investigation report, if applicable
  • A copy of the First Information Report in case of an accidental claim
  • Your NEFT details for the settlement of the claim
  • Duly filled CKYC form if the amount of the claim is above 1 lakh.

Step 2 – Await claim settlement: Once we receive your requirement claim form and the required documents, we shall verify them then process the claim and award the reimbursement to you.

Health Insurance As A Safety Net

Its important to have health insurance as a safety net. If you unexpectedly get sick or injured, health insurance is there to help cover costs that you likely cant afford to pay on your own.

Health care can be very expensive. It can be an enormous financial burden. Surgery, emergency care, prescription drugs, lab work, scans and examinations these sorts of costs can add up very quickly. They can even be high enough to cause individuals to go bankrupt, or to turn down care that they need but cant afford out-of-pocket.

But, with health insurance, youre not facing those costs as an individual theres an insurance plan helping you cover the costs, and helping you navigate the confusion of medical billing.

Lets face it, medical bills arent the sort of thing you want to be dealing with while ill, injured, in a hospital bed or the emergency room. Its smart to make difficult financial decisions ahead of time, by getting health insurance before you get sick.

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Do I Need Health Insurance If I Am Young

Yes, it’s generally a good idea to have some health insurance even if you’re young and relatively healthyat the very least, for catastrophic events. Accidents and severe illnesses can strike anyone, and even a brief emergency room visit or an outpatient surgical procedure can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Without health coverage, you’re responsible for all of those expenses. While it’s becoming rarer, some providers and ERs will turn you away if you’re uninsured.

Public Vs Private Healthcare

Why Do I Need Health Insurance? – SmarterWithMoney

New Zealand has a public healthcare system that will look after your acute needs and a public no-fault accident insurance scheme that covers you for accidental injury.

However, if you need to see a specialist, have non-acute surgery or a diagnostic procedure , the public system will put you on a waiting list. This is where health insurance can help.

Southern Cross Medical Care Society is a licensed insurer and a licensed financial advice provider. For more information about the financial advice service we provide and a copy of our public disclosure statement please visit southerncross.co.nz/disclosure-statement.

Southern Cross Medical Care Society has an A+ financial strength rating given by Standard & Poors Pty Limited. The rating scale is: AAA , AA , A , BBB , BB , B , CCC , CC , SD or D , R , NR . Ratings from AA to CCC may be modified by the addition of a plus or minus sign to show relative standing within the major rating categories. Full details of the rating scale are available at www.standardandpoors.com. Standard & Poors is an approved rating agency under the Insurance Act 2010.

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Myths And Policy Making

Popular confusion about the facts of health insurance coverage and its importance can hamper effective policy making, as can policy makers’ uncertainty about the interpretation of coverage trends and consequences. This report and those that will follow aim to provide reliable information, useful to both the public and policy leaderslegislators, employers, program managersas they meet the ongoing challenges of financing health care.

A Short Term Plan Is A Temporary Relief During Uninsured Times

If a standard insurance plan isnt the best option for you, looking into short term health insurance might be the next best thing. A short term plan is a perfect option for when youll have a gap in coverage during the year.

If you sign up for a new plan through the Affordable Care Act program, coverage for the new plan might not begin for a couple of months. Or if you are currently between jobs or looking for a new job, you might also be experiencing a gap in coverage.

These are examples of the perfect times to look into getting a short term plan. Short term insurance will keep you protected and insured temporarily while you wait to receive insurance through other means.

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One Application To See Your Choices And Costs

Fill out just one Health Insurance Marketplace® application to find out if you qualify for:

  • An insurance plan with savings based on your income. You’ll see how much you’ll save immediately. Our sorting and filtering tools make it easy to check out plans side-by-side.
  • Free or low-cost coverage through Medicaid. If you have children, you’ll find out if they qualify for coverage through the Childrens Health Insurance Program .

One catch: If someone claims you as a tax dependent, you can buy an insurance plan through the Marketplace but won’t qualify for savings based on your income.

The Importance Of Health Insurance And Why You Must Get It

Why do I need Health Insurance?

The current COVID-19 pandemic has made the entire world sit up and realise that medical exigencies are unpredictable and can cause a financial upheaval that is tough to handle. With a high infection rate and no successful vaccine yet, people have started to understand the importance of having a good health insurance plan. Besides, with the rising cost of medical expenses, access to good medical facility and hospitalisation costs can be financially strenuous. Therefore, getting a health insurance cover for yourself and your family can provide the added protection you need in times like these. Apart from the obvious benefit of having the financial confidence to take care of your loved ones, a health insurance plan is extremely useful when it comes to beating medical treatment inflation.

Here are six crucial reasons why you need to consider getting a health insurance plan today:

1. To fight lifestyle diseases

Lifestyle diseases are on the rise, especially among people under the age of 45. Illnesses like diabetes, obesity, respiratory problems, heart disease, all of which are prevalent among the older generation, are now rampant in younger people too. Some contributing factors that lead to these diseases include a sedentary lifestyle, stress, pollution, unhealthy eating habits, gadget addiction and undisciplined lives.

2. To safeguard your family

3. To counter inadequate insurance cover

4. To deal with medical inflation

5. To protect your savings

6. Insure early to stay secured

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If You Have Company Health Insurance

Find out if you’re covered under a group health insurance policy. If so, what are you covered for? The policy may end when you change employer or retire, so you should have a personal health insurance policy as well.

Do not wait until you stop working to buy a health insurance policy. By then, you may not be insurable due to age or poor health.

The Pros And Cons Of Private Health Insurance

  • Specialist referrals. You can ask your GP to refer you to an expert or a specialist working privately to get a second opinion or specialist treatment.

  • Get the scans you want. If the NHS delays a scan, or wont let you have one, you can use your cover to pay for it.

  • Reduce the waiting time. You can use your insurance to reduce the time you spend waiting for NHS treatment, if your wait time is more than six weeks.

  • Choose your surgeon and hospital. You can choose a surgeon and hospital to suit your time and place, which isnt possible on the NHS.

  • Get a private room. Youre more likely to get a private room, rather than stay in an open ward which might be mixed-sex.

  • Specialist drugs and treatments might be available. Some arent available on the NHS because theyre too expensive or not approved by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in England and Wales or the Scottish Medicines Consortium .

  • Physiotherapy. You get quicker access to physiotherapy sessions if you have insurance than you likely would through NHS treatment.


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Options For Health Insurance Coverage

Before going without health insurance, Nicholson reviewed all of her options, which included being added to her husbands plan and enrolling in a healthcare cost-sharing program. These are also things that you might consider if youre without health insurance or thinking about canceling your plan since coverage is no longer mandatory.

You may consider short-term health insurance or catastrophic care policies, but these have their limitations in terms of whats covered and whos eligible. Applying for Medicaid may also be an option, but whether you qualify is dependent on your income and family size. Each state has different guidelines with regard to the income and asset thresholds allowed for eligibility for Medicaid coverage.

Alternative Options If You Want To Go Private

Why Do I Need Health Insurance
  • Use savings for all or part of your medical costs around one in five private patients do this. Hip and knee replacements cost an average of £10,000 each, while MRI scans cost from £500. You can shop around for scan prices your GP can help you do this.
  • Pay for a private consultation if you want an expert or second opinion. Then, if necessary, your consultant will refer you back into the NHS for treatment.

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How Does Health Insurance Protect Enrollees

Having health insurance provides a safety net in case you end up with a serious injury or illness: All non-grandfathered, non-grandmothered major medical health insurance plans will cap your in-network out-of-pocket costs at no more than an amount determined by CMS each year, regardless of how high your medical bills actually get. For 2021, its $8,550 for a single person $17,100 for a family, although many plans have lower limits.

Health insurance also helps with smaller expenses in the form of free preventive care and, depending on the plan, copays for things like office visits and prescription drugs.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act , all non-grandfathered, non-grandmothered individual and small-group major medical plans include coverage for the types of care that are considered essential health benefits under the ACA, without any maximum cap on how much the insurance plan will pay for your care. .

Insurance Brings Peace Of Mind

The premium you pay to the insurance company is the price that guarantees that the insurance company will cover the damage in case of an unforeseen event. And, that guarantee that your risk is covered brings peace of mind.

For example, lets suppose you die an untimely death at a time when you still have several milestones to achieve like childrens education, their marriage, a retirement corpus for your spouse etc. Also there is a debt as a housing loan. Your untimely demise can put your family in a hand to mouth situation. But, if you would have bought term insurance considering all these factors, your family would be able to sail through during the hard times.

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Whoever Said You Need Health Insurance Is Wrong Read On To Find Out Why

Do you ask yourself: why do I need to buy a health cover? Im healthy, I never fall sick, and I have plenty of money to spend on medical care if needed. Talk to any financial planner today and theyll ask you to buy a health insurance cover for yourself and your loved ones.

But you dont feel the need, right? Guess what, youre among 80 per cent of the Indian population thats not covered under any health insurance. And now you wont feel left out any longer. To make you happier, here are five reasons why you really dont need to worry about buying health insurance

What If You Are New To Canada Or Visiting For An Extended Time

Do I Need Health Insurance? 3 Reasons Why The Answer Is Yes

If you are visiting Canada for an extended period of time, no matter the reason, one thing is for sure: you will need health insurance.

Moving to Canada or visiting for a long period does not automatically result in public health coverage. That is because our healthcare is paid for by our taxes. If you havent been paying tax in Canada, you arent eligible.

Even once you become a permanent resident there is a waiting period of three months to get provincial health insurance. Thats three months with no healthcare coverage, which needs to be addressed.

So what should you do? As a temporary resident of Canada, you can purchase an emergency health insurance plan that will keep you covered for the duration of your stay.

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