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Do I Need Health Insurance If I Am A Veteran

The Veterans’ Ombudsman Has Made A Number Of Observations And Recommendations To Address Systemic Issues Between Vac And Dnd That Are Creating Extra And Unnecessary Red Tape What Are The Government’s Plans To Address And Correct Those Issues And What Is Your Expected Timeline

VA or Medicare? Do you need both?

The Veterans’ Ombudsman has made a number of recommendations to improve the lives of Veterans and their families. In a recent report, the Ombudsman noted that out of the 57 recommendations that were developed in collaboration with Veterans’ advocates and organizations, 37 have been fully or partially implemented, and that six of the items in the Minister of Veterans Affairs’ Mandate Letter are based on his recommendations.

In Budget 2017 the Government committed to develop an action plan that will see VAC and DND addressing the overlap and gaps that currently exist for Canadian Armed Forces members released from the military. The plan will also simplify benefits so that the process is easier to navigate, gets Veterans their services quicker and helps them transition to life after service.

How Is The Veterans Choice Program Or Choice Card Program Administered

A private Third Party Administrator administers the program on behalf of the VA.

The VA signed contracts with two health care companiesHealth Net Federal Services, LLC, and TriWest Healthcare Alliance Corporationto help VA administer the Veterans Choice program. The TPA manages, among other things, the Choice Card distribution, call center, veteran counseling, health care provider management, appointment management, reporting, and billing. Health care providers are either part of the TPA network or out of network with TPA but meet requirements of the Choice Act. Generally, the TPA is required to provide a list of approved providers to the veteran to select from. Under the law, the veteran could also request a provider that is not in the TPA’s network of providers.

The Irb Combines Multiple Benefits Into One Will Combining These Benefits Mean That Vac Will Have More Employees To Work On Reducing Wait Times Overall

The full impact of combining several pre-existing benefits into the IRB wont be noticeable immediately. It will take some time for staff to understand the new processes and, as with other Pension for Life benefits, we expect to see a continued increase in applications in the near-term. That said, we have hired more staff to process IRB applications and as they learn the new processes we will be able to review the workload and possibly move resources to become more efficient in other benefit areas.

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What Are Your Va Benefits With 100% Service

“Hi, Im Marine Corps veteran Paul Corbett and if you are a veteran who has 100% VA service-connected disability I am going to cover 14 different benefits that are available to you I am also providing web links in the description below this video if you want to find additional information or how to apply for the benefits I will be covering so at the top of the list is monetary compensation a single veteran can expect to receive more than $3000 a month tax-free in a little later in this video Ill explain how you may receive hundreds more…”

When Will You Provide Estimated Wait Times For The New Pfl Benefits

I am a grumpy old man I am proud to be a veteran if this offends you I ...

Once the Pension for Life programs are implemented, wait times for Pain and Suffering Compensation will be available as this program is part of the Disability Benefits program. When weve gathered sufficient data to report reliable estimates of average wait times for Additional Pain and Suffering and Income Replacement Benefit decisions , they will also be available.

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Was the question answered? You mentioned the standard veterans health care program. Im a disabled service connected vet and all my care is covered. However it is not the standard VA health care.

From what we understand this still counts for you and for qualifying family members . It would only disclude some types of limited benefit coverage.

Copy/paste from related sections, is not the same as giving a straight answer. Simply I dont know, would have been better.

That is unless Disabled Veteran now means spouses and children of service members.

Sorry it came off this way. Let me clarify. VA coverage counts as minimum essential coverage, unless you have some sort of limited benefit VA coverage. The copy-paste part in the second half is just verbatim the types of coverage that count as explained by the IRS.

Simply put, we know that VA coverage counts and that the IRS listed these as the VA coverage types that count. We dont know more beyond this. But if a reader does we hope they will add their answer .

I suggest your website does not mislead veterans by cutting and pasting anything from the Affordable Health care or the VA websites on this matter. It is a very complicated issue and has multiple answers depending on circumstances of the veteran.

Thanks for listening

Do Veterans Have To Sign Up For Medicare

Medicare isnt mandatory. However, there is significant value to signing up for this coverage when you become eligible.

If your only health insurance is through VA benefits, youll only have coverage within the VA health system. On the other hand, Medicare offers coverage in nearly every facility and from nearly all providers throughout the nation. Thus, having both Medicare and VA benefits allows individuals to access well-rounded health care coverage. Keep in mind that once you enroll in Medicare, youll want to update your health information with the VA.

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What Is The Canadian Armed Forces Long Term Disability Plan

The CAF LTD plan is the CAF’s group disability insurance plan that provides vocational rehabilitation, vocational assistance and income support to all medically releasing CAF members. It also provides support to members who voluntarily release and qualify as totally disabled. All CAF members are automatically covered by the CAF-LTD plan starting on their day of enrollment.

SISIP Financial administers the CAF LTD insurance plan on behalf of the Chief of the Defence Staff for CAF members and Veterans.

What Is The Veterans Choice Program Or Choice Card Program

VA Pensions & Social Security Disability Insurance | VA & SSDI | Social Security | theSITREP

The Veterans Choice Program, or Choice Card Program, is a new, temporary program that provides veterans the ability to receive medical care in the community from non-VA providers under certain circumstances.

On August 7, 2014, President Obama signed into law the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014 ” rel=”nofollow”> P.L. 113-146 as amended by P.L. 113-175 and P.L. 113-235.).42 Among other things, the act established a new program that would allow the VA to authorize care for veterans outside the VA health care system if they meet any of the following requirements:

  • There is no available medical appointment within 30 days of the veteran’s preferred date or the date determined medically necessary by their provider,43
  • The veteran resides more than 40 miles from their closest VA medical facility,44 or
  • The veteran resides in a state without a full-service VA medical facility that provides hospital care, emergency services and surgical care and reside, more than 20 miles from such a facility .

Generally, to participate in the Veterans Choice Program a veteran must meet one of the following two broad sets of criteria:

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Why Will Vac No Longer Be Providing Support To Medically

Currently, all medically-released Veterans can access services through both the CAF LTD plan and Veterans Affairs Canada. CAF LTD is, and has always been, the first payer. The goal of the change is to simplify existing supports for Veterans to reduce confusion and duplication of the services being provided.

Support will continue for medically-released Veterans. This support is more generous than Public Service Health Care Plans and is specifically tailored to support the needs of releasing CAF members. All medically releasing members have access to other benefits such as the Education and Training Benefit and Career Transition Services. Nor will support be taken away from those Veterans who experience health problem after they have released that result primarily from their service and cause a barrier to re-establishment.

As the employer sponsored group disability plan, CAF LTD will continue as first payer for income support, and as the first provider of vocational rehabilitation and vocational assistance for all medically-releasing CAF members, as it has since the 1970s.

Additional benefits and services will continue to be available through Veterans Affairs Canada for those whose health problems result primarily from service.

Applying For Veterans Benefits

If you believe that you qualify for veterans benefits for health care and long-term care needs, you need to gather some documents to start the application process. The VA recommends gathering:

  • Social Security numbers for anyone who will be covered, including the veteran and dependents
  • Military discharge papers
  • Insurance information for any coverage you have
  • Gross household income from your previous years tax return
  • Deductible expenses for the previous years tax return

There are several different ways you can apply, described below:

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Tricare Eligibility Phone Number

North Region, United States

Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Indiana, Rock Island-Iowa area, Kentucky*, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, St. Louis-Missouri area, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin

*Excluding the Fort Campbell area, which falls in the South Region

North Region- Health Net Federal Services, LLC

  • Phone: 1-877-874-2273

How Do These Changes To The Vac Rehabilitation Services And Vocational Assistance Program Relate To Other Transition

Applying for Veterans Services: Education &  Training, Health Care, Home ...

These changes are part of a series of initiatives designed to improve the transition to life after service for CAF members, Veterans and their families. As part of Canada’s Defence Policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, the CAF’s approach to transition is being reinvented to ensure that members receive the professional, customized and personalized support they need as they transition to post-military life. Changes to the VAC Rehabilitation Services and Vocational Assistance Program are a tangible result of the CAF and VAC working together to ensure that transition from the CAF to life after service is as streamlined as possible, that services are better harmonized with timely access to benefits and services, and coordinated case management throughout the transition process.

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How Are You Ensuring That The Reviewing Of Files And Transitioning To Pfl Doesnt Cause Current Backlog To Get Even Larger

In the short term the backlog may increase slightly, but as things settle out we will be able to make real progress on tackling the long-standing backlog growth. The efficiencies gained through new programs, new IT systems, and changes to how we work will enable us to recover quickly from any temporary transitional slowdown.

What Will The Eligibility Criteria Be For The Pain And Suffering Compensation

The Pain and Suffering Compensation is available to members and Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces who have a disability caused by a service-related illness and/or injury. The actual amount of the PSC will be determined by a Veteran’s Disability Assessment. It’s important to remember that these monthly payments are based on the member or Veteran’s extent of disability, and that not all Veterans who receive the PSC will receive the maximum of $1,150 per month.

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Other Ways To Qualify For Minimum Essential Coverage

Veterans and their families who aren’t enrolled in a VA-backed health plan may still have qualifying coverage. Nearly all employer-sponsored health plans meet the Affordable Care Act’s standards for minimum essential coverage, as do government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Coverage purchased through the online exchanges set up under ACA also qualify, as do many individual policies bought directly from insurers. Your plan provider can tell you whether your coverage qualifies.

Finally, you may be able to qualify for an exemption to the coverage requirement. Exemptions are allowed for, among other things, people with one of the following:

  • Incomes below the tax-filing minimum
  • People who can’t find affordable coverage
  • Members of federally-recognized Indian tribes
  • People who go without coverage for less than three months
  • People with religious objections to any health insurance

Not sure if you are exempt from the tax penalty or from the requirement to purchase health insurance? Find out here if one of the exemptions applies to your situation.

Remember, with TurboTax, we’ll ask you simple questions about your life and help you fill out all the right tax forms. With TurboTax you can be confident your taxes are done right, from simple to complex tax returns, no matter what your situation.

Is Enrollment Different For Members Of The National Guard

VA Benefits with 100% Service-Connected Disability | VA Disability | theSITREP

When not activated to full-time federal service, members of the National Guard have limited eligibility for VA health care services.

Similar to regular active duty servicemembers, members of the National Guard may be eligible for enrollment in VA health care based on veteran status , service-connected disability,20 and income.

National Guard members achieve veteran status and are exempt from the 24-month minimum duty requirement if they were called to active duty by federal executive order, completed the term for which they were called, and were granted an other than dishonorable discharge.

National Guard members are not granted service-connection for any injury, heart attack, or stroke that occurs while performing duty ordered by a governor for state emergencies or activities.21

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Aging Out Of Tricare Eligibility

Children who get married, reach age 21 or reach age 23 while working towards a degree full-time, are no longer eligible for TRICARE benefits. In this situation, children of sponsors can obtain their own TRICARE plan specifically geared towards young adults, which will cover many of their health care costs through age 26.

I Received A Letter From Vac That Says I Am Eligible For The Rehabilitation Services And Vocational Assistance Program But My Release Date Is On Or After March 31 2019 Can You Explain What This Will Mean For Me

Some still-serving members apply for VAC Rehabilitation Services prior to their release. If you applied for rehabilitation services while serving, you may have received a letter from VAC about your future eligibility. However, if your release is on or after March 31, 2019, the decision in the letter you received may change due to these changes to VAC rehabilitation services. Please contact VAC if you find yourself in this situation. To contact the nearest CAF Transition Center , go to the link: www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/services/benefits-military/health-support/casualty-support/ipsc.html.

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Va And Other Health Insurance

If you have other forms of health care coverage, such as a private insurance plan, Medicare, Medicaid or TRICARE, you can continue to use your VA health care benefits along with these plans. Remember: it is always a good idea to inform your doctors if you are receiving care by other doctors so that your health care can be coordinated.

Eligibility For Va Benefits

Do I need to enroll in Medicare if I am still working?

The main criteria for being eligible for VA benefits is being a veteran, but the actual eligibility rules are a bit more complex than this. Each program has its own eligibility requirements. Universally, however, veterans must have something other than dishonorable discharge to qualify. If you were dishonorably discharged, you lose your right to claim veterans benefits.

Veterans also must complete a minimum time in the service to qualify for health benefits. The rules the VA indicates apply include:

  • For those who enlisted after September 7, 1980, or who entered active duty after October 16, 1981, they must serve 24 continuous months or their full active duty period to qualify.
  • For those who enlisted or served before September 7, 1980, no minimum duty requirement is required.
  • For veterans discharged for a service-related disability or who took an early out for a hardship, the minimum duty requirement does not apply.

These are the requirements for general health care eligibility. Elderly veterans that need help paying for long-term care or care in their homes have additional requirements to qualify for A& A or Housebound veterans services.

For A& A, veterans must:

  • Need help with the activities of daily living, like bathing or dressing, or
  • Need to stay in bed for a large part of the day due to their illness, or
  • Be a patient in a nursing home because of their physical or mental health need, or
  • Have eyesight that is 5/200 or less in both eyes, even with corrective lenses

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Why Would Someone Want To Choose The Monthly Option For The Pain And Suffering Compensation

The monthly payment option provides compensation and stability on a long-term basis, especially for younger members and Veterans with service-related disabilities. Each member and Veteran can make a personal decision that best meets their individual needs.

VAC encourages members and Veterans to seek independent financial advice in order to determine the best option for them. Veterans Affairs Canada will pay up to $500 for members and Veterans to access financial counseling or advice services from a provider of their choice.

How To Apply For Va Benefits

The first part of applying for VA benefits involves answering questions to determine your eligibility via the VA Health Benefits Explorer. This online tool asks no more than 15 questions and responds with a general finding of your eligibility.

After using the VA Health Benefits Explorer to get a general idea of your eligibility, you can apply for benefits online and receive an official determination from the Veterans Administration. Even if you are initially not eligible for VA healthcare benefits, the VA encourages you to apply online using the 10-10EZ form online. This way, if the law changes, you will be notified of the effect of those changes on your application. If your income decreases or deductions increase, you should update your financial information by submitting 10-10EZR.

You must officially apply for VA benefits in order to be notified if your eligibility changes. Using the Health Benefits Explorer does not register you with the VA.

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