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Does Robert Half Offer Health Insurance

What Are Staffing Agencies

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Staffing agencies help businesses hire anyone from quick, short-term hires to highly skilled career professionals and executives. Instead of posting a position on a job board and hoping for the best, employers who use agencies can draw from a pool of qualified candidates. This not only helps them find the right employees, but also increases the chance of those employees sticking around and contributing to the business.

Employees who use staffing agencies can better align their skills and goals with the business that want to hire them. Because staffing agencies stake their reputation on finding the best hires for their clients, employees who use them can often find the positions they want faster.

Robert Half Perks And Benefits At A Glance

Employees at Robert Half rank their Perks and Benefits lower than most, ranking them in the Bottom 45% of all similar sized companies with 10,000+ Employees on Comparably.

Asian or Pacific Islander employees and employees who have been at the company 1 to 2 Years at Robert Half rank their Perks and Benefits the highest, while the IT department and employees who have been at the company 2 to 5 Years rank the Perks and Benefits at Robert Half the lowest against other demographic groups at the company.

What Kinds Of Jobs Do Staffing Agencies Offer

Staffing agencies cover just about any type of hiring situation in every industry imaginable. Most focus on placing temp or temp-to-hire staff in big industries like finance, marketing, creative, technology, and administration. These agencies often offer perks and benefits to attract qualified candidates who are serious about building their careers to help businesses with employee retention.

Other staffing agencies focus more narrowly on certain industries, with technology and medical being the most popular. Because there tends to be more credentials needed for those positions, these agencies focus on building expertise in their fields and following market trends to build a strong pool of skilled candidates for permanent, professional-level positions.

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Group Hospital Indemnity Plans

Group Hospital Indemnity Plans

The Group Hospital Indemnity Plans are supplemental options and are not designed to replace traditional medical plans. These plans do not meet the ACAs requirements for minimum essential coverage and do not satisfy the ACAs individual mandate.

Group Hospital Indemnity Plans Coverage for basic health care services Provide limited coverage for doctors office visits, diagnostic X-rays and lab work, hospital stays and surgical procedures Pay in addition to other coverage you may have No deductibles, copays, pre-existing condition limitations or waiting periods Spouse or domestic partner Children

The Group Hospital Indemnity Plans provide supplemental payments for health care expenses that your medical plan may not cover, including doctors office visits, diagnostic X-rays and lab work, hospital stays and surgical procedures. The plans pay in addition to other coverage you may have and can help cover out-of-pocket expenses, such as deductibles and coinsurance, when receiving medical treatment. The plans do not require you to stay in-network, so you can visit any provider you choose for services.

New Hampshire and Vermont residents are not eligible for the Group Hospital Indemnity Plans. Group Hospital Indemnity Plan benefits vary slightly for residents in the state of Washington. A schedule of benefits for Washington residents is available by calling 1.855.495.1192.

Temp Agencies See Opportunity In Health Law

Walmart and Clover Health team up to offer Medicare ...

This KHN story was produced in collaboration with

School administrators in Dothan, Ala., arent sure whether health act rules taking effect next year will require them to offer medical coverage to substitute teachers, who lack it now.

But they arent waiting to find out. The system has decided to hire subs through Kelly Services, a temporary staffing agency, to avoid any health-cost obligations that might come as their direct employer.

The district pays about $700 per month per full-time teacher for medical insurance. You multiply that times 300 and youve got a big expense, said Dell Goodwin, personnel director for Dothan City Schools.

The rush to implement the Affordable Care Act, which is generating billions for insurers, hospitals and technology vendors, also looks like a boon for staffing companies, whose share prices have soared. But some suggest that exceptions for temporary employees could leave holes in the health laws expanded coverage.

That could lead to an increase in part-time workers who lack insurance, said Susan Houseman, an economist at the Upjohn Institute for Employment Research who studies staffing companies. You regulate something and people will always try to find a way around the regulation.

Starting in January, employers with at least 50 workers must offer affordable coverage or pay a penalty. Some are considering outsourcing jobs to specialists such as Kelly, Manpower, Robert Half and Randstad to stay under this limit.

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How Do I Find Companies With The Best Benefits

Step one is to check the website of the firm or company you’re targeting. Many employers now include at least a partiallist of benefits offerings. Then, find where a company ranks onBest Places to Worklists. Major publications such as The Globe and Mail rank some of the largest Canadian companies local publications such as business journals do the same for smaller, regional organizations.

Finally,reach out to contacts in yourprofessional networkwho currently work for, or have worked for, an organization youre considering, as they can be especially helpful in understanding the finer points of certain benefits and perks. For example, if the firm offers telecommuting options, how often can employees realistically work from home, and is the program restricted to certain positions? How costly are medical premiums and deductibles, and how comprehensive are the services provided?

If youre able, get a copy of the employee handbook. It will likely include a thorough discussion of all the benefits you can expect to receive and provide details about company policies on floating holidays, vacation time, sick days, and leaves of absence.

How We Chose The Best Staffing Agencies

To find the best staffing agencies, we looked at over a dozen available providers. We searched for established agencies with good reputations and solid track records of success. Firms with global reach were important too, since they could fulfill needs for businesses in just about any location.

We also focused on agencies that served specific types of employeesâtemp and hourly workers vs. executives, for example. While many agencies try to cover a wide range of employment types, we found that those that specialized typically offer better short- and long-term support and expertise.

Finally, we made sure to cover agencies that specialized in two large industries with specific hiring requirements, IT and medical. The agencies we reviewed had each accumulated decades of expertise in their field ensuring that they could find the best candidates for their clientsâ short- and long-term needs.

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How The Hsa And Your Medical Plan Work Together

Think of the $1,500 Deductible Plan and $2,500 Deductible Plan like a house. Each level builds on the other to create a comprehensive medical plan. Preventive care is the foundation, the deductible and coinsurance are the first and second floors, and the out-of-pocket maximum is the roof. Heres how they all work together:

Top Benefits Employees Want In 2021

Health Benefits of Saunas | Dr. Weston

Employee benefit wants constantly change over time depending on the needs, environment, and trends affecting employees lifestyles. For example, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many have shifted their priorities this 2021 to prepare for a new normal following the pandemic.

Listed below are the benefits employees consider essential.

  • Health care benefits
  • According to the Robert Half Salary Guide research report, health insurance ranked as the top benefit job seekers look for. Health insurance mainly includes medical coverage for employees and their families. The coverage usually includes doctor and hospital visits, mental health support, and vision, dental and prescription drugs. The specific details and conditions of the health insurance will vary between companies.

    With offices slowly opening and adjusting after strict lockdowns, COVID-19 vaccines, mandates and leaves provided by companies are something employees pay close attention to when discussing medical coverage benefits especially if employees are requested to return to the office.

    Offering a comprehensive health insurance plan is essential to having a great benefits package because it assures employees that they do not have to worry about certain costs. Additional coverage for families is also a bonus since it shows how the company values their members and their loved ones.

  • Paid leaves
  • Retirement savings plans
  • Remote work and flexible schedules
  • Read more: The art of building a great benefit plan

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    About Robert Half International

    Researched & Written by Alexis Reale on the FlexJobs Team

    Founded in 1948, Robert Half International is the preeminent global professional staffing and consulting firm. As an employer, Robert Half has been recognized among FlexJobs’ 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs, distinguished by the Human Rights Campaign as one of the Best Places to Work, and ranked as one of the 50 Happiest Companies in America by CareerBliss. The company offers eligible team members a comprehensive benefits package that includes medical coverage, paid time off, and the opportunity to participate in its corporate citizenship program, which enables them to contribute to local and global charities. With career opportunities in such wide-ranging fields as legal, HR & recruiting, accounting & finance, administrative, and computer & IT, Robert Half International has hired for freelance, part-time, flexible schedule, hybrid, 100% remote, and temporary jobs in the past.

    Employee Benefits And Perks For Your Hiring And Retention Plan

    In a candidate-driven job market, employers who dont prioritize retention efforts risk seeing top performers walk out the door. A recent Robert Half survey shows that 2 out of 3 workers are confident they could find a new job quickly a figure that puts pressure on companies to keep them from seeking greener pastures.

    One great way to help make your people want to keep working for you is to invest in their overall job satisfaction by providing them with the perks and benefits they want most. A good set of employee benefits and perks at work helps workers stay happy, and a happy team tends to be more productive and creative and less likely to send their resumes to your competition.

    What you offer beyond salary can also go a long way in aiding recruitment efforts. The right complement of extras can make the difference between your top candidates joining your ranks or passing on your job offer.

    Research for the Robert Half Salary Guide reveals the perks and benefits employees want most and those most frequently offered by employers. Some are tried-and-true, while others have only recently gained mainstream popularity.

    If there are any perks and benefits in these lists that you dont provide, adding them could give your workforce a morale boost and ease your retention worries.

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    What You Need To Know About Employee Benefits

    Starting salaryis undoubtedly a key determining factor as job seekers compare employment opportunities. But choosing the right firm for you especially if you’re juggling multiple offers is often more complicated than just going with the highest bidder. A solid employee benefits package can be a critical factor in your decision as well.

    Below, you’ll findtips on how to learn more about the types of benefits to look for during yourjob searchand how to identify which packages are best for you.

    What Impact Has The Covid

    Strengthening Health Literacy in Germany

    Employers have obviously had to pull back on offerings that dont work well for a remote or otherwise socially distanced workforce. But youll find many businesses have stepped up their focus on programs designed to promote employee wellness for example, by providing virtual fitness classes or expanded mental health benefits as part of an employee assistance program . Many companies have also improved work-life balance programs and adapted them to suit the needs of a distributed workforce.

    So, one of the good questions to ask about employee benefits might be, How have you adjusted company benefits during the pandemic, and what other changes do you foresee for the future?

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    Best For Temp Or Hourly Workers: Adecco


    Adecco was formed in 1996 as a result of the merger of two European personnel firms, Ecco and Adia Interim. In 1999, the company acquired Olsten Staffing to become the No. 1 staffing agency in the United States. We chose it as the best for temp or hourly workers because it has the largest network of pre-screened candidates and offers affordable benefits and free training before and during assignments.

    As a Fortune Global 500 company, Adecco has offices in over 450 locations in 60 countries and connects an average of 70,000 workers to job opportunities daily. The company is not accredited with the BBB but enjoys high ratings with the organization that vary depending on location.

    Adecco specializes in creating custom staffing plans for its clients, whether theyâre looking to hire five employees or 5,000. Every candidate in Adeccoâs talent pool is pre-screened and can also be run through background and skills checks as requested. All Adecco temporary associates are eligible for a group benefits plan, which includes preventative medical coverage, dental insurance, and a 401 program.

    How Do I Offer Health Insurance To My Employees

    Providing healthcare attracts new workers and is a retention tool for your current staff. Heres how to best provide health insurance as an employer.

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    Many small and medium-sized businesses plan to start healthcare benefits to staffers in the near future. Whether its in response to market conditions or a sign that the company is thriving, medical benefits are a smart recruitment and retention tool. Healthcare coverage is the number one factor for job seekers when choosing an employer, after salary, Robert Half reports. Businesses are responsive: 56% of small companies and 99% of large ones offer some form of health benefit to at least a portion of their workers.

    For many businesses, the cost of healthcare coverage has seemed prohibitive: for others, administering the benefit is daunting. Others have factored in both reasons into their resistance to offer medical benefits. But market conditions and best practices are impelling them forward. There are painless ways to get coverage for staff members that employers can leverage.

    Healthcare coverage is the number one factor for job seekers when choosing an employer, after salary.

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    What Is A Buyout Fee

    If your lease contains a buyout clause, you have the option to break your lease at any time provided you pay a buyout fee. This fee may also be referred to as a lease break fee. Some states have the buyout clause printed in their contracts and call for two-months’ rent to be paid in order to break the lease.

    What Perks Are Nice To Have

    Robert Peat, Scottish Care Inspectorate: The experience of the Scottish Care Inspectorate.

    Perks are an area where employers often get creative. For example, one trend on the rise is VTO , which is an opportunity for employees to donate their time to helping others without dipping into their PTO. A recent survey by our company found that about 26% of U.S. employers plan to offer a VTO option to their workforce this year.

    Other examples of nice-to-have perks include:

    • Paid parental leave This perk lets employees earn a wage and pursue their career goals while caring for a newborn or newly adopted child. And this year, 37% of U.S. employers intend to offer this perk to their workers, according to Robert Halfs workplace research.
    • Matching gift programs More and more job seekers want to work for employers committed tosupporting their local communities. Matching gift programs allow employers to donate a certain amount of money for every dollar an employee raises for a nonprofit or every hour they volunteer. This lets you get involved in causes you care about.
    • Reimbursements and discounts These perks may include reimbursementsfor business-related expenses and company-exclusive discounts on big-ticket purchases, from cars and homes to smartphones and home security systems.

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    The 6 Best Staffing Agencies Of 2021

    Randstad was founded in 1960 by Dutch economics students Frits Goldschmeding and Ger Daleboudt to provide temporary personnel for the insurance industry, banks, and health care. As the company grew, it acquired other staffing agencies and moved its headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia, in 1993. We chose it as the best overall because of its massive global reach of more than 4,700 offices in 38 markets and the successful placement of 568,000 workers worldwide.

    Randstad provides outsourcing, staffing, consulting, and HR workforce solutions for temporary and permanent jobs, including contract staffing of professionals and senior managers. It is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has a C- ranking with the organization due to its failure to respond to seven complaints filed against it.

    Randstad offers a data-driven approach to staffing, including monitoring metrics like the ratio of interviews to new hires and connecting clients to local recruiters. The companyâs website walks businesses through its process of talent acquisition, staffing strategy, employee retention, and employee engagement. Clients also get access to an extensive learning library with salary and workplace trends and a salary calculator.

    Salary And Employee Benefits

    Salary is the regular payment employees receive from an employer for the work they do for the company. The fixed amount of money is primarily paid monthly, but there is an option for salary to be paid annually.

    Meanwhile, employee benefits are types of compensations offered to employees on top of the salary and wages they receive. Common employee benefits include overtime pay, medical insurance, life insurance, vacation leaves, and profit sharing, and retirement benefits.

    It is important to note that while the terms benefits and perks are used interchangeably, they mean different things. Benefits are the non-wage compensation offered to employees, while perks are extra rewards or incentives on top of salary and benefits. Companies usually provide Perks to provide a better working experience that is not necessarily in the form of compensation. Examples of perks are company-subsidized meals, employee discounts, and gym membership subscriptions.

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