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Does Transamerica Offer Health Insurance

Compare Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plan G With Other Medigap Plans

How To Find Affordable Health Insurance When Your Employer Does Not Offer It

If you are shopping for a Medicare Supplement Plan G, Transamerica is one option. This Medigap plan will help you pay your portion of the costs of your Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B benefits. The panel above briefly outlines the coverage.

The internet is full of information about traditional providers of Medicare Plan G policies, like Transamerica Life Insurance Company. Sorting through these insurance carriers on your own can be difficult, and you might miss some of your options, such as lower premiums, perks, and discounts that might be available.

This is why we offer a free service to help you compare the best Medicare Supplement insurance providers, including Transamerica. This way, you can be sure that you get the right coverage for you with a monthly premium that fits your budget. We will show you all of your options. Who you buy your plan from is your choice.

Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plan N

Plan N is an affordable option for many policyholders with Transamerica. Plan N provides full coverage for the Part A deductible and Part B coinsurance. Plan N is a great policy for a low premium with low co-pays for the doctor and emergency room. The Medicare Part B deductible is not covered.

Plan N offers the same coverage as Plan G except the policy does not cover the following:

Where Are Their Medicare Supplement Rates The Lowest

We offer Medicare supplement insurance from Transamerica Life in several states. Currently, we have seen them popup near the top of our quoting engines in places like California, Florida, Missouri and Ohio among other areas of the country.

Over the years, several new carriers have entered the supplemental marketplace and competition for policyholders is increasing. That is great for the consumer. Lately it seems this competition has forced carriers to price their policies more favorably for the short and long run. Stonebridge Life has followed suit in several states and thus far our clients have been happy with their rates and rate increases.

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Transamerica Medicare Plans Comparison

Transamerica is a large part of an even larger health and life insurance entity. Therefore, they have the resources to offer seniors like you a competitive rate on your Medigap policy. Take a look at the bar graph below to see how they compare to average rates across the US. And if you would like more detailed information, we can gladly help you with a free quote.This Table Represents National Average Costs of Medicare Supplement Plans

Plan Type
Request Info

Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plans For 2022

2020 Transamerica Life Insurance Company Review

It is important to note that TransAmerica no longer issues new Medicare Supplement policies, effective September 28, 2020. However, this wont affect beneficiaries with effective policies, which can still be renewed.

Different Medigap plans offer different benefits and are identified by letters A through N. Plans covering more costs have higher premiums, while those with fewer benefits are relatively cheap. As Medigap plans are standardized by the federal government, each plan letter must offer the same benefits regardless of the carrier. The three most popular Medicare Supplement plans are Plans F, G, and N.

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What Makes Transamerica Stand Out From The Rest

Transamerica ranks highly for premium affordability and plan availability. The company doesn’t offer a lot of extra benefits or very many standardized plans to choose from. The good news is Transamerica does offer the most popular Medigap plans in all 47 standardized states, as well as compliant plans in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts.

Transamerica’s basic premiums are among the most competitive in the industry. For this reason, the company doesn’t offer many discounts. One exception is its automatic payment discount. The good news is Transamerica’s premiums are known to be stable, which means even though they do tend to increase over time, these increases are usually minimal.

How Do You Make A Transamerica Life Insurance Claim

Making a claim with Transamerica Life Insurance is an easy process. To file a claim, all you have to do is contact the Transamerica Life Insurance Company customer service department at 1-888-763-7474.

When you call, be prepared with relevant information like your policy number, exact details of your claim, etc., so youre prepared when the insurance agent requests it.

You can also print the forms needed to file a claim and mail them to the Transamerica life insurance company claims address at 4333 Edgewood Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52499.

Your life insurance quotes are always free.

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How Much Does Transamerica Long

For our purposes, our quote was for a 50-year old female non-smoker in excellent health.

  • Annual premium: $1,902
  • Rate guarantee: Five years
  • Return of Premium: To age 67

Annual premium of $1,902 is not cheap. However, assuming that you will pay premiums until you pass away at 90 years old, which is 40 years of premium payment. Total premiums will be $76,000. And if you receive benefits, it can be up to $292,000, which is 3.8X total premiums. Not a bad ROI for the investment.

If you compare with hybrid long-term care insurance, this is actually much cheaper. The cheapest hybrid long-term care insurance policy can cost up to $8,000 in annual premiums for 10 years of premium payments for similar benefits.

There are a number of policy riders you can choose from:

  • Inflation protection
  • Alternate care
  • Nonforfeiture benefit

Daily benefit amounts range from $50 to $500, and you can choose your elimination period, from 0 to 365 days.

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Transamerica Medicare Plans Offered

What kind of health insurance does Covered California provide?

If you are an individual looking for your own plan from Transamerica, they specialize in offering affordable Medicare supplement plans for all qualified seniors. If you are a part of a retiree health plan from your employer, you may also be eligible for Medicare Part D benefits.

Medicare Supplement Plans
Medicare Part D Drug Plans NO

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Announcement Of Discontinuance Of New Sales

Transamerica discontinued the sale of new Long-Term Care Insurance policies starting in the first quarter of 2021. The last day they accepted an application was March 31, 2021.

In addition, the enrollment of new employer-based Long-Term Care Insurance ended on June 30, 2021.

This decision does not impact any existing Long-Term Care Insurance policy. LTC Insurance is guaranteed renewable, so once issued, it can not be canceled by the insurance company as long as the premium continues to be paid.

The action was probably made, in part, by the extremely low-interest-rate environment.

How Employers Can Help Employees Protect Their Future

Short-term and long-term disability insurance are two simple, but important, ways for employees to protect their future if an accident or illness leaves them disabled. And basic term life insurance can help provide peace of mind for their families if the unimaginable happens.

These benefits can work to create a financial protection package that can help retain top talent by providing the benefits employees need to be at their best.

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Transamerica Life Insurance Company Cancer Insurance

Transamerica Life Insurance Company offers two different types of Cancer Insurance. The first policy is known as First Diagnosis. The plan is available to employees, spouses, and children. The policy covers hospitalization for cancer treatment up to an established maximum.

The second Cancer Insurance policy is called Cancer Indemnity, which is also available to employees, spouses, and children. The policyholders must have been cancer free for five years prior to the policy in order to receive hospitalization for cancer treatment, medical transportation, and treatment for skin cancer. Lifetime amounts, riders, and pricing all vary depending on the plan you purchase.

The Cost Of Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plans

Transamerica Offers Employers New Option to Enroll ...

Transamerica does not provide any pricing details on its website, so discussing the full range of costs that you as a consumer are likely to be quoted is difficult. You will need to contact an agent to learn more. In the wider Medicare insurance market, most plans fall between $40-$300 per month. Before you speak with an agent about potential costs, youll want to learn more about typical pricing practices used by companies that offer Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Factors That Influence the Pricing of Medicare Supplement Plans:

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Is Transamerica A Good Medicare Supplement

We highly recommend Transamerica because the company offers a good Medicare Supplement and is financially strong with stable competitive rates. We have found Transamerica easy to work with over the years, and our clients are satisfied with their products and service.

Because of the differences in companies and products, it helps to work with an agent who can shop your supplement coverage among a wide variety of companies. Pricing and accessibility can vary among the states, and we work nationwide. You can feel confident that Medicare Nationwide has tailored a program to your needs and geography and can follow you wherever you live. Not only is finding competitive coverage important but understanding your coverage and which plans to choose is critical. The professionals at Medicare Nationwide can help you sift through all the options among Medicare supplement plans.

Contact one of our agents today or get a quick competitive Medicare supplement quote now.

Prefer to chat by phone? Give us a call at

Overview Of Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plans

Transamerica currently offers standardized Medicare Supplement plans in all 50 states. Medicare allows companies to offer any of the ten main plans as well as a few high-deductible versions of those plans. Transamerica has chosen to carry A, F, G, K, and N in most states. Plan F is only available to seniors who were eligible for Medicare prior to 2020 due to the fact that Medicare is in the process of phasing this plan out.

The following chart details the minimum amount of coverage that all companies are required to offer for various plans . Plan benefits are uniform for all companies due to Medicares regulation of these plans.

Transamerica Medicare Supplement Options

*Excess charges occur when a doctor charges the patient more than Medicare is willing to pay.**Plan Ns Part B copay/coinsurance coverage excludes some minor copays for office visits and emergency visits.

The state you live in will impact your choice of plans. In some states, only some of the above plans will be offered, and a few states could offer additional plans. Transamerica does not offer a searchable list of plans online, so calling customer service is the best way to find up-to-date information on whats currently provided in your state. Note that if you live in Minnesota, Massachusetts, or Wisconsin you are in a unique situation. These three states have decided to opt-out of the standardization system that most states use instead, they each have their own state-regulated plan styles.

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Transamerica Life Insurance Company Health Insurance

Transamerica Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary of AEGON, a large insurance company that offers insurance products in countries around the world.

You can get online health insurance quotes from active providers by typing your zip code into the free rates tool now!

Transamerica Life Insurance Company offers health insurance to:

  • Groups
  • Organizations
  • Associations

Transamerica Life Insurance Company offers its health insurance products through its subsidiary, Transamerica Affinity Services, Inc.

What Other Life Insurance Products That Transamerica Offer

What does International Health Insurance provide?

Wondering what a Transamerica trendsetter super 20 is? Transamerica also offers several of these Trendsetter Super policies. These Trendsetter Super policies are renewable and convertible term life insurance that provides a level death benefit, including:

  • Trendsetter Super 10 Term life insurance with level premiums during the initial 10-year period. Premiums increase annually in years 11 and later.
  • Trendsetter Super 15 Term life insurance with level premiums during the initial 15-year period. Premiums increase annually in years 16 and later.
  • Trendsetter Super 20 Term life insurance with level premiums during the initial 20-year period. Premiums increase annually in years 21 and later.
  • Trendsetter Super 25 Term life insurance with level premiums during the initial 25-year period. Premiums increase annually in years 26 and later.
  • Trendsetter Super 30 Term life insurance with level premiums during the initial 30-year period. Premiums increase annually in years 31 and later.

Transamerica also offers some features you can benefit from read on to find out more.

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Who Needs Life Insurance

Life insurance is designed to protect your assets and pay your obligations should you pass away. A few reasons you may need life insurance include:

  • You are married
  • You own a house with a mortgage
  • You are the sole provider for your family
  • You want to cover funeral and burial expenses
  • You want to build tax-deferred cash value
  • You want to supplement your retirement income
  • You own a business
  • You have large debts

This is not an exhaustive list of reasons for life insurance, and most everyone benefits from having some type of life insurance coverage.

Who Can Sign Up For A Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plan

Anyone who has reached aged 65 and enrolled in Original Medicare Part A and B coverage is eligible for a Medicare Supplement Plan. If you act fast after your original Medicare enrollment, you can have guaranteed issuance of coverage.

For the first six months after you turn 65 and enroll for Medicare, there is an open enrollment period. During this time, no insurance company can deny you or charge you a higher premium because of any medical conditions you have.

If you wait beyond this period, the insurance company can then decide whether to accept or decline you in most states. So, its in your best interest to take advantage of open enrollment! Apply for a Transamerica Medicare Supplement during your window.

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Transamerica Medicare Advantage Plans

Disclaimer: By clicking the button above, you consent to receive emails, text messages and/or phone calls via automated telephone dialing system or by artificial/pre-recorded message from representatives or licensed insurance agents of Elite Insurance Partners LLC, its affiliates or third-party partners at the email address and telephone number provided, including your wireless number , regarding Medicare Supplement Insurance, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D and/or other insurance plans. Your consent is not a condition of purchase and you may revoke your consent at any time. This program is subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. This website is not connected with the federal government or the federal Medicare program.

The Basics Of Transamerica Medicare Supplement Insurance

Life Insurance: Best Companies of 2020

Transamerica offers Medicare Supplement Insurance as a way of helping those who have Medicare Parts A and B but are struggling to pay all of their copays and other Medicare-related patient costs. Medicare Supplement Insurance policies from Transamerica are not funded by Medicare, but they are standardized by it. One of the key benefits of a Medicare Supplement plan, in fact, is that its coverage is so clearly defined thanks to Medicares oversight. With a Medicare Supplement plan, you can be confident that certain out-of-pocket costs will be promptly covered by the insurance provider, so long as you pay your premiums on time each month. Without this insurance, youd otherwise be responsible for well over 80% of the costs of your Medicare-approved medical care.

Due to their intended design of supporting those who already have Medicare, these plans are only available to Medicare beneficiaries. Furthermore, they are not available to those on Medicare Advantage plans, except in cases where the patient is switching back to Original Medicare . If youd like to learn more about how and when to sign up for one of these plans, read When Can I Buy Medigap?

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Guide To Choosing The Best Life Insurance

A life insurance policy is a contract between an insurance company and a policyholder in which the policyholder pays regular premiums and, in exchange, the insurer pays a death benefit to the policy’s beneficiaries when the insured dies.

The best life insurance companies can help you secure enough coverage to replace your income, settle debts, or cover expenses your family will face, like paying for your children’s education or caring for aging parents.

Flexible Protection For Employees

Universal life is a type of permanent life insurance that is designed to provide coverage in the event of death. It can also include a cash value component that employees can borrow from. Term life insurance provides coverage for a set period of time, and can feature benefits like portability, so employees can keep it if they switch jobs or retire.

Whole life insurance can provide a death benefit that can be used for final expenses, college tuition or living expenses for beneficiaries, or to provide an inheritance. Some policies may also build cash value, which employees can borrow against if they need.

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New York Life Insurance

New York Life is an established and well-known life insurance company. They offer more flexible term life insurance options.

These include a yearly convertible option that gives you a longer window to convert to a permanent life insurance policy as well as a level convertible policy which gives you 10 to 20 years to convert.

New York Life has lower premiums than Transamerica, especially on its Value Whole Life insurance policy. If youre considering permanent life insurance, look closely at New York Life.

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